Sail On, Bloomfield Jet

Sources suggest that former Oiler Doug Weight will announce his retirement from the game today. Weight represented the very best post-Glory Barons Oilers and his passing from the game should be marked by all Oiler fans.

The day New York’s Rangers dealt Doug Weight to Edmonton, the New York Times (March 18, 1993) called it like this:

  • Weight moved his things, and a heavy heart, to the visitors’ dressing room at Madison Square Garden. Tikkanen brought his belongings and an ever-present grin to the home hallway, where he chatted cheerily with his new teammates while working on his sticks.

The story goes that Weight didn’t have time to tell his wife, so she found out at the game. Their first chance to communicate came during the national anthems, he as an Oiler and she sitting with the Ranger wives.

From those chaotic beginnings, Doug Weight and family made a home in Edmonton and Oiler fans were thrilled with the trade as time wore on. It’s important to remember that during that time Oiler fans watched quality Boys on  the Bus players being dealt on a monthly basis; the return was never so dear as the day Slats delivered Doug Weight.

Weight was a stocky sort, a sublime passer with equal parts intelligence and a rugged style. During his time as on Oiler, the club overachieved, won playoff series and gave fans the impression things were heading in the right direction. Once, during a losing streak, Weight had an "on-ice players only" meeting which motivated the entire club. Edmonton caught fire and embarked on a long winning streak.

Weight had a way about him. Although not the biggest player, he had a recklessness and an edge to him that kept other teams at bay. Weight went a little crazy one night when Bryan Marchment attempted to slew foot him (in San Jose) and ended up getting kicked out of the game. Weight (unlike a lot of skill players) took matters into his own hands and made an impression. Over the years, Oiler fans became quite attached to the young man from Warren, Michigan.

The day he was traded (to St. Louis for Jochen Hecht, Marty Reasoner and Jan Horacek–it was July 1, 2001) the Oilers lost a big part of themselves. Although competitive afterward, the club wouldn’t have success until after the lockout. 

The Edmonton Oilers have never had a center of his quality since that day.

Doug Weight won his Stanley in 2006, playing for the Carolina Hurricanes. Although the most painful memory in this fan’s lifetime, I still can’t work up a lather against Doug Weight. He was a rental, he was injured and one of the few things I can smile about from that spring is a class guy getting his Stanley Cup ring.

Sail on, Doug Weight. We’ve never forgotten you, and we never will.

  • Spydyr

    Doug Weight was one of my favourite Oilers of all time, and that’s saying alot considering I’m from the Boys on the Bus generation. I still remember hoping and praying that as Dougie was coming to the end of his contract that we would hear an announcement of a contract extension. He always seemed sincere when it came to praising the Oilers and the city. Class act all the way!

  • paul wodehouse

    ….LT really good piece LT…question…The Bloomfield Jet reference … did he live in Bloomfield outside of Detroit?… many sites have him born in Warren, Michigan … wondering out loud…my family lived in Bloomfield Hills when i was a child before we moved to Canada…and so was he a Jet first in Bloomfield?

    thanks again

  • Ssseth

    Thanks for this, I almost had forgotten about some of those things about Weight. Strange what time can steal away from you if you aren’t careful.

    I barely remember the glory years so Weight and those magical springs against the Stars and Avs are some of my fondest Oilers memories when I was younger.

    Sail on indeed. A true class act and great Oiler.

      • Best Oiler ever? You do realize that we had Gretzky on this team right? There are a host of HOFers that are pretty incredible as well when compared to the general hockey populace that would be a tier down from 99 but still above 39.

        He might have been your favorite but to say he was the “best” is delusional.

  • Ssseth

    Excellent piece LT. I too came from the glory days era but #39 is my all time favorite Oiler. I remember being on the golf course that Canada day and us getting a call from our buddy telling us Weight was traded. It was a sad day because he was just such a gigantic figure with this team and city. To this day this organization has not replaced him on or off the ice. What he did for this franchise during the gory years with very limited talent should not go unnoticed. He put up the numbers playing with below average talent early on in his Edmonton days. Weight is as classy as anyone who ever played here. Its time to make exceptions to the HOF rule….#39 should be going to the rafters.

  • Doug Weight was an absolute class player. What a beauty! We miss you already Dougie.

    I haven’t read the thread yet but I gotta guess there’s a lot of other fans my age who used to tuck their jersey just like Weight did in their minor hockey days.

  • paul wodehouse

    I remember the first time I met Mr.Weight. He Arnott and i think it was Brathwaite were at Barry T’s, they had a line up of fine looking ladies waiting to talked to them, Doug grabbed me by my shirt and introduced me to a stunner. He told her i was just called up to play with the Oilers and that I was going to be a big star some day.

    Well she made me feel like a star that night.

    Thanks Doug, best of luck!

  • Little Buttcheeks

    For some of the younger Oiler fans like myself who weren’t around for the glory days, Dougie Weight was as good as it got for the Oilers. He was a class act and a fiery competitor. Best of luck to him in his post hockey career. The way the Islanders roll he will probably be the GM in a few years.

  • Lowetide

    Last Oiler to hit the century mark – that alone should give him some ceremony if not a retired jersey. Don’t remember that he was willing to take a discount to stay, but he definitely was an Edmonton booster. Unlike the a-hole Pronger, Weight left the city with dignity and grace.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    I remember Weight scoring a ridiculous goal during that 10 or 11 game streak in Carolina. It was from the goal line near the end of regulation to tie the game and the Oilers won it in overtime.

    He was a gritty talent with the heart of a champion, an Oiler.

  • One of my all time favorite Oilers from a bleak era in their history. All the best Dougie! He would be great to have around as a developmental coach and role model for the younger guys. Go hard every shift, compete like you’re down by 3, and really think about what you’re trying to accomplish out there.

  • Dominoiler

    Still got my 39 jersey.. definitely the best of the bunch during that ‘post’ period and remains a personal fav.. As LT says, Sail On.. Dougie Weight, hes a gooder..