A new week means a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast, and this week’s show was filled with plenty of @Edmonton Oilers talk as the team enters December sitting atop of the Pacific Division standings.
To start off this week’s podcast, the boys jumped in with a look back at the history of the Real Life Podcast, including a breakdown of the newly revamped podcast studio. With 150 episodes in the books, the guys wanted to spend a few minutes talking about how this show has progressed over the years and what’s yet to come. From there, Jay recapped his trip to Buffalo to watch the Bills while also explaining himself for why he thought wearing Uggs and fanny pack was a good idea. Back to the Oilers, the boys discussed whether now is the time where the Oilers should look at potentially moving some of their defensive depth to bolster the offence for the back half of the season. Is it too soon to think about trading a player like Jones/Broberg/Svechnikov/etc to try and improve the top six? What if the target was former Oiler, @Taylor Hall? From there, the wheels fell off the podcast entirely as Wanye, Jay, and Baggedmilk investigated why producer Tyler will be missing next week’s podcast. Tyler says he’s going to Disneyland on vacation but the boys have decided that this is actually a mission to get engaged without anyone knowing. The good news is that the guys planned out his future nuptials for the low cost of a few shout outs on social media.
Listen to this week’s podcast below:
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