This Just In: McKenzie’s List

We have breaking news! Bob McKenzie’s top 30–the most accurate list on planet earth–is out.

Ryan Nugent Hopkins was named the top prospect by all but one of the scouts Bob McKenzie spoke to before putting his final list together. Gabriel Landeskog got one vote.

The list is here. Picks 1, 19 and 31 on his list are Nugent-Hopkins, Mark McNeill and Vladislav Namestnikov. All centers. Unlikely, but it does show this draft is all over the place and there appears to be quality deep into round two. It feels just like 2002, the season Edmonton blew their mid-first (Niinimaki) but walked out of the second round with Jarret Stoll, Matt Greene and Jeff Deslauriers.

Elsewhere, our friend Kirk Luedeke posted today that Steve Tambellini is listening to offers for number one; Jason Gregor discussed it earlier this month and gave a guideline about the asking price.

It’s the beginning of Fun Week for draft fans. Hang on.

Big Bang Theory

Here are the NHL equivalencies for the first round picks:


    1. Ryan Strome 12-28-40 
    2. Sean Couturier 14-24-38
    3. Ryan Nugent Hopkins 11-27-38 
    4. Jonathan Huberdeau 15-21-36
    5. Zack Phillips 13-20-33
    6. Sven Bartschi 13-19-32
    7. Gabriel Landeskog 17-14-31
    8. Matt Puempel 15-16-31
    9. Ty Rattie 10-19-29
    10. Joel Armia 17-11-28
    11. Mark McNeill 11-17-28
    12. Mark Scheifele 8-20-28
    13. Rocco Grimaldi 14-12-26
    14. Boone Jenner 10-16-26
    15. Brandon Saad 11-12-23
    16. Nicklas Jensen 11-12-23
    17. Mika Zibanejad 12-10-22
    18. Tomas Jurco 12-9-21
    19. JT Miller 5-13-18
    20. Tyler Biggs 7-5-12


    1. Ryan Murphy 10-21-31
    2. Dougie Hamilton 4-17-21
    3. Joe Morrow 4-16-20
    4. Nathan Beaulieu 4-12-16
    5. Adam Larsson 2-14-16
    6. Duncan Siemens 2-13-15
    7. Connor Murphy 5-4-9
    8. Oscar Klefbom 3-3-6
    9. Jonas Brodin 0-6-6
    10. Jamie Oleksiak 1-4-5

McKenzie said that after the top 10 the draft is wide open. Get ready for a wild Friday night and Saturday all day.

    • O.C.


      Also if the Oilers walk away with RNH, McNeil and Musil from their first 3 picks tat is a huge win. I doubt McNeil will be there though I have a feeling Calgary will take him. And I hope Musil is there at 31 wasn’t he rated in the top 10 before he got hurt?

      #1RNH, #19Morrow and #31Musil or Jurco.

        • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

          So you are saying that the Oil wont be able to grab McNeil at 19 because the Canucks are going to grab him at 29?

          Sounds about as well thought out as your “Wellwood wasn’t feed primo PP minutes”, comment.

          • Lowetide

            Sure the Oilers could grab him at 19th.

            But they won’t.

            I was responding to LT’s post that the Oilers might snag him at 31.

            But they won’t.

            And Wellwood wasn’t fed primo PP minutes but Gagner was.

            How did that turn out? Need to see the “math”?

            Think before you post buddy.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Nice, edit your post after the fact.

            I’ve seen the math, you either had no clue or purposely tried to mislead people by posting non-sense. (ie claiming Wellwood didn’t get big PP minutes). Either way a nice continuation of your trolling ways.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Jeebus, I guess you do need to see the math.

            Wellwood: PPTOI/G 00.24
            Gagner: PPTOI/G 02.56

            Willis has recently some some nice work on how far the Oilers are from being an NHL team.

            Here are some eye popping PP numbers:


            Daniel Sedin: 8.08
            Henrik Sedin: 7.04
            Mikhael,Samuelsson: 6.26
            Ryan Kesler: 5.91
            Shawn Horcoff: 4.99
            Michael Ryder:4.74
            Milan Lucic: 3.96
            Mason Raymond: 3.77
            Mark Recchi: 3.77
            Rich Peverley: 2.72
            Patrice Bergeron: 2.61
            Sam Gagner: 2.51
            David Krejci: 2.26

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            Another swing and a miss.

            Unfortunatly we were talking about the first 4 years of each players career to which you claimed that “Wellwood was not being fed the primo icetime and PP minutes that Gagner has”

            Which of course is a flat out lie.

            Also funny that you pull out one year of PP production when he’s had decent to good numbers in the past

            5.74PPP/60 09/10

            3.12PPP/60 08/09

            3.88PPP/60 07/08

          • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

            He is only regressing if he is constantly playing against the same quality of opposition. During the first year the three rookies seemed to be playing against lower quality defense. Even towards the end of the year if I remember right teams were starting to put out a higher quality of D against them. To truly gauge if he is regressing you have to have a fair way to judge quality of D vs quality of Offense and create a scale. SO if you are playing against poor quality D here are the numbers you can expect from this player and if against higher level D this would be equivalent quality of play even though the numbers are lower. Of coarse it is all just numbers and they in no way transfer in to the real world on a consistent basis. Why Confidence, Fear of failure, Chemistry, coaching, Etc Etc etc

  • My call is that Larsson will fall below #4. Not because hes bad, but only because someone gets goofy and takes Landeskog at 2 and the other clubs are too keen on the guy they thought they would get in the first place.

    Book it.*

    *Dont Book it.

  • Sox and Oil

    I bet if Brodin is left when Detroit drafts that they’ll take him. I’m not as optimistic that he’ll go as high as 10, but maybe he deserves that kind of consideration. Leaf’s take J.T. Miller with one of their picks (my best guess) if he’s there.

    • Wanyes bastard child

      This is true I think Siemens and McNeil are both guys who could really go anywhere though, alot of teams are high on McNeil and could get snagged before the position he is ranked at and same for Siemens..however they both could drop and it wouldn’t surprise me either, a few mock drafts have Siemens available at 19 which I don’t see happening.

      Lowetide What about Armia or Biggs at 19 do you think one will be there? Armia is a little risky but at 19 might be worth the risk as a skilled RW with size…thinking him and Paajarvi as future second line wingers would be scary, or Biggs as that Lucic type who can play top 6 but brings that physical force, I would like Morrow at 19 but I am starting to sway towards one of these RW and taking a D at 31.

      • Lowetide

        I don’t think Armia makes it to 19. He’ll go in the top 15 imo. Size and skill.

        Biggs is a risk imo, especially in the first round. I don’t know how much offense he’ll bring.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    So you are saying that the Oil wont be able to grab him at 19 because the Canucks are going to grab him at 29?

    It would be tough to take both McNeill and Musil at 19. League frowns on that sort of thing.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    I’m happy to see Brodin make the top 10. Nice to get a little validation for placing him top 10 in my list. I don’t think he’ll go there but I do think he’s a top 10 talent.

  • Small town dreams

    LT can you tell me why no one is wanting Landiskog to join the club. Is it because he’s a winger not a center? If that’s the only reason should he not be in our sights. Everything I hear on the team 1260 makes me think he would be a great addition. What’s your thoughts?

    • Lowetide

      I think he’s a little shy offensively to be the first overall pick, and also believe the Oilers will grab a C or D at #1.

      But he could be the best player in this draft in terms of helping his team win, so there’s a risk in passing on him.


    I hope Tambellini makes a deal for the 5th pick of Islanders or lower with Columbus 8th pick. Offer Hemsky and or Deslaurier since we have Bunz and Roy plus 19th pick. Islanders maybe looking for a young netminder. Columbus may want instant help with Hemsky or Gagner. This is in hope to get our second pick in Larsson (5th) or Murphy at 8th. If not, the 19th pick will still come in handy.

    I do not want Calgary getting McNeil. He is a tough sob who can drop the gloves and comes with an offensive ability. Imagine McNeil checking RNH and Hall. Yikes.

    If the 19th pick is in play, I prefer Oilers take two centers with RNH and McNeil (if he lasts that long) or Boone Jenner C; if not, a D-man in Oleksiak or Klefbom.

    However it turns out, it will be a fun and crazy time at Draft day.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    I just want the real deal to finally happen. It seems like forever that we’ve known we’d pick first. It should be an interesting draft after the first 9 picks are made.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    Thinking about Calgary taking Port Mcneill at 14th makes me shudder. We’d better take Oleksiak at 19th to counterbalance the toughness factor of that move.

  • SuntanOil

    I still like Klefbom at 19 but if McNeil was available would choose him over the young Swede (I just don’t think he gets past Calgary). I would personally be ecstatic with the Oilers picking up Namestnikov at 31 provided we took a D at 19.

    RNH, Klefbom, Namestikov |

    RNH, McNeil, Musil

    Either of those would be a great day IMHO, even before MBS works his magic on the rest of the draft.

    I am also interested in who the Flames draft so I can start hating them right away 😉

  • MaestroFreshMess

    Best Options (imo) at 19 are:

    Mark McNeill
    Joel Armia

    Mark Scheifele
    Joe Morrow
    Oskar Klefbom
    Jonas Brodin
    Nicklas Jensen
    Duncan Siemens
    Matt Puempel

    Probably in that order. Top 2, maybe 3 are almost for sure gone. Who ever is there and first on this list should be taken.