More Bullets for Stu

All of the talk surrounding Hemsky and Penner being dealt is starting to cloud the issue: Steve Tambellini’s job at the deadline is to deliver more bullets to Stu (Magnificent Bastard) MacGregor.

When Stu MacGregor is ordering room service in Minnesota (try the lutefisk!) here’s hoping Steve Tambellini has more bullets (draft picks) for use on the draft floor. With the prospect list teeming with MacGregor gems, another mitt full of these young kids is vital.

Oilers current picks

  • 1st overall
  • 31st overall
  • 61st overall
  • Calgary’s 3rd (probably about 75th overall)
  • 91st overall
  • Pittsburgh’s 4th (probably about 115th overall)
  • 121st overall
  • 181st overall

I think that’s right. MacGregor did a lot of damage in the second round a year ago (Pitlick, Marincin and Hamilton were all taken between 31 and 48th overall).

Today’s trade (Mike Fisher to Nashville for picks, including the Preds first rounder) is only the second involving a 2011 first round pick, the other being dealt by the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan in order to get Phil Kessel away from the remedial readers in Boston.

Ottawa’s acquisition of a first rounder came at a pretty steep price: a quality 2-way center with another 2 years on his contract after this one. The Preds improve their center position for years to come at a good price, all for a first round pick. Nashville is flush with quality prospects and are one of the few teams that can probably afford to deal off their first round selection (well, Nashville and Toronto).

I’d like to see the Oilers grab a couple of those second round picks like they did a year ago. The club acquired Nashville’s 2nd by sending Denis Grebeshkov away, and grabbed another 2nd rd pick from Carolina (originally a Senators pick) by sending Riley Nash to the Hurricanes at the draft.

Which roster players could garner a 2nd rd pick that high? Ladislav Smid? Andrew Cogliano? Linus Omark?

We wait. More bullets, please!

    • 2008-2009, Hemsky plays relatively a full season. Here are a list of a few players with more giveaways: Ovechkin, Green, Thornton, Kovalchuk, Malkin, and Crosby.

      All of them gave the puck away more. Turns out when you handle the puck all the time you tend to give it away more. Giveaways are almost a better measure of how much a team depends on certain players to carry the puck.

  • I would trade Plante for a second rounder.
    Smid has all heart and tries like hell, loves the city and organization but, it’s time for him to go. He needs a fresh start, he’s to confortable here.
    Tambi should have traded Souray at the draft, but he screwed up. He wanted to show Katz and Lowe that he did it for them. Now he has no value. You can’t give him away at half price.
    Coglino is scared of a fresh start some where else. He is comfortable here and does not want to leave. He will be a good third liner/PK. Keep him. Now a crazy one.
    Trade Horcoff and 3rd round to the Rangers for Redden and Michael Sauer. He lost his mojo. Kids seem to be tuning him out. We have to remeber, he learned from Moreau. After he is traded, then and only then will this team be in a new direction.
    Offer a contract to Vandermeer, he is only 30 and if he plays this way he is a good mentor for Peckham. His toughness will be needed if Macintyre is not around next year. He likes it here too.

  • CSimpson18

    Players that can go for a draft pick: Foster, Fraser, Jones, Vandermeer, Strudwick, Reddox, Jacques, Brule. Obviously though the Oilers shouldn’t create holes by trading too many.

    I do recognize that Stu Mac can turn lead to gold, but Edmonton should hold on to middling assets that could be packaged for a big return over the next couple years. Smid should stay for now or be packaged with Penner for Bogosian if that’s on the table. Same with Cogs.

    Omark should absolutely not be traded as his value is nothing compared to his potential.

    At this point in the rebuild the Oilers need to stay patient and horde assets rather than flipping everything for picks. Just wait til a team gets desperate, package up good pieces and get something really good.

    There’s good prospects coming in at every position already so it’s time to think about looking for dollar bills rather than 20 nickels.

    Bogosian Bogosian Bogo. That is all.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    It doesn’t need to be “more” bullets. Thinking back to Marincin it might depend upon where the Oilers draft team think they need to get a pick where they need. Maybe sometimes it will be better to trade up? A depth D might be better to move up in the 3rd round rather than take a really late round pick. It wouldn’t be horrendous to keep an RFA asset like Cogliano past the deadline to move at the draft. At the deadline teams are usually looking for vets anyway.

    Also, I think it bears emphasizing that it doesn’t make sense to add bullets when the cost is pieces meant for the rebuild. I believe Tambellini enough when he says he won’t sway from his plan, meaning he’ll keep the players he thinks are important and ditch the chaff. I just think its likely he’ll flush good while keeping crap.

  • CurtisS

    A Second for either Omark or Cogliano? please explain this one. With the potential of Hemsky leaving either this season or the next, is Omark not a likely candidate to take over the roll Hemsky currenly holds? Lets not forget the younger age and softer cap it. I agree with other posts, what is this obsession with moving Omark. The same goes for Cogliano. Sure he did not become the 25 goal a year player many thought he would become after his first two seaons, but what are the chances of finding another player of Cogliano’s ability with a second round pick.

    Yes Stu has done a great job in drafting well, but its seems as though some people are more interested in trading the now for the tomorrow. When is it ever going to end? And while Im add it, what is with the talk of trading Gagner. A solid 40+ point producer in each of his first 4 years, at an age of 21. Ive read the justification: “With Hall, Eberle, & Co showing they can play top 6 minutues, it make players such as Gagner expendable” OK,I can see the rationality behind those that, but isnt that what we were saying when Gagner, Cogliano, and Nilsson were dominating the kid line? Remember when Gibert beat Coffeys record and then had a 45 point season but just read what people think of him now. Basically, what I am saying is, lets wait to see what happens with these youngs kids before we are ready to ship out half the team.

    IF we are really serious about trading players such as Smid, Cogliano, Omark, etc. lets make it for something substantial. Something we can put on the roster, not another draft pick. Lets address our needs of today.

  • CurtisS

    Is it possible Foster moves? For some reason I thought he was only signed for this year, but I was wrong still 1 more after this.

    I would like to see him be gone for anything the Oilers can get. It has become apparent the only thing he would succeed at is a hardest shot competition, as in a game he either hits the defender or misses the net by a mile.

    I do realize that he is having to deal with horrific circumstances and I do not take that lightly. I just believe he is not a good hockey player and he is taking up a spot that Plante or another young guy could fill in for next year.

  • Gilmore Tuttle

    Does lutefisk taste like chicken?

    And to think that Sophia is a natural blonde who couldn’t get acting jobs!

    I hope the team does as well with their picks this year as they did in the past with Hall, Eberle and Paajarvi. The kids signed thousands of autographs yesterday afternoon without complaint and had time to talk to every young kid. Nice to see that they “get it”, at least at this stage of their lives and are putting out a good effort both on and off the ice.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    What was this article about?

    Edit: And why isn’t that guy looking at that chick in the last pic? What is wrong with him?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Two 2nds, three 3rds, two 4ths, one 5th:
    The Gritty Gilbert

    Not necessarily in that order.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    2 yrs ago you may have gotten a 32-40 pick for Smid, he’s shown he’ll never be a top 4 defenceman during the last couple years here in Edmonton, we’d be lucky to get a fourth rounder for him now, he’s probably even a throw in on a multi player deal this year. Leave it to Ladislav to bring a baseball bat to a gun fight(Avery)

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Ottawa could very well have 2 of 3 top picks this draft after the Fisher trade . Quite a difference from Oilers who gutted team just to get where we are . Who’s the better for it going into next year ? Ottawa with still a decent core or Oilers with their so called core ?

  • More bullets for Stu Macgregor is a good thing. (assuming the draft year is a decent one).

    On the trading block: Fraser, Vandermeer, Strudwick, Jacques, Strudwick, Belle, Gerber.

    I would look to trade any AHL defenseman not named Plante, maybe Chorney for more picks.

    Even a 4th round pick, Stu can make useful or you could package several of 4th rounders together to move up a round.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    How’s this for TD day LT and more bullets:

    Hemmer – Bogosian type defensive prospect
    Cogs – 2nd rounder
    Brule – 2nd rounder
    Foster – 3rd rounder
    Smid – 2nd rounder
    Struds – gone in summer
    Fraser – minors
    Tom Gilbert – 2nd rounder

    Draft a 1C in June, sign a UFA 4D, UFA 4C and 4W, re-sing Vandy as the new Struds and voila, next year:

    Whitney Bogosian
    UFA Peckham
    Petry Minorleaguer

    And up front looks like this:
    Hall Gags Eberle
    MP Couturier/RNH Omark
    Reddox Horc Penner

    Those are the balls out overhaul we need.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    I agree that Omark should stay, least for another season to see how he develops. Cogs is not worth trading yet, he still has the makings of a servicable 2 way center. That is more than I can say for Gagner. I think we could get a low first or high second rounder for him…. maybe. As for getting a top five pick for Hemsky. Fat chance. The only team that would possibly be willing to trade that high of a pick for him would be Boston with TO’s pick. Hemsky is injury prone. Maybe a low first and a prospect but any team that is that low in the standings to have a top five pick is not likely to see the upside of trading that pick for Hemmer.

    Penner stays, try and sign him long term.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    As for Smid, they guy is still developing. He’s only 25. He won’t reach his full potential for probably another 2 years and then he is likey to be a reliable and physical 3-4 defencman for another 8 years after that. Don’t forget he’s 6’3 and 225. He plays with a bit of an edge. He needs a mentor. Someone solid and someone who can show him how to use that massive frame of his to run guys that dare come near our net.

    For a team that everyone says is small and lacks toughness why do so many of you want to trade the only real “big” guys we have in Penner and Smid? For draft picks yet? I know you can draft size but we know what we have with these two and they are good enough to play on a winning team. You want to trade for draft picks trade the small guys that show some upside. Brule, Gagner, Jones (unless you can sign him cheap for 3+ years for a 3rd/4th line roll), even Reddox. Those guys are tradeable and will get you the draft picks you covet. Plus losing any of them will not hurt our team in the long run.