Oilers Sign Peckham, Danis, Keller

The Oilers continued their busy summer, inking unrestricted free agents Yann Danis and Ryan Keller to one-year deals today while at the same time re-upping defenseman Theo Peckham for another season.

All three signings are likely positives; Peckham had a strong rookie season and will have a role on the big club in 2011-12, while Danis and Keller will both be key cogs for Oklahoma.

“I definitely like food.”

I love the things Peckham says, including that gem above, found in Jim Matheson’s article on the signing. Peckham will earn $1.075 million next season on this one-year deal.

Peckham’s physical play gets all the attention, and undoubtedly it’s a strong point, but I have hopes that he can be more than a third-pairing ruffian. At times last season he was deployed on the tough-minutes pairing alongside Tom Gilbert, and while he was in over his head in that role last season, there are some signs he may be able to do it going forward. He performed spectacularly as the top shutdown option for some pretty bad Oilers’ AHL affiliates, and during those points in the season where he was asked to do less he had some success. Defensemen take forever to develop, and Peckham’s still young, so it isn’t like he’s running out of time.

I’ve got him as the seventh defenseman entering 2011-12, but I would be unsurprised to see him advance.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Danis

I haven’t seen dollar figures anywhere, but the Oilers’ signing of Yann Danis has been confirmed on the official site. He spent last season in the KHL, posting a reasonable 0.910 SV% over 31 games for Amur Khabarovsk, and has had solid stretches in the NHL prior to that. In 12 games for New Jersey in 2009-10 he posted a 0.923 SV% (including a remarkable 0.942 SV% run at even-strength) and the year before that played in 31 games as an emergency backstop for the Islanders. In that role he managed a 0.910 SV% overall and a 0.923 SV% at even-strength.

Lowetide calls this the Gerber signing for 2011-12, and I agree. Danis has a solid professional resume, and should be a fantastic fit as the number three goaltender in the Oilers’ organization. As with Gerber a year ago, there’s a decent case to be made that Danis might be able to run with a sufficient NHL opportunity.

Keller = Clutch

Ryan Keller was most likely signed to perform the ‘tweener role for the club. He has scored 30+ goals each of the last two seasons in the AHL and was in the point-per-game range over two seasons in Finland. He also recorded 25 points in 23 games during the Calder Cup playoffs this spring. Keller made his NHL debut in 2009-10, playing six games for the Ottawa Senators.

  • The Farmer

    I wouldn’t have minded getting Peckham for a little longer term, am I wrong or will he have arbitration rights now after this contract. If he performs like last year, and with the contracts being handed out so far, I’m betting this will be our last bargain contract on him ( on a side note I was at that game in the shark tank when Theo smashed Lemieux. I was wearing a vintage oil jersey beside the sharks bench,dont know if you can see me or not. )

  • Bucknuck

    you know what all these signings tell me: that tambellini was intentionally making the team suck last year. It seems he does know how to fill holes in the roster after all. That means he intentionally didn’t fill them last year

    EDIT – not sure if that irritates me or not.

    • Jodes

      Possibly Buck, but don’t forget that last year many of these guys didn’t know how Eberle, Hall or Paarjavi would turn out, and plus the Free agents that Tambellini went after said “no”.

      I think the catalyst with these signings are two fold: how well the kids played and the return of Ryan Smythe.

      Quite possibly some noise is being made around the league that Edmonton will be a really good place to play, and people are starting to listen.

      Eager and Barker could have easily said no, and we’d be discussing the ones that got away.. again.

      This year is almost like a 180 from last, where this time we stacked the big club and just filled in here and there with the farm team.

      Lets just hope it works out!

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      No doubt, kind of funny how a week ago a bunch of people were arguing that the team wasn’t tanking and it was simply that we couldn’t attract even decent 3rd/4th liners.

    • fuck off

      Does having RNH irritate you?

      In case you can’t read the avatar or missed my ‘Team Tank-it’ slogan from this past season; I was all for the bottom finish. To be honest it was a great method to give the entire youth depth chart a chance to prove what they were capable of. With all these signings it shows us how little our youth were ready for the show!

      Now we’re stock piled to the core, so it is a good time to attempt moving forward and giving the kids a winning record to believe in.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    I like the Danis signing and I am certainly not going to complain about signing a former Blade like Keller. He was always a tremendous leader both on the ice and in the community. Quality pickups by the Oilers.

  • Helmethead

    Peckhams 1 year contract is a joke!

    Think about it for a moment.

    He couldn’t make the Oilers in 2009/2010 and was called up that year to fill in due to injuries. His play was erratic at best.

    Now, after playing his first full season in the NHL, he has the arrogance to ONLY sign a single year contract after The Oilers have invested close to 3 years on his development?

    Trade his a$$ for water bottles and a 7th rounder I say.

    He says and does all the right things but when it comes down to it, he doesn’t want to be here long term.

    • book¡e

      I don’t think that is it at all. I expect that both the Oilers and Peckham are a little uncertain about the type of player his going to be and as such, there was an interest in giving him another year or so to ‘set his value’

      He will be an RFA next year and it is very unlikely he will be moving anywhere.

      Don’t be so pessimistic and bitter.

      • Helmethead

        I’m not being pessimistic or bitter at all actually. Just think about it for a moment.

        Why would a guy who has little to no NHL experience sign a single year deal contract with a hockey club who has shown extreme patience regarding his development?

        They’ve been loyal to him and if he(or his agent) can see growth or a future with the organization, why wouldn’t he at the minimum, commit to 3 years?

        His experience doesn’t justify a big dollar contract worth 2-3million/yr, so why would he only sign for 1 year?

        Doesn’t this exude the stench of arrogance based on a full NHL season?

        • SurfacetoAirMissile

          It takes 2 to Tango… If you think Peckham didn’t want to sign a longer deal then you are crazy. ST likely wanted only a one year deal to remain flexible during this rebuild. The Oil have many developing prospects and who knows when these guys will be ready for the NHL and not to mention which ones may be a better option over Theo. As well, the young Cam Barker reclamation project…. who knows how that will turn out? The defence for the Oil will be an evolving process with many unkowns. Pechkham had a solid first year but that still doesn’t make him a sure thing on the blue line. In the end he will still be an RFA at the end of this season so he is not going anywhere unless the Oil go another direction.

        • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

          I’m pretty sure you are looking way to deep into this.

          Look around the league, piles of bottom pairing dmen are only signed for 1 year.

        • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

          care to provide a link to a quote from peckham or his agent indicating they only wanted a 1 year deal right now?

          perhaps he wanted to commit longer, but the Oilers were not as eager?

  • raceguy

    Roadrunner said…He says and does all the right things but when it comes down to it, he doesn’t want to be here long term.

    Are you psychic?Maybe the Oilers only wanted 1 year.

  • The Goat - Team FIST

    I am a close personal friend of Theo Peckham.
    I knew of Theo’s agent having talks with the oiler management a week ago. Theo tells me that he would have loved to sign a longer term, and they may extend his contract pending on his play throughout the season.

    Today I asked him a few questions and he willfully answered the following:

    THEO PECKHAM (Favorites)

    Favorite Colour – BLUE
    Favorite Car – PORCHE CAYENNE
    Favorite Actress – DEMI MOORE
    Favorite Actor – WILL SMITH
    Favorite Player – RYAN GETZLAF
    Favorite Team – EDMONTON OILERS
    Favorite TV Show – FIRST 48
    Favorite Fruit – WATERMELON
    Favorite Cheese – HAVARTI
    Favorite Sandwich – TURKEY CLUB
    Favorite Channel – HGTV
    Favorite TSN Analyst – BOB MCKENZIE
    Favorite SN Analyst – NICK KYPREOS

    • Helmethead

      We now know Theo Peckham. Thanks for the insight 🙁

      However, you did forgot to ask;

      tighty whiteys or boxers?
      x-box or PS3?
      Oprah or Springer?
      Cops or Dog?
      Staufer or Phillips?
      NBC or ESPN2?
      Liver or Hagas?
      Slapshot or Youngblood?
      Shots or Beer?

      The fans wanna know…. 🙂

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    If Taylor Hall scores 40 goals this year
    if Jordan Eberle also scores 40 goals
    MPS scores 35 goals
    Omarks scores 25 goals
    Ryan Smyth scores 25 goals
    Ryan Jones scores 20 goals

    Do we win the STANLEY CUP??

    • OilLeak

      You sir are smoking some very potent trees. Hall Scoring 40, possible. The rest is pie-in-the-sky thinking.

      Eberle will not score 40 goals this early in his career, his game will take longer to develop.

      MPS is far too raw at this stage and is at least 2 years away from that kind of production(If everything goes to plan) Paajarvi is a bit of a power forward and those types of players take longer to develop.

      Omark is a passer/set up man/power play specialist . Will not score 25 goals, period.

      Ryan Smyth – 25 goals is possible if healthy, but is now 35 years old. Production will decline.

      Ryan Jones was shooting at a unsustainable rate last year and will not duplicate those efforts this year. Jones will also have far less ice time with the added depth to the roster. Jones is also a terrible hockey player, true story.

  • I tried it at home

    #21 ALEX MAZAROTI asks

    If Taylor Hall scores 40 goals this year if Jordan Eberle also scores 40 goals MPS scores 35 goals Omarks scores 25 goals Ryan Smyth scores 25 goals Ryan Jones scores 20 goals

    Do we win the STANLEY CUP??

    Um, no, because our goaltending situation still suckeths yea mightily, and you can score all you want but if the other guys score one more, you still lose.
    Hows that for pessimistic and bitter!!

  • Blue Blooded

    Heh, I was just thinking back to a funny video I saw where all the oiler’s rookies had to introduce their fathers to the group during team dinner when the dads were traveling with the team. Shawn Belle had just been called up so his father wasn’t there. Shawn went on to introduce Theo Peckham as his father. Couldn’t find a link but Theo proclaiming his love for his son Shawn Belle was pretty damn funny

    • Instead of thinking of the “what ifs” from our team we should start thinking about the “what ifs” for divisional rivals that might benefit us. For example, what if the Sedin twins get paternity tests, find out the each have different daddies, that messes with their head and they never play well together again?

  • If Theo thinks he has alot of upside in his game (and he probably does), then he’d be an idiot to sign for anything longer than a year right now. He might get ≈$3.5-4M over say three years. If/when he has a big year that amount could double in his next contract.

    Same thing with Andrew Cogliano. He took a 1 year deal at $1M, had a decent year and is probably looking at a solid raise, albeit with another club (which I hate because I think he’s still got room to improve).

    • D-Man

      I think he’s get about $1.5 million – and you’re right, the money will probably come from another club… If Cogs had a 51% faceoff winning percentage – we probably wouldn’t have signed Belanger… Here’s hoping Cogs has improved on that aspect of his game… If he could win draws and with his speed, he’d be a great 3rd/4th line center…

      Then again – if Khabby could stop a puck more than 88% of the time, we wouldn’t have been talking about next year’s draft in December either… If – if – if…

  • So I obviously hate the way 88 ad 90 ended, however, I figured I should let you know that for some odd reason, my boys want to play for the oilers when they grow up. They both wanna be taylor hall.

    So maybe you’ve got yourselves some boston boys in about 11 years haha.

    More along that, I can say my brother is flying his kids to edm from pitsburgh (well actually New Stanton) to see that oct 9 game. you know how they can get seats? His boys want to see that first overall pick from this year play.

  • D-Man

    Teddy Peckmen is a beauty signing for 1 mil and change. I betcha theres 30 odd GM`s wishing they had someone of his ilk.

    In honor of the signing of the most Oldschool Oiler, as a wise man once said, `Were going streaking!`

  • So back to contracts for a minute 🙂

    I have the Oil at 50 including RNH & Marincin.

    Does that mean that Davidson and Martindale CANNOT be signed even if they go back to Jr as 20s? So we either make room (sending RNH & MM back, trade, having Khabbi’s contract nullified when he finally ends up in tent prison) or we lose BD & RM back to the draft?

    Interesting strategy …

  • Oilers4ever

    Just a side note from all this Oilers stuff… But is it just me… or is Edmonton getting the short end of the stick that we just get Canada’s round robin play for the WJC’s but no medal play… Kinda dumb in my mind and I don’t know how they decided this… Last I checked… the Oilers have the more storied franchise with more Stanley Cups, more playoff appearances, etc, etc… Maybe I’m griping just to gripe, but it makes no sense to me… Edmonton should have got the Gold Medal game.. Calgary the bronze…

  • Jagrbaum

    Jets have 7 Dmen including the unsigned bogosian. No doubt Zach signs, but I wonder if anyone has heard anything about them open to trading any of their expendable Dmen, like Oduya perhaps…

    Anyone else here think the oilers are done adding pieces or have heard otherwise?