Welcome, friends, to the 117th episode of the Real Life Podcast, the podcast where the boys come into the recording sessions with an itinerary and don’t really get to any of it. This week, the boys took a look at Tiger Woods’ incredible Masters win, Connor McDavid’s PCL injury, Oilers’ transparency, and a whole lot more.
To start off this week’s show, the guys jump right in with a look at Tiger Woods’ Masters win and just how impressive it was that he was able to come back and win the tournament for the fifth time. Considering the laundry list of injuries that he’s battled over the last 10 years, it’s incredible to think that Woods was able to work his way back into fighting shape and actually win another major tournament. Speaking of injuries and coming back from them, Connor McDavid made news this week after it was announced that he has a small PCL tear in his left leg and that it would not require surgery. Considering the Oilers told everyone that they were going to be more transparent with information, surely it was them that gave us the details, right? Wrong. As usual, it was only when the media dug in to find out what was happening that we were given an actual update. From there, the boys tried to figure out just what needs to happen for this team to follow through on their promises and they even offered a few suggestions on what they might do to make that happen. As always, this was another jam-packed hour that you’ll want to introduce to your earholes as soon as you possibly can.
Check out this week’s podcast below:
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