Welcome, welcome, welcome, friends, to a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast, the show where the boys set out an agenda for the hour but follow absolutely none of it. This week, the guys spend the hour trying to make sense of what’s going on with the Edmonton Oilers after they stumbled through what was arguably one of their worst weekends of the season.
Are there still reasons to be hopeful as Oilers fans? Is it time to close down completely? This week, the boys dig deep into their fandom as they tried to find silver linings in an otherwise dark and cloudy time in Oilersnation. Following last week’s explosive episode, the boys were back and hopeful that this week’s podcast wouldn’t be quite so intense, but with the results that the Oilers put up over the last seven days, that plan quickly went out the window. After recapping the last four games, the boys were once again filled with rage and did what they could to let it out. That inspired Jay to go on a Chiarelli rant for the ages. Not only did he look at the situation from a fan perspective, but he also looked at things from a civic level and whether or not Peter Chiarelli deserves this city. That rant led into a conversation where the boys discussed a hypothetical situation where they would go back in time and re-live the days where the Oilers would squeak into the playoffs, or stay in the present with Connor McDavid and all of the issues as they exist today. Needless to say, this is one of the spicier episodes the boys have ever created and you’re going to want to get this one in your earholes ASAP.
Check out the full episode below:
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