In the least surprising news ever, this article smashed in 2021.
Oilers fans are no strangers to watching Connor McDavid getting harassed on a nightly basis by opposing players. More often than not, the offences go uncalled by the referees.
And on Nov. 12, John Tortorella spoke up on an ESPN broadcast about McDavid with a moronic comment.
The whole ‘just shut up and don’t talk about it’ thing is obviously a pretty funny sentiment coming from Tortorella, a guy who’s notoriously very animated, to put it lightly. Imagine what Torts’ reactions would look like if he was behind Edmonton’s bench.
The thing about this that I find particularly bizarre is how everyone just seems to accept that calls aren’t going to come in the playoffs. Why would the NHL want regular-season and playoff games to be officiated differently? And, even then, McDavid isn’t getting the rulebook called properly on him in the regular season as it is.
The solution to this problem isn’t that the reigning Hart Trophy winner who’s on pace to score 164 points this season needs to change something. No, the solution is that the NHL needs to get its referees to start actually calling the rules correctly.

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