The countdown to the end of the regular season is on for the Oilers, their fans, Wanye — who can barely manage a smile these days, even when he wears his Eberle jersey, and for many of the those who cover the team. No one likes watching a overwhelmed team, but our curiosity and love of hockey keeps us coming back for more.

The only lineup change looks to be Devan Dubnyk replacing Nikolai Khabibulin between the pipes. I get the sense that most fans really don’t care about the line matchups or line combos at this point, considering the Oilers top players aren’t on the road trip.

So each of the remaining games I will match some thoughts/views to the countdown as we descend towards the final game.


  1. Glenn Healy thinks Linus Omark is selfish and a hotdog. Healy didn’t like it when Omark was behind the net and tapped his stick on the post to try and distract Brian Elliott. He even said Omark should leave the Harlem Globetrotter stuff in the minors and act like a pro in the NHL. Nothing irks me more than listening to former goalies stand up and defend goalies at every turn. What was wrong with Omark trying to distract the goalie by tapping his stick; and how is that selfish? I know that Healy, and Kelly Hrudey, felt Omark was being selfish when the stick tap didn’t work and he came out in front and tried a spin move, but does that really make him a selfish player? I’d say it makes him creative. The next time Healy critiques a goalie, will be the first time, and it is embarrassing how former goalies protect active goalies at every opportunity during a broadcast.
  2. I commend the NHL for coming down hard on Matt Cooke, but until they actually discipline a "regular/normal" player I don’t see Cooke’s suspension making much of a difference. No player will look at Cooke’s suspension and think they should change their game, because no player thinks they are as dirty/cheap as Cooke. Had the league given Brad Marchand or Dany Heatley a five-game suspension for their headshots last week, that would have sent a message to the rest of the league. A week after being suspended for a paltry two games, Marchand was on record as saying the league should throw the book at Cooke. I know Cooke is a repeat offender, but his elbow on Ryan McDonagh wasn’t even his most egregious hit. Until the league actually comes down hard on a first time offender, I don’t see players changing their tune.
  3. I hope Manny Malhotra is only out for the remainder of this season. You never want to see an eye injury, especially on such an innocent looking play. What bothers me more though, is how many people instantly clamour that the league needs to make visors mandatory. Some media/bloggers and fans love to make knee jerk reactions on hot button issues. No one knows how serious Malhotra’s eye injury is, but many have thrown out Bryan Berard’s name as a comparison. Between Berard’s devastating eye injury in October of 2006 and Malhotra’s there has been more than 7,000 NHL games, which equates to 252,000 man games. I wouldn’t say these types of injuries occur often. There has been some close calls like Mats Sundin and Ethan Moreau,  but they all returned to play without any serious damage, as did Berard for a short time. I’m not sure why some media and fans feel it is their right to tell others what equipment to wear. These are grown men, and every year more guys willingly put on visors, so why not just let the game evolve to where players want to wear them. Why is everyone so quick to want to take away our freedom of choice? The reality is that not many players are suffering eye injuries, and visors won’t prevent every injury anyway, so why not let the players make their own choice? 
  4. Nashville forward, Blake Geoffrion, has scored on his last four shots. In eleven games he has six goals on 16 shots for a ridiculous 37.5 shooting %. You would think he’d be Nashville’s first line with those numbers, but the Preds don’t rush any of their players and Geoffrion is only averaging 8:10 TOI per game. It will be impossible to continue scoring at his rate, especially with limited minutes, but right now the Preds are getting the most out of their 2006 2nd round pick.
  5. I know we aren’t "morally" supposed to wish failure on others, but I can’t help myself when I watch the Calgary Flames wilt during their push to the playoffs. The Flames were great for nine weeks, but their bubble has burst and sitting in 10th place with only seven games left, the Phlegms will be joining the Oilers on the golf course in early April. If I’m a Flames fan I’d be pissed that the owners didn’t have the guts to fire Darryl Sutter last summer. Sutter’s grumpy attitude was clearly having a negative impact on the coaches and players, and their slow start cost them a playoff spot, and ultimately delayed them another year from their inevitable rebuild.
  6. It doesn’t matter who the owner is in Phoenix, or what type of deal the city of Glendale gives him on parking. The Coyotes don’t draw enough fans, and unless they go on a Cinderella run to the Cup one year, they will never have enough fans to support the team. End the agony already and relocate them to Winnipeg.
  7. The race for the Hart trophy could be decided in the final ten games. Daniel Sedin leads the league with 93 points, while brother Henrik and Steven Stamkos are tied for 2nd at 86 and Marty St. Louis sits fourth with 85. The Sedins play together as does Stamkos and St. Louis, but Corey Perry sits 5th in the NHL with 79 points and only Stamkos, 43, has more goals than Perry’s 39. You can’t say that Perry rides Ryan Getzlaf’s coattails anymore, because when Getzlaf was out for 14 straight games, Perry produced eight goals and 15 points in those games. I don’t think he’ll win because some don’t like how he plays, but Perry should be given serious consideration for the Hart this year. His production is right up there with the best in the league, and he adds a physical, gritty side to his game that the other top-four scorers don’t. If he was playing in a hockey market he’d be getting way more consideration for the Hart.
  8. I just finished reading Been There Done That by Steve Ludzik. It is an easy read, and filled with some interesting and honest stories about his journey from battling Colitis as a 15-year-old to staring in the OHL and eventually making it to the NHL. My favourite story is when Ludzik talks about being at the draft in 1980. The Blackhawks took him in the 2nd round. One of his junior teammates from Niagara was Daryl Evans and they were sitting together in the stands during the draft. Evans is best known for scoring the winning goal for the Kings in game three of the Miracle on Manchester in 1982, but this story is much better. Evans had 95 points in his draft year and was pegged to go in the top three rounds. They took a break after the fifth round, and Evans had yet to be drafted. He was pissed. Ludzik tells us how he was shocked when after the break Evans, "Returned to his seat with several sheet of bright yellow bristol board and the thickest coloured markers he could find. He marched back into the Montreal Forum  and started to write on them: EVANS STILL AVAILABLE. EVANS STILL NOT TAKEN." Evans actually held them up when the draft resumed. How awesome is that. The book is filled with some great stories. Ludzik jumps around from story to story without much notice at times, but the book is enjoyable if you are hockey fan. You can get it at
  9. Every year certain members of the media get to vote on the Oilers defenceman of the year. Even though he only played 35 games I still voted for Ryan Whitney. It felt weird voting for a guy who only played half the season, but I just didn’t think Theo Peckham or Tom Gilbert had done enough to get my vote. I’ll be curious to see how the others voted. Who would you have voted for?
  10. The good news after the loss to Colorado is that the Oilers have all but wrapped up 30th place. They would need to win four of their final ten games, and have the Avs go 0-9-2 to beat them in a tiebreaker. That’s not going to happen, so for the 2nd straight year the Oilers have the best chance of picking 1st. We will have ample time to debate who they should pick at number one, but if I’m picking I take Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. He is over six feet, and he will be more than 185 pounds by the time he is 19. If you havent’ seen him play you can watch him live during the WHL playoffs starting this Friday. The Oil Kings are in Red Deer on Friday and Saturday, and host RNH on Monday the 28th and Thursday the 31st. Go watch him yourself and let me know what you think.


GAME DAY PREDICTION: Pekka Rinne and his sparkling 2.09 GAA and .930 SV% will look to improve those numbers against the offensively-challenged Oilers tonight. The Oilers deserved a better fate v. Colorado and Phoenix, but I don’t see them beating Rinne more than once tonight. Preds win 3-1 and push the Flames one step closer to playoff elimination.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: With the 26th and 30th ranked powerplays in the NHL going at it tonight, don’t expect a PP goal from either squad. The Preds PK is 6th, while the Oilers have improved recently and have vaulted up to 28th, so the defensive special teams will be WINNING tonight.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: While Ladislav Smid wasn’t able to end his 91-game scoring drought on Saturday, another unlikely offensive source will light the lamp tonight. After shaking of the "winger" rust last game, Jason Strudwick will bury his 14th career goal tonight. Strudwick, who dreams about being a singer, will be inspired by his visit to the Grand Ole Opry yesterday and bang home a rebound in the 2nd period. When they pan to him on the bench you will see him seranading his teammates with Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Unfortunately for Strudwick, most of his young teammates will have no clue what song that is. 

  • fuck off

    Jason, you clearly don’t think the players should have the choice to wear/not wear a visor taken away from them. The extremely low frequency of serious eye injuries helps support your arguement.

    But just curious, do you/would you encourage visor use?

    • Jason Gregor

      I think it is up to the player. Freedom of choice. I’m a huge advocate of that. More guys are wearing them, and I’m sure in a few years they gave will evolve to it, so why do we need to force guys to wear one. I just don’t see why we should force them to.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Ive never really took notes on how to “play” the game when it comes to guys like Hrudey and Healy, they both sucked a$$ when they played and they REALLY suck as commentators on tv. I will give them this though they are both better than the big douche himself Peirre McGuire.

  • Bucknuck

    I agree with the point about not making it mandatory to wear a visor.

    Every year there is some new rule in this country and it’s really going a little too far. This Molly Coddle society is getting a little Vanilla as it is. The NHL need not follow the governments lead; let’s leave the visor as optional please.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Whitney would have to get it. The only other one worthy of an award is maybe Peckham for best 1st year D-man, or best surprise performance by a D-man.

    Gilbert has done as well as can be expected for a #3 D in a #1 role….but not worthy of an award.

  • Wax Man Riley


    He is one of my favorite Oilers ever. The guy was a machine. We could use a tough old-school russian like that. Show the kids how to compete.

  • Sorensenator

    Gregor nice prediction…

    You have a knack for guessing the game score, what are you.. 50/50 this year?

    B.S. “non call” by the ref after Vandevelde dropped his gloves that resulted in a Legwand breakaway and goal.

    Seems the Oilers get sewered often for being young and inexperienced.

    • Jason Gregor

      Myabe 50/50 on getting right team, but bang on score I think it now five or six. First time all year I actually bet on a game. I bet Oilers to lose by two and doubled my money.

      Young teams rarely get favourable calls…

  • Sorensenator

    1) Healy isnt worth a comment but Ill say this. When he speaks its noise pollution and its always a good time for me to do something else — like get a cold bevy or go get rid of one.

    2) Disagree Gregor — this is substantial penalty given it includes the playoff and the side effects of him being criticized by his team (coach and GM) is notable. Mind you wth could the Pens say given Marios tirade recently.

    3) Sad news for MM and I hope he recovers fully from this freak accident…side note..whats this going to do to the Nucks psyche. MM impressed me every time Ive seen him play and to lose him is a big loss.

    4) Oh boy –you had to bring up Shooting% of a guy who is on fire and taken few shots — couldnt let the Ryan Jones story die. lol

    5) Flames = Done. Nuff said!

    6) The Yotes situation is about Bettman saving face. They’ve had dismal attendance for years. About five years ago one could buy season tickets for about $300USD a ticket and get as a promotional item a Gretzky signed jersey AND they offered the Canadian Junior A approach to tickets by allowing people to convert unused tickets for subsequent games. Was a great way to convert a few bucks into an Oil Road Trip to Az.

    7) Hart – Stamkos.

    8)thanks for the recommend on Ludziks book…he is a funny guy and played during an era where the players had a good time.

    9)Whitney — no question

    10) Also a vote for RNH for me. Quality character, big talent and he plays down the middle.

  • Just Wondering...

    The Oiler’s have a best defenceman this year? Just kidding… I think you voted for the right guy Gregor. Certainly could not give it to “he can’t keep it in” Foster, or “give a way” Gilbert or “always facing the wrong way” Smid. Am I being too negative? Because really, I love the Oilers! Just wondering.

  • positivebrontefan

    Jason Strudwick will bury his 14th career goal tonight. Strudwick, who dreams about being a singer, will be inspired by his visit to the Grand Ole Opry yesterday and bang home a rebound in the 2nd period. When they pan to him on the bench you will see him seranading his teammates with Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Unfortunately for Strudwick, most of his young teammates will have no clue what song that is.

    That is classic, best NSOGDP ever!

  • Sorensenator

    Refering to thot #1 and Kelly H-rudely. I wonder what the veteran goal tending fraternity thot of H-rudely when he showed up for his career with that stupid, ‘Mommmy Daddy look at me’ blue dew rag on his head. He looked like he’d wrapped his sooky blankie around his freakin noggin. What practical purpose did that serve other than attract attention to himself. Selfish?

  • Zamboni Driver

    Agree on the visors, that it can/will evolve naturally….


    someone needs to stuff a sock in Don Cherry’s mouth (and every other neanderthal out there) for making it a ‘macho’ issue. It’s a safety issue….players shouldn’t be made to feel less of a man because they want to wear a visor…something, btw, they do from the time they are 5 years old.

  • Jason Gregor

    No way in HELL should Tom Gilbert get any kind of recognition as Oilers’ D-man of the Year. That would only enforce the notion that it’s “OK” to be paid on the level of a top-pairing D-man, yet waffle between mediocrity and brutality.

    If anyone should get it, it should be either Whitney or Peckham. The sooner Tom Gilbert can be relegated to either #4D minutes or better yet, another hockey team, the better I’ll like it.

  • Oilers4ever

    Healy and Hrudey suck as hockey analysts.. about as much as they sucked as goalies… It’s their jealousy that they couldn’t be creative when they played other than creatively hoping the goal post or cross bar would save their arse every time they screwed up a shot… Seriously, CBC needs to get their act together with their coverage.. Other than Simpson and his play by play buddy (his name escapes me right now), Cherry and MacLean, the rest of that whole broadcast sucks and should be fired for easy replacement… Scott Oake is not bad either.. it’s no wonder TSN and Sportsnet kick their ass when it comes to coverage…

  • Oilers4ever

    “most of his young teammates will have no clue what song that is. ”
    Thanks for the laugh I have had a tough month at work and I need this more than ever!
    Good vote on the D man of the year!
    FLAMES are Barbecued!
    Minimum suspension for a head shot should be five games I would also make it so that the games are not necessarily in sequence but start will all remaining games against the team and player whom received the head shot. I have always been frustrated when a player gets a suspension and it does no earthly good to the team whom has the injured player.

  • Oilers4ever

    10. You’re right – RNH is a special player. He’s the 2nd coming of Eberle – smart, shifty, awesome hands. Only thing is, we already have the original. Instead, our needs are far greater on defense (Larsson) or if at forward, the need is power (Landeskog). Not 100% sold on Couterier yet, but he also fills a hole. Oilers really dug themselves a hole with all the smaller forwards…