This week’s Real Life Podcast began with a comedy of errors when Strudwick walked into Little Brick which had been accidentally left unlocked the night before by someone whose name rhymes with Ganye. The cafe is closed for the holidays so a confused Strudwick triggered the alarm which led to a patrol car of Edmonton’s finest being dispatched and a delay in the start of the podcast.
“I ain’t goin to jail man, not for you – not for anybody!” Strudwick yelled before climbing out the second floor window, shimmying down the drain pipe and running full speed into the nearby river valley.* If that ain’t real life, I don’t know what is. Once everything law enforcement wise was all sorted out we got down to business and recorded the show on our new 2017 sound equipment. This podcast is starting to become a real pro operation I’ll tell you what!**
This weeks topics covered a wide range of topics culminating with Gregor making wisecracks about my sister being hot. This is one of the few topics that gets your ol’ pal Wanye’s blood boiling, other than Connor McDavid somehow being “as good” as Matthews which was also discussed. 
Give a listen won’t you? Every time you do – an angel gets it’s wings!***
*Or laughing and inviting the officers onto the podcast who respectfully declined.
**It is in fact not a pro operation.
*** No such angel, no such wings.

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