The boys were back with a very special episode of the Real Life Podcast! The usual crew was there but we were also joined by Frank Becker, who’s in town with 25 other Oilers fans from Germany! Not only is Frank a die-hard Oilers fan, and he’s been loyal since the 80s, he also hosts an Oilers podcast in Germany!
We talked to Frank about how he fell in love with the Oilers, why he started his podcast, and his initial impressions of Edmonton! Obviously, there is a great connection with the Oilers and Germany with the emergence of Leon Draisaitl. Frank talked about hearing about Leon when he was a young boy, watching his dad play at the Olympics, and even listening to Kelowna Rockets games on the radio just to keep up with Draisaitl’s progress.
We also talked about how the lacklustre atmosphere at Oilers games, the recent few wins, and the tough stretch ahead! It was a fun hour of learning about our friends from Germany and their unique connection to the Oilers! Download The Real Life Podcast wherever you get your podcasts from!
Listen to this week’s podcast below:
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