10 (for the Oilers)

This is a big trade deadline for Steve Tambellini and the Edmonton Oilers. The biggest prize available is within their grasp, and in this case "it’s an honor just to be nominated" isn’t good enough.

This appears to be a somewhat unique trade deadline, with NHL general managers willing to do "hockey trades" as opposed to rentals and waiver deals. Colorado and St. Louis made a blockbuster trade leading up to the deadline and Dallas and Pittsburgh did the same.

Is there a window for Steve Tambellini and Dean Lombardi to do the same? Maybe. Here’s my list of 10 "for the Oilers" this weekend. Not all will be available, and some play for teams that don’t plan to offload anyone. Still, there’s value here and if available one hopes ST is on the phone.


  1. D Zach Bogosian: I know Jim Matheson has an article up on the EJ, but I’m not stealing from him. ON readers will remember that we discussed this player a couple of weeks ago (here). This is a young D with size and some crust PLUS he’s being used in more of a defensive role in Atlanta. There have been rumors about his unhappiness in Georgia and if there’s a hint of an opportunity then that’s the guy to target. Ideal acquisition for the Oilers. Edmonton has a spot on their PP to make the young man happy and he’s that stud on the blue the club needs badly.
  2. L Nikolai Kulemin: Possibly the Leafs best player. He’s responsible, skilled and isn’t a wallflower. 6.01, 225 and plays hard all the time. Burke is unlikely to give up this player easily, but you have to give in order to get and the Leafs are known to be interested in Dustin Penner and have knocked on the door in regard to Andrew Cogliano in the past.
  3. C Braydon Schenn: If the Oilers deal Hemsky, then surely Steve Tambellini will have had the courage of his convictions and the steel of his words over the last couple of weeks. If you’re going to make the roster younger, then potential is the watch word and no other prospect available (that I’ve read about) has the potential of Schenn. A kid line of Schenn-Hall-Eberle is something to get excited about for 11-12.
  4. C Kyle Turris: He’s still a kid and is showing progress. Turris has a nice 5×5/60 total (2.26, 17th overall among NHL centermen) and above 50% on the dot. Still a ways to go, but he has draft pedigree and might come at a good price at the deadline.
  5. D Michael Del Zotto: Good size with plus speed and offensive ability. He’s struggled this season but that’s the only reason he might be available. Can make big hits and is an expert outlet passer. Rangers gave the Oilers a big lift during the 91-94 rebuild, maybe they’ll do it again.


  1. C Stephen Weiss: I know he’s not an impact center, but he’s an experienced player with some nice secondary numbers. He’s in the leagues top 15 centers for relCorsi and helps offensively. I know his skills are duplicated on the roster but this gives the team more experience at center. Plus he’s 54% in the faceoff dot and is facing the toughest competition according to behind the net.
  2.  C Brian Boyle: He’s 6.07, 252. He’s a natural center and he’s having a breakout season. He’d come at a high cost but the Oilers need a guy like him. Can win faceoffs (48% on a team that is collectively poor at the discipline) and he’s making a little more than 500k.
  3.  F Andreas Nodl: He has size and a nice range of skills. Lacks natural offensive talent but he’s playing tough competition and flourishing. Some of it might be because of his linemates and the quality of the team he’s playing for, but he’s at the very least worth checking out.
  4. D Mark Fayne: I don’t know a lot about him but the guy is huge and is posting good numbers as a rookie. Maybe the best player nobody knows about in the entire league.
  5. D Sami Lepisto: Young veteran who has good puck skills. Doesn’t play the tough opposition with PHX but he plays a lot and is effective. He hasn’t posted big numbers in the NHL but he isn’t on the PP a lot either. 2 minutes a night on the PK.
      • Lowetide

        I think his discontent has to do with how he is being handled by the coaching staff (I remember seeing something about an assistant coach and adjustment).

        So that’s a red flag but man these guys are very rare. The Oilers should do their due diligence on his back story but there doesn’t seem to be a long history of this sort of thing.

  • Lowetide

    LT: with our greater depth at LW then RW, would a deal with Penner to LA be able to pry Schenn away? Would Penner, Omark and Smid get it done for Schenn and one of their D prospects? Or would that be a massive overpay on our part?

    • Lowetide

      I don’t know why–Penner is very valuable–but it seems (from what we read) to be a league wide truth that Penner won’t get you the same return.

      I don’t think there’s a huge gap in their productivity but there you go.

  • OilFan

    Lombardi…look deep into my eyes. You WILL trade Schenn…just not to the Oilers…now take a deep breath and say Schenn for Brad Richards and be done with it …i’m not so sure i wanna take the day off to watch our GM eff this up cuz y’know he could !!!!!!!

  • Zamboni Driver

    This is going to be “Mr. Negative”, but I’m sorry I am nearly spitting out my coffee here.

    People who, in the same post, talk about needing to keep Hemsky, Penner, Smid….then mention Bogosian or…really anyone in the whole league really need to wander back to this place we call ‘reality’.

    The Oilers have NO ONE else that is of interest to anyone.

    Cogliano? Hilarious. No thanks.
    Gagner? Sure, here’s a 2nd rounder.

    If you want changes to this team this year, you really have to give your heads a shake.

    • I did say that they should be traded if management felt they wouldn’t re-sign here and that their highest trade value is probably at its highest now. I also said one or both could be traded if the deal was exceptional, e.g. Hemsky plus other assets for Schenn. As for Smid, who could you get in a trade for him that would bring equivalent value with all of the character traits that he has, at his price point? I wouldn’t want to trade Smid for a pick that may or may not become a player we could use.

      Enjoy your coffee.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    One option not run through the wringer yet, what about Paajarvi+ for Schenn. Both full of promise and yet to make their mark in the NHL. I’d have a difficult time saying no to this.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Maybe Paajarvi isn’t a name they expected would be available. Lombardi did say it would take something significant to have Schenn included, could be the starting point for a larger/future deal…. maybe Hemsky,Paajarvi in exchance for Schenn,Simmonds and a top prospect, who knows where this train goes. There has to be something i’ve written here you can squish under your runner though OB1, isn’t there?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    maybe Schenn’s not playing in the NHL now because, as we saw with Eberle last year, the club wants him to finish out HIS season on any team but the big club…maybe until he’s done done, possibly after the first place in the WHL Blades contend for the Memorial Cup and if the Kings go deep in the playoffs he could maybe travel and maybe practice some but any team would want and prefer for the kid to start his career fresh,right from the start of a season. as far as fit is concerned …Schenn plays on a line with our Curtis Hamilton so that’s even better reason to fit Schenn here.

    i’m rescinding my offer of our 1st pick for him

    91 + 23 + 67 for Schenn + L.A.s’ first back

    …if y’like check out


    • Quicksilver ballet

      That, or LA wanted to differ another year on his ELC. The Kings can’t even use him in the playoffs after his junior club is done, one more game this season brings him to 10 effectively wasting that first year, doesn’t it?

    • Bucknuck

      Haven’t you noticed the two completely different management styles? You can’t be serious. Lowe was extremely aggressive and active, whereas Tambo is called “Mr Dithers” for a reason.

      If Lowe was running the ship we would see a lot more things happening.

      Give your head a shake.

  • So I guess when Hallsy hits the ripe old age of 27, we’ll have to trade him for beans, because, you know, his value will never be higher.
    It feels like the 90’s again, where we develop the young players for other teams to pluck in their prime.

    • Crash

      Exactly, 90’s re-lived…I’ve said the same thing. It’s like an endless carousel with fans wanting to wait until our best players are our best players, still in their prime and wanting to move them out for the next shiny young player or the always popular draft pick.

      You know, sell high, so to speak. Will we ever decide to keep em when their high rather than sell em?

  • @Q…apparently not enough of an overpayment…maybe just maybe Lombardi goes for PRV, the highlight reel kid and Brule as well…sh!t throw in 13, 2 and strudwick…i wouldn’t trade the first pick for anyone now…

    …i’m now just not sure even Brayden Schenn isn’t worth THAT much!!!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    @ Q …dunno..i thought he only played two games as a King… the ELC advantage does make waaay more sense.

    our GM needs to show himself and the franchise well tomorrow,whether he makes a deal or not, those tv msm panel types in the studio in the big apple can be brutal… at the end of the day arrows need to point up!

    …as Bombastic Bob Stauffer would say would you agree with that statement?

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Depends on what is under the Christmas tree for Oiler fans tommorow. I do agree, most may be expecting sumfin special to happen. If Steve moves out Penner or Hemsky an receives something without the similar curb appeal back, many will be upset. Maybe we were better off if Tambellini did, well, like the Penguin from the old school Batman programs used to say……run silent, run deep tommorow and wait for another day.

  • Kodiak

    I wonder if there would be any consideration to trading our 1st round pick and Hemsky for Schenn, LA’s 1st round pick and another prospect. The catch would be our 1st round pick would be for 2012. The 2012 draft is projected to be deeper than this years so that should appeal to LA, but we would acquire the #1 center we desperately need and still get a couple picks in the top 20 this year to speed up the rebuild process.


  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F


    Do you know how long Stu MacGregor has worked for the Oilers? YOu say in the last thread that he was the GM of Kamloops Blazers in the WHL, but has he been an amateur scout for the Oilers since when?

    JUst wondering if he was on the staff that picked Pouliot and Niinimaki.

    • Lowetide

      He arrived in 2000, in time for the Mikhnov draft (2000) I’d expect. However, one doubts he had a massive impact right away, so Hemsky’s selection (or Niinimaki’s) can’t be tied to him imo unless we have some evidence.

      Which I don’t. I also know he covered the west (WHL, NCAA, tier 2) early on.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    ~i’m next~ OB1…they’re no better off ‘today’ with him where he is … why wouldn’t L.A. want a 91 and a 23 and a 67 …today…is that not ‘better today’ good enough for them ? how ’bout Richards,that would be right…right? if it weren’t for his melon issues… Dallas would be getting fleeced for at least as long as it took Schenn to be “voila”…i’m not convinced that Lombardi has the stones if he is the last say… have the Kings ever had a 5th overall pick in their stable?…he’s being protected $$$ like crazy over the top,so imo it’s not all smoke&mirrors…he should be openly actively pursued in the morro.

    our GM’s not doing badly with our first overall as long as he stays outta the way…and does what he’s told…

    GO no guts no glory OILERS GO!!!

  • Crash

    so for all of us who worship at Stu’s feet, wouldn;t he have been responsible for the Riley Nash and Alex Plante picks? Both of which are very questionable 4 years later…

    Not saying he hasn’t done a good job lately, he has, but all this worship has been a bit misguided imo.

    Hall was one of two can’t miss choices, Paajarvi fell in his lap , should have been taken two or three picks higher, and same with Eberle.

    The second round of 2011 is so far the best of the best, let’s see if he can replicate it this year or are there more Cam Abneys and Huskeths to come??

    • Lowetide

      Esa: Kevin Prendergast would still have been the head scout at the time. The following year MacGregor had the job. We don’t know how much a specific scout has to do with these selections, so while it is unfair to give too much credit to scouts it’s also unfair to lay blame without evidence.

      Which I don’t think we have.

  • Mitch


    I would push hard to get Bogosian if he’s available, if he isn’t acquired tommorow I call it failure for Tambo, the defense is NFG and we can move some forwards or prospects out to land Zach. If you can get Turris out of Pheonix do it, Gagner should be moveable to acquire Turris, if it takes more still do it. We have another lottery pick coming and small forwards, sacrifice can be made. Step up or move out.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Kyle Turris?

    You mean the one playing in Phoenix right now? Hasn’t he been up and down between the NHL team and the AHL team this season? Doesn’t he have, like, less than half-a-point a game this season?

    Isn’t he the guy that’s headed for the high-first-round-bust territory?

    He was rushed into the league too early and the Coyotes are paying dearly for it now. I don’t think we should reward them for that by trading them a decent player off of our team.

    • Mitch

      Ok lets keep watching a bunch of overrated smurfs night after night and drink the koolaid, I will say Gagner looked better in his rookie season than he does now. Turris has better size and is a better skater, too major components which Sam is lacking. You can’t contiue to be this small and ever expect to reach any level of success.

      • OK, you’ve got me there. Turris is definitely bigger than Gagner. He’s probably a better skater, but I can’t say I know that for sure.

        But neither really means that much. If Turris isn’t able to parlay that into better offensive numbers than he’s got right now, then I’m not sure if I’d be trading for him.

        Agreed on the need to trade for some size. But if Turris isn’t gritty or tough enough to go along with that size and he’s not going into corners or the dirty spots to get points, then basically, you’re trading for another target for all of us armchair GMs on ON to rip.

        • The massive size difference is 2 whole inches and 0 pounds heavier. As for the skating, when Hockey becomes a judged event instead of a game decided by who scores more goals, then I’ll be worried.

          Turris isn’t helping the team get bigger at all.

          It’s still Hockey, not “the average height and skating competition game.”

        • stevezie

          Kilger won our hardest shot competition and our fastest skater! Dude was fantastic at skills competitions.
          Robataille couldn’t skate and didn’t hit, so I’m not sure what your point is.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            My point is exactly what you posted.

            Take the names off the back of the jersey and 9/10 guys pick Kilger as the player to have… like you said, he had all the tools.

            Robataille had very few tools yet he’s a HHOF’er.

            Moral of the story: Looks can be deceving and even though Turris likely has better skills competition results, Gagner is the better hockey player (up until this point anyways)

        • Mitch

          I’m not going to go into comparisons, no it’s not a skills competition, I just feel that Gagner is overrated and can be replaced, I’m not suggesting to give him away, what place are we in?

          • Teams dont get better by giving away their youth. They get better by stockpiling it.

            If he’s so easy to replace then why hasnt it happened. He was drafted 4 years ago and the organization has no one better at producing offense from the C position than him.

            Why are you more concerned about replacing him than replacing the 3 other centres he is outperforming?

      • Crash

        Uhhh, Mitch, Turris is only 2 inches taller than Gagner and 6 lbs lighter and hasn’t been able to find his way into the lineup on a regular basis….his numbers suck too…not sure why you would want to trade a better player for one who is worse at the same age. Plus you even suggested giving more?

  • Lowetide

    With regard to Turris, he’s actually having a better season than the boxcars imply. Despite playing almost 50 games, Turris isn’t playing a lot at even strength.

    He’s scoring at 2.26 even strength (5×5) points per 60 minutes >40 games). He ranks in a tie for 18th with Spezza and Duchene.

    Which isn’t to say he’s ready to deliver offense against tough opponents but it does suggest he’s making progress.

    Here’s the info:


  • Crash

    I think all these thoughts are great besides one. the biggest mistake the oilers can make is trading hemsky for schenn. Hemsky has proven to be the best player on the team year after year and has prove him self in the NHL proving he can put points up even when he has to do it by himself. Schenn is a prospect he hasn’t played in the NHL yet. we don’t if he will be good or if he will choke. i say Penner for Schenn could you believe hemsky, schenn, and hall as the first line!

    hemsky is still 27 and in a rebuild we need a couple older experienced players to teach and lead the team.

      • Crash

        But it wouldn’t be 8 more of Schenn under your guidance as you’d want to move him out before then for another young player with 7 yrs before UFA status….right?

        And then that player you’d want to move out before UFA status…and so on…

        See the trend?

        Do you know for sure that Hemsky wouldn’t sign on for another 5 or 6 yrs?

        • Kodiak

          We are in a rebuild. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do to improve the future of the club. I would hope in 8 years we aren’t rebuilding and wouldn’t need to be trading away assets. If you were in control, Hemksy walks at the end of next year, we get nothing in return and will stay in permanent rebuild mode.

          Would you trade Hemsky for Eric Staal? Every GM in the league would move Hemsky for Staal. Schenn’s production to date is better than what Staal’s was and I can see him having a career very similar to Staal’s, and it’s that type of player we desperately need (more than we need a scoring RW, thats for sure).

          Is Hemsky in play? All the reporters in the know seem to think so, and that would also lead me to believe Tamby isn’t terribly confidant Hemsky is going to re-sign. I think Hemsky is tired of losing here and would love to move on. He’s played his best hockey since there’s been trade rumours and scouts in the building, and I don’t think that is a coincidence either.

          I am willing to bet that in three years Brayden Schenn will be putting up more points than Hemsky, and on top of that a solid center brings a lot more to the table than a winger.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            I’d trade Hemsky for Schenn as well, but you are way off with your Staal comparison.

            Staal was in the NHL right after his draft while Scheen is finishing up his 2nd post draft season in the CHL.

            Apples to apples, their draft year Stall had 10 more points in 4 less games.

          • Kodiak

            Schenn turned 18 in Aug. of 2009 and in his ’09/10 season he scored 99 pts in 59 games and was +41. This was his 3rd season in the WHL.

            Staal turned 18 in Oct. of 2002 and in his ’02/03 season scored 98 points in 66 games and was +21. This was his 3rd season in the OHL.

            Not sure what you are talking about. That seems like apples to apples to me. Staal was just 10 months older than Schenn when he was drafted because of the age cutoff.

  • stevezie

    Crash i agree

    Kodiak wrote:

    So one more year of Hemsky is worth more than 8 of Schenn?

    Wow. Just wow?!?!?

    the only way is worth trading hemsky is if he wont sign. who is to say hemsky doesn’t sign for another 10 years. he put up point like crazy he has missed more then 10 games and he is the highest point getter still so wow just wow!

  • Kodiak

    We could get Schenn and he could be the biggest wimp this side of Stefan. Hemsky is proven and he’s proven in the playoffs. Teams will be pulling out the crown jewels for this guy and Penner will be had for almost the same as Hemsky and he has a cup. Kick up your feet and watch as the Oilers could possibly be set up til next decade with good young players.