Welcome, friends, to a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio! This week, we were happy to welcome Rob Schremp to the show to talk about life after hockey, his new venture with VEDA Sport, the Oilers’ GM search, and life with the London Knights. 
To start off this week’s podcast, we jumped right in with Rob Schremp to talk about his newest venture with VEDA Sport and the benefits of natural, sustainable products for athletes around the world. He also touched on his own journey through junior hockey and into professional sports and the toll it took on his mental health. To say that Schremp was open and candid would be an understatement because his willingness to speak about his own personal experiences was incredibly refreshing. Looping back to the Oilers, we asked Rob about his time in London and what gives that franchise the reputation of being incredibly professional. Sticking with the London Knights, we asked about Mark Hunter’s role with the team and whether or not Schremp believes that he would be able to replicate his success with the Oilers provided that he gets the GM gig. Needless to say, it was an enlightening conversation and we couldn’t help but feel grateful for his time and openness.
Check out this week’s episode below:
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