With Christmas coming up at the end of the week, the boys decided that they would do something a little bit different for this week’s show and celebrated the holidays together with a cocktail-fueled episode of the Real Life Podcast.
To kick off this week’s episode, the guys jumped in with a look at the NHL being set to return on January 13th and what kind of hurdles both the league and players had to clear just to make it happen. From the compressed schedule to the all-Canadian Division, the upcoming NHL season is going to have all kinds of surprises for us despite the oddness of what it will take to put the whole thing together. From there, the conversation took a hard turn towards what TV prognosticators have showing in their backgrounds after Chalmers discovered that Pierre LeBrun seems to do his hits from the comfort of his couch. This, however, was when the wheels fell off the podcast as Tyler lost control of the podcast as the guys started talking about ski stories and what is the best possible day to have on a mountain. With old ski tales out of the way, things didn’t get much better as Tyler tried to get the podcast back on the rails, but that doesn’t mean that this wasn’t still an incredible hour+ to spend together. From all of the boys on the Real Life Podcast, we want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. Thank you so much for listening and supporting this wonderful strange podcast.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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