Missing Matt Greene?

Since it’s summer (and until the Oilers make Manny Malhotra an offer), I present the humour of Matt Greene – which it seems the Kings P.R. department is making some use of.

And the video dump:

This video isn’t embeddable, but it’s worth watching.

  • Hippy

    As much as I like Vish, I hate that we lost Matt. Since he became a regular in the league he has been one of my favorite personalities in the NHL.

    We miss ya Matt!

  • Hippy

    Even though he used to frustrate me more times than not in his first few seasons as a regular, I always thought he was the funniest dude that has ever strapped on the Orange/Copper and blue.
    This team could definitely use his "truculence" out there on the ice, that's for sure.

  • Hippy

    @ 17:
    I loved the "Team Reasoner" bit after Marty's awarded goal!

    While the Oil did good on the LA trade, I've often wished we still had Greene around for a good laugh.

  • Hippy

    All you Oil fans like that trade. I feel as though that was a tough one. Although it wasn't a bad hockey trade, I think it was a mistake for this team. Stoll was a future captain in waiting. Greene and Reasoner both kept the room lite when needed and I don't think they had anyone like that this year. Could've made a big difference in one of those long losing streaks.

  • Hippy

    @ RossCreek:

    I probably ought to stay out of this conversation, since I don't want to say things that I don't know and can't prove.

    I know personally, if I was playing on Stoll's team, I'd have trouble respecting him if he runs his life like that.

  • Hippy

    As much as Matt Greene is a character and these posts are fun to watch, it unfortunately brings out a lot of people who forget what good a trade it was to be able to land Visnovsky from L.A. for Greene and Stoll.

    Stoll proved last year to be everything the Oilers new he was. Less than 20 goals and 41 points in 74 games. He's a 40 point player with special skills, like a hard shot and good face-off percentage. Reminds me a lot of what Kotalik was to the Oilers. (trade face-offs for shootout skills).

    Greene is a competent, (but not great or even arguably better than average) stay at home d-man.

    Visnovsky brings about a decades worth of solid ice time in all postions and proven in many cases to provide more points combined than both Stoll and Greene together. He runs your powerplay, same type shot as Stoll, solid defensively, is a hot commodity as a puck moving d-man and a cheaper cap hit than those two are in L.A.at his current salary.

    I don't regret one second that we had to move a guy like Greene to land a player like Visnovsky. It'll be nice to see what he does if he's healthy all year.

  • Hippy

    @ Jonathan Willis:
    I wonder what the numbers are for douchebags per NHL team? Growing up as hockey stars having women throw themselves at you and people kissing your a$$ your whole life.

  • Hippy

    oilersinsider wrote:

    I don’t regret one second that we had to move a guy like Greene to land a player like Visnovsky. It’ll be nice to see what he does if he’s healthy all year

    Completely agree.

  • Hippy

    Visnovsky is and always was one of my favorite D men. One of the best in the league imo. I do not regret the trade one bit.

    That being said I would like to have both Greene and Stoll back lol. They both would be useful additions to our team (if we moved a D). But that is what it takes to land a great player.

  • Hippy

    Sure I miss Greene, he was a solid young character defeneceman. And he was unfairly treated by fans with all the penalties he took, especially that one playoff run. Apparently when those fans watched the replays they couldn't see for themselves that his penalty of holding the stick or roughing was total BS. Seriously, I'd never seen a guy more heavily targeted by refs before, and why because he was a young, stay at home defenceman so of course he'll take more penalties?

    I saw him as Jason Smiths heir to the stay at home Oiler throne.

  • Hippy

    There are FAs available at this very second that can replace guys like Greene and Stoll. There's nobody of Vish's level available via free agency. Not even close.

    So far, we've *won* the trade by a fair bit. However, the hole that was left open by Stoll's absence absolutely killed us last year. That wasn't Vish's fault. That was Lowe's fault (and Pouliot's, Cogliano's, etc. to a lower extent).

  • Hippy

    @ Jonathan Willis:

    I'm just curious how you feel about Shanahan stealing Craig Janney's wife?

    I'm of the mind that the game is played on the ice, but I see where you are coming from.

    Anybody who has played or coached hockey at a high-level knows that 90% of hockey players are not the types of people you would want your daughter to marry. The arrogance and lack of charcter I have seen in kids as young as bantam is troublesome to say the least.

    There seems to be a sense of entitlement with a lot of these kids nowadays.

  • Hippy

    @ DanMan:

    I feel like you'd expect.

    The game is played on the ice, sure, I just think that most teams ought to be able to find a decent sort to wear the "C".

    Again, just speaking for myself, I wouldn't take any lectures from a "leader" of that calibre.

  • Hippy

    Just an observation from an outsider:

    The Vis for Stoll & Greene trade exemplifies a bigger problem that the Oilers have had over the last couple of years. It seems like they continually favor skill players over players that have grit and leadership qualities. Of course, skill is important… but as a team, you need both.

    As a young team, the Kings got exactly what they wanted out of the trade. Greene was an assitant captain and provided a young, tough leader to go with their skilled defensemen. Stoll helped their absolutely anemic faceoff stats.

    If you take a step back, the Oilers could have used both a little more toughness AND another center that could win faceoffs…