A new week in self-isolation means a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast is here and ready to keep you entertained for an hour while also trying to forget about the world for a little bit.
To kick off today’s show, the boys got right into it with a conversation about Jay’s new #ChumGate t-shirt that was made for him by podcast listener, Surveyor Brett. Unsurprisingly, Chalmers was rattled by the shirt seeing as he completely disagrees with the notion that he cheated, but it did inspire him to come up with a rebuttal shirt of his own. What that shirt will look like is yet to be seen, but it appears as though the beef between Chalmers and Surveyor Brett has only just begun. Changing gears entirely, Wanye and the Squire offered some insight into a business conversation they had about the eventual re-opening Little Brick cafe. Seeing as these are strange days, the concept of re-opening a cafe and turning a profit while also keep its staff and customers safe is a lot trickier than it may initially appear. As if 2020 wasn’t strange enough already, the boys also looked at some of the viral news stories from the past week, including the emergence of Murder Hornets, UFOs, and monkeys stealing babies (above). Finally, the boys wrap up this week’s podcast by answering some listener questions about Oilers memories, childhood movies, and anything else they had time for before the final buzzer sounded.
Listen to today’s podcast below:
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