News & Notes: The Game Last Night And More


My thoughts on last night’s game, and some news and notes from elsewhere.

On Last Night’s Game

So I went over to a buddy’s place and watched the Oilers play Montreal on RDS last night. It was a good game, and it felt to me like they played better than they had in many of their recent wins (including the Saturday game against Toronto). Some scattered thoughts from the game:

The fourth line looked awful. Liam Reddox had an ugly giveaway within the first ten minutes, and things just got worse after that. Stortini, Brodziak and Reddox were penned in their own end on at least three different shifts, and looked very much like the weakest of the Oilers’ four lines.

The first line wasn’t all that good, either. Maybe I’m biased because my expectations are so low, but Ales Kotalik looks not only like he isn’t a fit skill-wise, but also speed-wise. I’d put money on Dustin Penner in a foot race between the two, at least based on the last two nights. Hemsky picked up a point, but he’s slumping right now and neither he nor Shawn Horcoff looked great last night.

On the bright side, the second line was excellent. Sam Gagner had a couple of funny moments last night, but he scored a garbage goal and was generally creative. Marc Pouliot had a tremendous game, in my opinion, showing some moxie (Gagner wouldn’t have scored if Pouliot hadn’t been in there taking the punishment and poking the puck free, plus he went after Stewart after the latter clocked him to end the second) and some skill too. I’m not convinced that Pouliot’s role in the NHL is going to be on a scoring line, but he was a good fit last night. Robert Nilsson looked okay – he made one big hit in his own end and showed flashes of skill but seemed tentative to my eye.

Andrew Cogliano was buzzing all night and was a constant threat. The buddy I watched the game with is a Canadiens fan (why else would he have RDS), and Cogliano was the player that made him nervous.

Speaking of my friend, about half way through the second he started predicting what Steve Staios would do as he approached the puck. He was right every time, and every time he said something to the effect of “around the boards” or “chips it out”. I’ll say this for Staios – he’s consistent.

And since I’m talking about predictable defensemen, what an awful game for Jason Strudwick. He looked a step behind for most of the night, and on the second Montreal goal he was embarrassed by Mathieu Dandeneault (of all people). He ran out to challenge Dandeneault and blew by him, leaving two Canadiens at the right side of the Oilers’ net. Ladislav Smid had to decide whether to drop to the side of the net or hold the slot, and elected to stay in the slot (probably the right decision, given the Montreal player not far behind him), which allowed the Canadiens to bang in a goal from the right side.

Chorney to Manitoba?

The Manitoba Moose are looking for a puck-moving defenseman for their playoff run, and it’s possible that GM Craig Heisinger is considering Oilers’ prospect Taylor Chorney. Chorney’s been far better over the last half of this season, and if the Moose were interested I think the Oilers should consider loaning him there. Playoff experience, even AHL playoff experience, will only serve him in the long run.

Oilers Apologize To Springfield

Kevin Prendergast, who seems to be the Oilers’ point man on all things AHL, issued an apology to fans of the Springfield Falcons yesterday:

“We are in the business of winning hockey games and we failed miserably in Springfield this season. On behalf of the Oilers we apologize to the fans in Springfield who have supported this team through a very difficult year. We will begin plans immediately in addressing the problems on the ice this season and promise that we will do everything we can to put a more competitive and winning team on the ice next year.”

Next season will be the third and final year of the affiliation agreement between Springfield and Edmonton. Looks like any Oklahoma City plans will need to wait another season.

Ever Curious How Tough Minor-League Defensemen Are?

Here’s a scary story about Fort St. John Flyers defenseman Kip Noble, courtesy of

Noble took a big hit from Spirit River’s Mike Lefley, in the dying seconds of the third period, of Saturday night’s game four. The game went into overtime, where it was won by the Flyers (Jeff Shipton with the winner), giving FSJ a 3-1 series lead. The hit happened when the Rangers dumped the puck out of their zone, after tying the game up 3-3. Noble raced back to retrieve the puck, after icing was waved off by the officials. He was hit into the end-boards, and lay on the ice for several minutes before skating off on his own steam.

So that doesn’t sound so bad – he skated off under his own power, right? Here’s the rest:

He was taken to hospital, where he remains, as of Monday morning, according to GM Rob Larson. Noble is suffering from a separated shoulder, a broken rib, and a collapsed lung.

Noble had a nice career over in Britain and was the MVP of not only the Flyers but the entire league (the player he beat out for the award, by a single point, was Mike Lefley). He also won his seventh best defenseman award this year, and if he’s injured it will seriously hurt their chances of qualifying for the Allan Cup, which replaced the Stanley Cup as the pinnacle of senior amateur hockey achievement in 1909 after the Stanley Cup Championship became a professional competition.

  • Hippy

    @ 5Cups:
    With so many common denominators I don't understand how Mac T can salvage his job any longer.

    Oh and I have a great idea for tomorrow nights game. Once the power play starts to struggle we should get a "ROBBIE ROBBIE" chant going. That would be pure comedy. Anyways, back to work..

  • Hippy

    mjsh wrote:

    I don't think Mark can win another cup playing in Latvia. At least last I knew he was there.

    He's in the KHL, but I've heard it reported that the Sharks may be interested in signing him to a two year deal; the second year would include a "poison pill" making it unlikely for another team to claim him on waivers 😉

  • Hippy

    Jonathan, you serious? Mark's dad is a longtime friend of mine, don't see him often any more though. If the Sharks want to win the cup, it would appear that having him around has be at the very least good luck.

  • Hippy

    mjsh wrote:

    Jonathan, you serious? Mark’s dad is a longtime friend of mine, don’t see him often any more though. If the Sharks want to win the cup, it would appear that having him around has be at the very least good luck.

    No, I'm just kidding around. I was making fun of the Jagr thing while pointing out that Hartigan was currently in the KHL.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • Hippy

    Deep Oil:

    I haven't done a full check yet but did anyone in the MSM wonder in-print why MacT was playing his fourth line in the last five min of a road game – where he doesn't get last change – during a contest in which his team had a one goal lead?

    If they didn't, then he doesn't have any worries because folks are officially asleep at the switch.

    I was watching all the times that 4th line was getting dzone draws in the third period and the anger was slowly rising. Then I compared that to how many chances that line created – zero by the way – and I kept wondering how many shifts that troika would continue to get.

    So, they got caught and we lost the lead. Was it written about? Was it discussed by the night judges: Gregor or Tencer?

    If it wasn't, MacT has nothing to worry about.

  • Hippy

    @ swany:
    Of course they got the last change. When you see the other coach do the same thing (throw Koviou line against the 4th line) all game, you have to make sure it doesnt happen in the last 5 minutes in a game, espically when you watched them get owned every previous shift.

    Thats to back it up
    Reddox (11:12 at evens, 6 SCA), Brodziak (10:10, 5 SCA) and Stortini (8:35, 2 SCA)

    Simple coaching……. epic fail.

  • Hippy

    Curtis: Yes:)

    I'm the guy who's logging the chances so I was dying every shift they were out in the third. Like I said, I didn't listen to the postgame shows and I haven't checked the papers yet so I'm not sure if anyone else caught it.

  • Hippy

    Jason Gregor wrote:

    CurtisS wrote:

    If mact is still coaching this team next year im done with the oilers and prob hockey in general.
    Don’t start talking foolishly now. While I understand your frustration, you like all of us on here, can’t walk away from hockey. We can’t.


    That's just the way it is baby.

  • Hippy

    Curtis: 85's out and 27 keeps stewing.

    It will be interesting to see how the 4th line works though. Someone has to join 51-46 on the 4th line, so:

    – will MacT throw 21 from the penthouse to the outhouse after calling him a "one-shot scorer."

    – will fave 18 end up down there?

    – or will they shelve 46 as well and turn 51's line into a 18-51-27 line and then call it some kind of checking line?

    Someone's gonna be playing where MacT had previously said or indicated they don't belong.

  • Hippy


    i had asked a couple of days ago if you would mind, if you had the time, to write a blog about the PK stats that are hard to find – which oilers penalty killers are on the ice for the most goals. as good as gilbert and grebeshkov are 5-5 and on the pp it seems to me like they are terrible on the PK.

    i am so choked the oilers did not bring in some veteran penalty killers. marty reasoner and marek malik would have helped this team make the playoffs more than Kotalik will. they lost two games this road trip in OT because of the worst penalty kill i can remember in my lifetime as an oilersfan.

  • Hippy

    @ esa tikkanen:

    I saw that, and believe me I would like to put an article out. Unfortunately, I don't put much faith into what data we have on the PK – Behind the Net puts out GFON/GAON and the like, but I assume there's a major difference between 1st and 2nd unit powerplays, so it's pretty sketchy to try and draw assumptions out of it.

    If you have any better ideas for getting that data, please get a hold of me at jonathan dot willis at live dot ca.