Sleepless Night UPDATED

Early tomorrow morning, the final cuts for Team Canada’s world junior team will get a phonecall. The merciful coaching staff make the cuts early so the kids can hit the airport and (hopefully) avoid the media.

Two Edmonton Oiler prospects played tonight (against a team of CIS All-Stars) and will be watching late night television, counting minutes along with the clock radio and waiting for the phone to ring. Or not. 

The Canadians dominated against the CIS team this evening (as you would expect). Oilers prospects got in on the action, Curtis Hamilton played with Riley Sheahan and Sean Couturier on TC’s third line (had a goal and an assist) and played well by all accounts.

Bob McKenzie gave excellent updates all evening here. Olivier Roy played half the game for the CIS team, giving up 2 goals on 24 Team Canada shots.

I’d guess that Hamilton makes the team and that Roy barely misses out (Visentin and Pickard have been strong) but you never know at the World Junior camp. I recall Mike Comrie and a few other Oiler prospects being fairly disappointed at being sent away over the years.

The original invite story about the two Oiler prospects is here.

Here are a few World Junior performances by current and former Oilers over the years:

  1. Wayne Gretzky (1977) 6gp, 8-9-17
  2. Jordan Eberle (2010) 6gp, 8-5-13
  3. Jordan Eberle (2009) 6gp, 6-7-13
  4. Taylor Hall (2010) 6gp, 6-6-12
  5. Jari Kurri (1980) 5gp, 4-7-11
  6. Magnus Pääjärvi (2010) 6gp, 3-7-10


Both Oilers made the grade. It looks like Curtis Hamilton will be part of the TC’s checking line and Roy is in the mix for work in goal. Oiler fans will also get a chance to see Sean Couturier, a strong candidate for #1 overall in next summer’s draft. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins didn’t make the grade. The story of the cuts is here.

I’ll be keeping track of Oiler prospects who will/could play with other nations at the World Juniors this year in the coming days.

  • Freezing Weather Fan

    I really hope Olivier Roy will be the Fist game starting goaltender. It’d be great to see him get more international experience, and hopefully shake off that “not a big game goalie” thing from the Russian series.

    Looks like that’s going to be a long shot though. I just like seeing the Oilers prospects at the WJC, adds a little bit more to it for me.

    P.S. Are the juniors using the new Canada jerseys from the Olympics as well then? I thought they were just because the Olympic’s had a rule about using other organization’s symbols or something. Guess I’ll get more use out of my Vancouver purchase then afterall. 🙂

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    I’m really hoping for the best for our JR’s but this year I am not as confident in the team. I’ve heard more than a few MSM say that it will be scoring by committee this year so we will see I guess. Damn,

    I almost wish they could send Captain Clutch down to see him do some more magic. Yeah I’m lookin at you Ebs!

  • SumOil

    Pickard apparently has been terrible and McKenzie believes that it will Roy and Visentin.

    Though i fully believe that Hamilton deserves to be on the team, with Cizikas performing almost the same role, and playing under Cameron, there is a slight chance that Hamilton might not make it.
    However it performance is any indication, both oilers shud be on the no-cut list 2morrow morning

  • Lowetide

    Much ado about not much. Oh, I’ll probably watch the WJHC if Canada’s doing well but tsk tsk I’ll be watching the Oilers more. Give me some Oilers stats lowetide.

    • Lowetide

      I think there’s enough Oiler stuff on ON for me to pay some attention to the WJ’s. After all, the Oilers first round pick in 2011 could very well be playing in this tournament.

    • SumOil

      I can honestly say that I get more excited about the WJHC than I do about Christmas. And Roy making it is a perfect early present. Hamilton I considered to be a lock.

      Too bad we don’t get to see RNH. Ryan Murphy being cut doesn’t bode well for Don Cherry’s #1 overall prediction but Canada is deep on defense and with Ellis there I’m not really surprised.

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      I see RNH a tonne, and I really don’t think he’s that good.

      What I mean with that is he isn’t in the Hall/Seguin/Tavares/Duchene league IMO anyway.

      I’m expecting him to have a solid NHL career, but I’d put him more in the Gagner catagory then any of the guys listed above.

      If it were up to me and we ended up sitting at #3 (and the rankings stayed the same)

      I’d either trade down a couple spots and try to add a few more assets or I’d look to flip for an established young player on a cap heavy team (extended Jeff Carter for example).

  • Grant Fuhrer

    I second those who want coverage of WJC here. It really is a big part of the reason I look forward to the holiday season. I love that Canada dominates perennially, and my favorite players in the NHL usually end up being those who I’ve watched rise through Team Canada’s WJC teams

  • Interesting that RNH didn’t make it.

    Doesn’t always mean much, Seguin didn’t make it last year.

    That being said, the reports is that RNH just couldn’t compete with the larger older players.

    Doesn’t bode well for a lottery pick.

    Dreger just said that RNH is probably not ready for the NHL next year based on how he’s played against elite players at this camp. Last year many said Seguin should have made it and his cut had more politics than evaluation to it.

    The Oilers have 2 prospects on the Canadian Team.
    The Leafs have 0 prospects on the Canadian Team.

    You can have today Leaf fan, we have the next 10 years.

    • SumOil

      Well in the last 4 WJC, the eventual 1st overall pick has always made the squad!
      So going by history alone and not logic, SC should take the 1st overall and RNH will fall short of his efforts to replace SC

  • O.C.

    Thats a pretty big deal that 2 of overall roster of 22 Canadians are Oil prospects in a 30 team NHL.

    Hmmm all but 6 are first round draft choices (including Couturier who is the only one undrafted)

    Looks like Canada went for size and strength this year.

  • lateralus

    Last week on my flight from PG to Vancouver I was sitting beside Brett Connolly.
    He was pretty confident about making the team.

    Pretty cool guy, we talked hockey for the entire flight.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Why would the Oilers want RNH? Anther smurf on skates…great can I please watch more of these small centers spinning around on their a$$es on the ice as they are knocked off the puck.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Good to see Roy and Hamilton made it.

    @ Lowe do you consider Roy the number one right now or the other goalie they chose to go with? I sure hope so given Dubnyk’s play this season he can hold down the fort for a couple of years but the Oilers will need a really good goaltender once they get really good on defense as well as offense.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    It still shocks the heck out of me that Matt Duchesne is still eligible to play in this tournament. This kid is good.

    Anybody know what’s happening team Slovakia? Are they in this tourney and is Marincin on it? I tried looking at the Slovaks and the site keeps crashing.

    • Acording to TSNs website Marancin is not on the team but I noticed none of the players on their roster are playing in North America so maybe that has something to do with it, they’d be dumb not to have him on their team hes played well this year.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    There’s a Team Slovakia thread on HF boards, and the roster given in that thread has Marincin on the team. I would assume he’d be playing; if he’s one of the best defencemen in the CHL right now, he’s definitely one of the best Slovakian defencemen.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    I think you need to rework your contract with Wanye LT, Robin and Jason get much cooler “Update” heading fonts then you do.

    Or is it that your still the new guy and haven’t quite worked yourself up to GDB or cool font status yet?