September 7 would have been Eazy-E’s birthday – he would have been 47. Like many NWA fans all over the world, I celebrated the day reminiscing through the sweet sounds of NWA and it got me thinking, Gangsta Rap isn’t so different from organized sports. Both are filled with corruption, greed, money, and most of all, hoes. Just listen to the song Gangsta Gangsta and you’ll see what I mean.
There’s a lot that Eazy can teach us.

Growing up on the streets of Compton, Eazy-E supported himself as a high school drop out by dealing drugs and running with the Kelly Park Crips. A rookie in “da” game, Eazy found his dream. Using the cash from hustling the dope, he invested in his future. Along with Jerry Heller, Ruthless Records became a reality. Eventually Eazy signed Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. N.W.A. was born.
Any warm blooded Oilers fan can identify with the NWA story. As quickly as the group rose, they soon feel with equal speed. The spectacular fall of N.W.A was had everything to do with allegations of money embezzlement and financial mismanagement leading to one of the industries best coming undone in record time. Dr. Dre then left Ruthless and moved on to Death Row with Suge Knight. Being stuck in a contract, Suge took negotiations into his own hands. It is reported that threats were made to ensure Dre’s release from Ruthless. Whatever did actually happen must have worked cause Dre has found success in every move he has made since.
The ending for Eazy is not so happy and lucrative. On February 24, 1995 Eazy checked into hospital with was he thought was bronchitis or asthma and was, instead, diagnosed with the AIDS virus. Did you hear me? Eazy was so badass that he thought his AIDS was an asthma attack! I get a paper cut and I’m convinced that I’m dying. I stub my toe and all I can smell is the alarming scent of almonds coming from my gangrenous wound. Eazy was tough as nails till the end.
Within the weeks leading to his death on March 20 he managed to make amends with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, and Ice Cube. He also married his long time girlfriend. One of the many he fathered a child with. It takes me longer than that to motivate myself to do the dishes. Just goes to show you that Eazy knows how to get it done.
Next time you find yourself complaining about a cold, work, family or you beloved hockey team blowing goats remember that life ain’t nothing but bitches and money. And as we all get ready for the rise of a new super group on Rexall Ice, we’d do well to remember the lessons that NWA has taught us so many years ago.


News today that former Edmonton Oiler captain, Jason Smith, was arrested and charged with domestic assault against his wife and daughter. The authorities aren’t saying much at this time but Smith is currently released on $1,000 bail and protection order has been executed to keep him from his family as well as their residence.

Says the Journal:

"Although the charges against the Calgarian are serious, Smith’s defence lawyer says they don’t reflect the reality of the incident. “There’s another side to the story. A different version will surface when the charges are being read in court. People are quick to make judgments,” said lawyer Alain Hepner. “I think that so many families have issues that the public is not concerned about and it’s sad that a high-profile person has to have his laundry aired in public.”

Domestic abuse is horrible in any event but I find this to be particularly disappointing. I love Jason Smith. I didn’t think there would be anything that would change my love for him. Apparently I was wrong. Before I burn my #21 jersey, I will await his September 17 court appearance and hope for more information.
On a lighter note, Jason Smith’s facebook relationship status has just been changed to "it’s complicated".
  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    NWA? Eazy-E? Fear of a Black Hat? Jesus I finally stumble onto an article which has content that I can, not only relate to, but give insight to and it’s already 50 deep. Oh well, gotta be more on the ball. I leave you with these words of wisdom Amber:

    “Nutz on ya chin”

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Domestic violence is always a serious issue. Jason should throw that biotch to the curb and sever this pattern of physical and emotional abuse he has suffered through for what must be over a decade now. Stay strong Jason, there is hope for victims of domestic violence.

    Like Wendy is totally innocent of what has happened here.(insert rolling eyes smilie here)

    • Amber McCormick

      I clearly stated “Before I burn my #21 jersey, I will await his September 17 court appearance and hope for more information.” The definition of before is “prior to”. Therefore I am stating PRIOR TO making judgements I will wait for his court appearance.

      Lame writer? I think you meant lame reader.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    WTF … what a lame article. You ever been to Compton/South Central?? Hockey parallels gangsterism??
    I was living in South Central when the Oil beat the Av’s to make it the second round back in 1999.
    eazy e ain’t got nothing to do with hockey.
    what a desperate attempt.
    criticsm will make you a better writer Amber.
    Don’t take it personal. Eazy-E need not be canonized.

    nice try Amber.