Trade Hemsky?

Hemsky and Sakic

Jim Matheson floated the idea in his piece this morning, with the Los Angeles Kings being the destination and a package consisting of Dustin Brown and Matt Greene being the return.

Lowetide’s opinion is here; he examines things from an organizational angle and stresses what the benefits would be before saying he doesn’t like the idea. I completely agree with him, but I thought it might be worthwhile to examine the relative offensive production of Brown and Hemsky year by year in the NHL.

Ales Hemsky at 19: 59GP – 6G – 24A – 30PTS (.51 PPG)
Dustin Brown at 19: 31GP – 1G – 4A – 5PTS (.16 PPG)

Ales Hemsky at 20: 71GP – 12G – 22A – 34PTS (.48 PPG)
Dustin Brown at 21: 79GP – 14G – 14A – 28PTS (.35 PPG)

Ales Hemsky at 22: 81GP – 19G – 58A – 77PTS (.95 PPG)
Dustin Brown at 22: 81GP – 17G – 29A – 46PTS (.57 PPG)

Ales Hemsky at 23: 64GP – 13G – 40A – 53PTS (.83 PPG)
Dustin Brown at 23: 78GP – 33G – 27A – 60PTS (.77 PPG)

Ales Hemsky at 24: 74GP – 20G – 51A – 71PTS (.96 PPG)
Dustin Brown at 24: 80GP – 24G – 29A – 53PTS (.66 PPG)

Ales Hemsky at 25: 72G – 23G – 43A – 66PTS (.92 PPG)

Career Totals By Age 24

Ales Hemsky: 349GP – 70G – 195A – 265PTS (.76 PPG)
Dustin Brown: 349GP – 89G – 103A – 192PTS (.55 PPG)

If the Oilers were to make that trade they’d be sending away someone who was a better point producer at age 25 than Pavel Datsyuk, Jarome Iginla, Henrik Sedin and Jason Spezza. They’d be sending away the best offensive talent on the team for a guy who once hit 60 points. It would mean that the best offensive season recorded by anyone on the team, ever, was Shawn Horcoff’s 73 point effort in 2005-06.

It would be a mistake.

  • Hippy

    @ Chris:
    Its bad for both teams, Greene is one of the FEW plus players on the Kings and is all kinds of tough. Brown is big energy, big heart, and middle talent.

    Hemsky is an elite point producer (40th in NHL for points per game) on a team that has no other elite forwrads.

    Oilers lose the only consistently good offensive Forward on the team and gain a second tier talent who has only put up ok points while playing with Kopitar and Frolov.

    Kings lose their Captain and Asst Captain; A forward who brings physicality every night and their toughest most responsible Dman, and they gain another skilled forward that they dont need considering they have Kopitar and Frolov.

    So the trade is done now and the Kings lose the heart and soul that drove the team (right into the ground might I add), and the Oilers are now even less capable of scoring. Brown scored 25ish goals playing with Kopitar and Frolov, now his linemates are Horcoff and Penner. Does he even hit 20?

    Bad deal. Is Hemsky over-rated? Maybe, but I'll take his near point per game over Brown's physicality.

  • Hippy

    What I cant believe is that people are even considering the move because Hemsky was literally the lone bright spot at the forward position all year. There are SO MANY other areas to improve upon that it is ridiculous.
    Is O'Sullivan and his 2.9 mill contract going to be here? Will Horc continue to drag the top line down? Can Penner react better under a coach that doesnt hate his consistent goal scoring? Whats happening with Nilsson? Who will Centre the 3rd line? Will the kids naturally improve?

    People's memories are so fickle. Hemsky put up 9 points in the last 10 games while the Oilers were trying to make the playoffs but the rest of the team disappears and HE is the one fans are turning on. Everyone wants to blame the guy who wanted to be the go to guy for not producing when it mattered, except HE DID. The problem was no matter how many times he fed Horc the puck, IT WAS HORC BEING FED THE PUCK. Hemsky was almost a point a game playing with a guy who earned the nickname Whifcoff for Puck's sake. Consider where your Ire ought to be directed, because it shouldnt be towards the best player on the team.

  • Hippy

    @ Archaeologuy:
    I agree. Get Hemmer some help. I will add that Roli was a bright spot the last half of the year and without him we would be getting Tavares first in the draft. Damn you Roli!! (in hindsight)

  • Hippy

    Chris wrote:

    Hemsky may have more talent than Dustin Brown… but it’s pretty telling when a hockey guy like Rod Brown (Who gets paid by the Oilers to do PPV analysis) thinks the proposed deal would be bad for L.A.

    You know Mike Milbury is way ahead of Rob Brown in the analysis world, right? Well, once upon a time he thought that Luongo and Jokinen for Parrish and Kvasha would be GOOD for the Islanders…

    Point being that just because the talking head said it doesn't mean it's true.