Ty Rattie, preseason extraordinaire, currently has seven goals and three assists in three preseason games. Can you believe it? Have we found our Chris Kunitz? Since being added to the McNuge line at the end of last season, Ty “the answer” Rattie has been nothing but excellent. With seven goals in three games, I thought we should take some time to look back at all of them to see of what’s to come this upcoming season.

 September 25 – three goals

  • When you have a two-on-one alongside Connor McDavid, the timekeeper has already begun to write your name on the score sheet. They don’t come easier than this, and Rattie has never failed when in this kind of position.
  • Rattie shows great speed around the net on this goal last night and did a great job creating space for himself while jumping on the loose puck. This goal probably shouldn’t go in against an NHL-calibre goaltender, but we’ll take it.
  • This goal is my favorite of Rattie’s from last nights win. He works extremely well with Connor and goes to the open ice where McDavid is going to put the puck. Not only did he successfully receive the Mcpass (as others have struggled to do), but he showed off his quick hands and release to put this shot top corner against Nilsson.

September 20th – two goals

    • This is another thing a lot of guys have failed to do when put on a line with Connor McDavid. It sounds easy, but it obviously isn’t. Connor sends a blistering spin-around pass to the front of the net as Rattie is streaking in. The ability to get there for the pass through the defenders, as well as timing the one-timer to score the goal is impressive. I’m still shocked that Ty Rattie of all people, is the guy who’s getting this job done.
  • This is just all skill from Rattie again. He picks his spot in front of the net and deflects this shot perfectly above the Jets goaltender’s shoulder. Rattie is proving that he can produce not only with Connor McDavid but everybody else on the roster as well.

September 18 – two goals

  • This is Rattie AGAIN showing that he can produce goals by himself, and not by just relying on Connor McDavid. This solo effort showed Ty Rattie with a hard forecheck while stealing the puck away from the Canucks defenceman. He then picks up the puck for a mini-breakaway and makes no mistake on sliding it past the goaltender.
Another impressive thing to note about Ty Rattie’s preseason: out of all his seven goals, only one of them is a garbage goal. There’s nothing wrong with garbage goals, but for only one of his seven goals to be from a scramble in front of the net is impressive. This was his first goal of the preseason and I’m sure he’s not complaining about it.

Final thoughts

How can you not be shocked by what Ty Rattie has done this preseason? It’s incredible. It is getting me way to amped for the regular season to begin and I’m getting very impatient right now. It is important to note that Ty is doing this against incomplete rosters on the other side of the ice, but it’s still amazing. It’s unlikely that Ty “The Answer” Rattie will continue this hot streak deep into the regular season, but confidence he is earning along the way is well worth it.