Comparing Taylor Chorney To Denis Grebeshkov

Edmonton Oilers v New York Islanders

As usual, when a veteran player is sent out of town for futures, it’s traditional for the local media to jump on board and tell us all which player will replace him. I still recall listening to some suit in the Oilers ‘brain-trust’ explaining that the reason Janne Niinimaa was expendable was because Alexei Semenov’s progress was so outstanding. Sweet, sweet memories.

In any case, while I’ve said my piece about the Grebeshkov trade, I figured it might be worthwhile to see how he matches up against his de facto replacement.

That replacement, according to Joanne Ireland, is none other than Taylor Chorney: 

Taylor Chorney will be groomed to move into Grebeshkov’s spot. He was recalled from the Springfield Falcons farm team, as was Theo Peckham, on Monday.

Scott Reynolds already alluded to it, but the fact is that Grebeshkov’s results as a professional hockey player were quite a bit better than Taylor Chorney’s at the same age. I’ve posted those AHL results below, and taken the liberty of pro-rating them over 82 games for the sake of comparison. 

Age 21

  GP G A PTS +/-
Denis Grebeshkov 82 5 48 53 +23
Taylor Chorney 82 6 19 25 -35

Age 22

  GP G A PTS +/-
Denis Grebeshkov 82 3 43 46 +12
Taylor Chorney 82 10 23 33 -51

In fairness to Chorney, Springfield has been a disaster in his time there. He deserves that caveat, and it matters, since Grebeshkov’s teams in Manchester were decent and quite good (respectively).

That said, this isn’t a fair comparison. All that expecting Chorney to turn into Grebeshkov does is place the burden of incredibly difficult expectation upon him, and it’s highly likely that he’ll quickly be regarded as a bust by those who expect that output. He’s a decent prospect but there’s no reason to believe he’ll be as good a player, especially in the immediate future.

  • VMR

    The problem with comparing Grebeshkov and Chorney is we dont need Chorney to replace Grebeshkov. We already have to many offensive puck movers, we need more defensive solid in their own end defence first guys on our blueline. We may not have that in the organization yet but that's what that 2nd round pick was for, more chances at finding one.

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      Gilbert and Lubo are the puck movers and now there is talk of Gilbert being moved, so we are going to be left with one good puck mover.

      Wait until we end up with the defense from a few years back where we couldn't get the puck out of our end.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    God I hope "Chorney to replace Grebs" is just media fodder.

    Dear Tambellini please sign or trade FOR A 25 – 29 year old physical Dman.

  • I read Scott's piece yesterday. It was in fact either downright hilarious or just plain tragic. Can't decide which yet.

    Bottom line is that prospects are developed in the AHL. If you want to win that is.

    Oh. Riiiiight.

    • Petr's Jofa

      The only prospects that are developed in the AHL are the one's that aren't good enough to crack the big team.

      There's a LONG list of players that weren't developed in the AHL including on winning teams.

      Bottom line…you don't have to develop all of your prospects in the AHL to become a winning team.

      • Which would be a fine theory if the majority of your team wasn't already prospects. How many guys in Oilers silks right now would crack Detroit or Chicago or Pittsburgh? Or Phoenix for that matter.

        • Petr's Jofa

          Here we go again was started at post #5

          Yes many were top 10 picks…but isn't Gagner a top 10? How about MPS, is he a top 10? Yes to both of those. And mose certainly Hall/Seguin will be a top 10.

          But Hemsky wasn't a top 10?

          The impression being given here is the Oilers don't develop there young guys in the AHL but other than Gagner (who was a top 10), Cogliano and Hemsky which Oilers didn't develop in the minors?

          Also a side note…of the top 9 rookie scorers this year only one of them has played in the AHL and 3 of them were not top 10 picks.

          Tyler Myers/Jamie Benn/Michael Del Zotto

          And only two of the top 10 scoring rookies in the NHL developed in the AHL. Coincidentally one of those two was developed in the Oilers AHL system. So I'm not understanding those that are hinting that the Oilers don't develop young talent in the AHL.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            It's about depth. You shouldn't HAVE to bring prospects up to the NHL because you have proven NHL player. It's a bad thing when you have to have multiple AHL'ers on your roster because you don't have enough NHL'ers.

            No one is debating that 1-2 rookies per year brought onto the team is a bad thing, as long as you've got the proper roster and balance already in place. However the Oilers don't, when you've already got 1/2 a team of AHL'ers or NHL'ers in the early stages of their career, it's usually a bad idea to add more.

          • Injuries have played a huge factor in the roster being what it is right now.

            So when do you stop saying the NHLers are in the early stages of their careers? Both Gagner and Cogliano are in year 4 next year. Brule is going into year 5 as a pro, Gibert is too and he is going to be 27 yrs old. Chorney is soon to be 23 yrs old and has had AHL development. Theo Peckham also has a couple of year of AHL development under his belt.

            Other than them the roster is mostly vets many of which lots of the people here want gone. So who do we replace these players with. If we lose Pisani, Moreau, Nilsson, O'Sullivan, Souray, etc.? If we just sign a whole bunch more nothing vets the same kind of players that we get rid of what reaction will there be here?

            If 1 or 2 rookies per year can be brought into the team why couldn't those rookies be Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall? And if we get rid of all the players everyone wants rid of then there's probably room for MPS too. This is of course pending that the rookies are good enough.

            I'm a paying customer and I'd much rather pay to watch a ready MPS, Eberle and Hall than watch a bunch of Dominic Moores.

  • Tracie

    I would definitely be excited to see Jordan Eberle play the last 9 games with us! At least we'll hopefully be able to see a glimpse of how promising the future might look for us next year! Watching Jordan Eberle has GOT to be more exciting then watching our current roster, that's for sure!

    • Tracie

      Where do you get your rumours from? I can't find any info on this! ~Not even on Hockeybuzz~

      I think this would be a great trade! I wouldn't mind it at all, what do you think?

  • Harlie

    It's not really a fair comparison as one of Grebeshkov's seasons came during the lockout and subsequently he had the benefit of playing with bona fide NHLers (Cammalleri) playing down in the AHL. Both years the Manchester teams were offensive powerhouses and Grebeshkov was a staple on the PP and played with top offensive linemates.

    That being said, Chorney isn't half the prospect Grebeshkov was and probably won't be half the player either, I agree there. Chorney's been an Oiler fan favorite for consistently being overrated since he was drafted.

  • Tracie

    Ok, well tradecenter is definitely picking up now! Still no Oilers deals though! What the hell?!?

    Phoenix looks to be buying…that's a little bit cool to see…seems like they are pretty busy today!