NationDraft Update: Big Gains and Heartbreak

Well well well, what a week we’ve had in the Team 1260 NationDraft! We’ve seen some teams come out of nowhere to grab Top 10 spots. We’ve also seen a few teams slip in the standings.

It’s all about big gains and heartbreak in the NationDraft. One minute you’re on top of the world, sipping Cristal™, conversing with JayZ about the finer points of ballin. The next minute you’re sleeping in the gutter with your paper bag covered bottle of Big Bear™ wondering where things went wrong. Let’s get down to business and see what’s going down in the Team 1260 NationDraft, shall we?

Draft Standings as of Nov 5/09

The Top Ten:

Rank Team Name Points Points behind
1. Carlo Gambino 241 0
2. Sage11 241 0
3. Wiltonclan 238 -3
4. Tony Tanti’s 236 -5
5. Tequila Party Gnomes 236 -5
6. The Slippery Petes 235 -6
7. Flaming Nots 235 -6
8. DoubleJJ 234 -7
9. Geaner 233 -8
10. Dude 233 -8

We’ve had a front row seat to NationDraft awesomeness with "Carlo Gambino" and "Sage11" continuing their stranglehold atop the standings.  "Wiltonclan" was tied for a first place spot last week, but has slipped 3 points back this week… shoulda took Rick Nash, eh Wiltonclan? A big WTF to "Tequila Party Gnomes"  for shooting out of nowhere to grab a Top 5 spot. That’s how it’s done people!

Celebrities in the NationDraft:

Rank Team Name Points Points behind
84. Robin Brownlee 224 -17
213. Jason Gregor 216 -25
700. Towel Boy Vs. Mothra 193 -48
788. The Pacinos (bingofuel) 185 -56
846. Lord Wanye’s Steeds 177 -64


Honorable Mention:

619. Dunder Mifflin 198 -43

I’m a fan of anyone who is a fan of The Office.

741. Team Pope 190 -51

Last week I highlighted "Christ Punchers"… so this week I figured it would be best to remove myself from possible eternal damnation and highlight a more pro God team. Go Team Pope! YEAH!  *says 10 Hail Marys*… that’s better.

891. random choices 154 -87

This team proves that, as in life, when you mail it in you very rarely are rewarded with a good outcome.


Touching on the heartbreak that can be the NationDraft, we’ve seen some pretty big name injuries over the past week. Last week we learned that Ilya Kovalchuk broke his foot and will be out for a few weeks. This past week came the news that Evgeni Malkin is out with a shoulder injury until Mid November. Of course he is, cuz I have him. The biggest hit to the pool points column also came this week when that point magnet, Ovechkin , came down with the oh so ambiguous "Upper Body Injury." That’s some pretty big point getters shelved with injuries. How it will affect the NationDraft standings (and Team Russia 2010) remains to be seen.

NHL Players Bringing It:

I don’t know about you, but I expected Stamkos to have a pretty decent season. I didn’t exactly expect him to be 3rd in the NHL with 12 Goals so far. That’s one way to tell a sophmore slump to shove it. Great stuff.  

Also in the "surprising but not really column" I would put Rick Nash. He’s always been a gamer, but this season so far he’s quietly put together 21 points, 5 points off the league lead. Two of those points have been SHG’s.

Finally, how about Anze Kopitar!? Who saw this coming!?! We’ve always known he was a pretty decent player, but this season he’s proving why he’s an AllStar. With 26 pts (13g, 13a) thru 16 games, he’s on pace to almost pretty much double his career high of 77pts. Maybe he spent the offseason training with Dustin Penner?

That should about do it for TB’s Team 1260 NationDraft update for the week ending November 5th.

Stay classy,
Minister Towel Boy

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