The Cracker Katz


It was reported yesterday that Katz Baseball Corp has reached a deal to acquire the Cracker-Cats. Seriously? Mr. Katz (the world’s 486th richest man) owns the drugs, he owns the hockey, and now he owns the baseball. He’s like Edmonton’s own Al Capone. Perhaps this is Katz’s way of fulfilling his childhood threat of “one day I’ll show ‘em.”

Growing up in Edmonton’s west side isn’t easy — I know first hand. The politics are enough to send a child to a shrink by third grade. Katz was probably no exception.

I imagine him as an awkward kid. Hanging around Meadowlark community centre in the winter waiting patiently to be asked to join in the impromptu game of shinny taking place before his eyes. Summertime games of slow pitch being played in the diamonds not more than 50 yards away from the now empty and dry hockey rink. His request to play being brutally and repeatedly rebuffed. The clouds seemed to part one day when told, “You can play but we don’t have an extra stick/mitt/ball/puck.”*

“But,” started Daryl, “I don’t have one. Maybe I could use someone else’s. If you let me I’ll give you my collection of petri dishes that I’m using to create a new Super Drug.” Denied. The children pointed, laughed and threw rocks.**

Katz promised revenge.

I’m glad D-Katz is spreading the wealth throughout Edmonton. He has pride in this city. I’m glad because I love this city, too. It’s my home, it’s where I grew up to be the foul-mouthed, sassy woman I am today. And where did I learn all the colourful descriptive words? At baseball games, of course.

I’m excited to see what this brings to Edmonton. In Katz’s press release he stated:

“We are very excited to be the new owners of the Edmonton Cracker-Cats. Along with our plans to develop a major entertainment and sports district in downtown Edmonton, this investment is part of a broader commitment to the City of Edmonton and Northern Alberta. It also reflects the ongoing development of Rexall Sports Corp. into a fully integrated sports and entertainment company.”

Translation: I am one step closer to owning the souls of every single Edmontonian.

The only question now is will the name “Cracker-Cats” rightfully be launched into space, never to be heard from again?

* It could have happened
** Probably didn’t happen
  • Jason

    "The only question now is will the name “Cracker-Cats” rightfully be launched into space, never to be heard from again?"

    Oh god I hope so, I don't know how anybody can take a team seriously with a name like that.

  • Colin

    I like this, maybe with someone who actually know his business we might actually have a small (I know it's small 1-2%) shot at getting a AAA team back (damn you Eskimos!)

    Since the Oilers own a baseball team does this mean we can combine the two teams; a good catcher would have probably done better in net against the Sabres.

  • Colin

    Jason wrote:

    “The only question now is will the name “Cracker-Cats” rightfully be launched into space, never to be heard from again?”
    Oh god I hope so, I don’t know how anybody can take a team seriously with a name like that.

    It is a terrible name.

    How about the Oil-Katz :p

  • Rice wrote:

    The Crackers-Cats is almost as bad of a name as the Castor Raiders. Please change it!!!

    I wouldn't say that – there are worse

    On Gregor's Show yesterday:

    Butte(Montana) Pirates

  • n00b1aNpR1nC355

    baggedmilk wrote:

    Why the hell would he buy this team unless he plans on drugging everyone in Edmonton until more than 13 people actually go to these games.

    I imagine he bought the team because the only way Katz gets his arena is if he continues to help edmonton with developing its sports scene. Edmonton needs a sports district, or shit any fuckin district other than the currently existing sprawling district of ugly, but a sports district would be best because an art district or such doesnt hold in blue-collar edmonton.

  • jamestheoilerfan

    I wish he would concentrate more on putting a good hockey team together, starting with proper coaching and then follow that up with players that like to play hockey and are not saying stupid things on national radio about life in wintertime Edmonton.

  • Clarkenstein

    This level of baseball is borderline watchable!! They will try and sell the sizzle not the steak especially if LaGouge is involved. They will charge major league prices for minor league baseball… hmmm… kind of reminds me of another local pro team!!

  • Deep Oil

    Please note the Sun media release / coverage (FRANK LANDRY) had two statements from Katz – he did not appear at the press conference and it appears that this is a safety net for LaForge in terms of management. This allows the Rexall brand to have a venue 12 months a year and integrates ticket, sponsorship, and sales into a synergy concept.

    Katz has not made a public statement about the oil since the pressor introducing himself. After a while
    silence is the same as foreign ownership (McKesson)

    It is amusing that a $400k purchase generates almost as much in media (front page), television coverage value….

    Here is the forbes take on Katz – note the McKesson reference…… as DK is the front man for generics
    distributed via Rexall….

    Age: 45

    Fortune: self made

    Source: pharmacies

    Net Worth: $1.9 bil

    Country Of Citizenship: Canada

    Residence: Edmonton , Canada, North America

    Industry: Retailing

    Marital Status: married, 2 children

    Education: University of Alberta, Bachelor of Arts / Science
    University of Alberta, Doctor of Jurisprudence
    The son of a pharmacist cobbled together 2,000 pharmacies to create one of the biggest pharmacy chains in North America. The Edmonton, Alta.-based Katz (pronounced "Cates") Group is also one of Canada's largest private companies. Starting in the 1990s Katz bought up distressed pharmacy chains with the help of drug distributor McKesson, then hired capable execs to turn the chains around. Katz is now using the Rexall name to rebrand his stores; plans to open 100 new ones in Canada using existing cash flow to fund them.