Passed Like A House On the Side of The Road

This is a rare photo of Taylor Chorney in a St. Louis Blues uniform. He played in 2 games for the Blues before being placed on waivers. Chorney may end up with another NHL team via waiver. Will it be the Oilers? Is he a player of interest?

Chorney (middle) was lost to waivers by Edmonton in early October. The Oilers had decided by that point that Corey Potter was a keeper, and the decision to flush Chorney confirmed the following defensemen were clearly better than the young UND grad:

  1. Ryan Whitney (injured)
  2. Tom Gilbert
  3. Ladislav Smid
  4. Corey Potter
  5. Andy Sutton
  6. Cam Barker
  7. Theo Peckham

Since then, Jeff Petry, Colten Teubert and Alex Plante have all played at least a game with the Oilers. Petry is probably well clear of Chorney, although the waiver issue might be in play (Petry can be sent down and not have to clear). Based on the latest information available, I think the pro depth chart might look like this:

  1. Ryan Whitney (injured)
  2. Tom Gilbert
  3. Ladislav Smid
  4. Corey Potter
  5. Andy Sutton (suspended)
  6. Cam Barker
  7. Theo Peckham
  8. Jeff Petry
  9. Colten Teubert
  10. Kevin Montgomery
  11. Bryan Helmer (AHL vet, OKC signing)
  12. Ryan Lowery (OKC signing)
  13. Alex Plante
  14. Johan Motin
  15. Kirill Tulupov (OKC signing)

There. Did I miss anyone? Don’t think so. Anyway, defenders 10-15 can be placed in any order because we don’t have the TOI for OKC Barons. We know that Helmer isn’t a likely callup, but after that how many players on this list are clearly behind Chorney. And, that answered, how many of the defenders below him have the potential to pass him on the depth chart?

Where is Chorney on the Oiler depth chart? Below NHL level, and my understanding is that’s the rule of thumb we must deal with in regard to this player at this time. Chorney must be claimed for the Oilers, meaning that one of Barker, Peckham or Potter would need to be flushed once Sutton clears and Whitney is healthy.

When everyone is healthy, the Oilers D is likely to be the top 7 above (bold, italics). Even if we examine the organization at the AHL level, the top 4 is going to have Petry (first callup option), Helmer and Teubert in the group that would certainly include Chorney. So, that leaves slots 5-7 to the following:

  • Kevin Montgomery: Effective AHL defender a year ago, signed when the blue was so thin OKC was in danger of crumbling. Since coming to the Barons this season, Montgomery has supplied steady play and delivered in all areas. Mongtomery is younger than Chorney.
  • Ryan Lowery: College grad has been impressive since signing with OKC. Came from a long way back to start the season with OKC on the top pairing opening night (with Helmer), and although he lacks pro experience Lowery has certainly played well enough to be an everyday player in the AHL.
  • Alex Plante: Big man got into an NHL game early in the season, but all signs point to his falling down the OKC depth chart yet again. The issue is mobility, and big, strong and slow doesn’t have the appeal it did a decade ago.
  • Johan Motin: Motin’s performance in the 10 games has been noticed and he has rebounded a little as a prospect this fall. I think he’s hanging by a thread.
  • Kirill Tulupov: Big Russian is an interesting player. I think the Oilers might end up signing him (he is not on the 50 man list) because Tulupov gives them the things that make Teubert and Plante attractive to them. He might spend a few weeks in Stockton if everyone is healthy.


I do not expect the Oilers to place a claim.

The Oilers no longer have first recall rights on Chorney. It means they would need to claim him on regular waivers and keep him on the roster. It might be plausible if Whitney was out long term, or if the organization were willing to make a call on Cam Barker–unlikely at this early juncture.

Chorney has shown an ability to play effectively in the AHL, and he has also shown an inability to be a consistent, reliable NHL defender. There’s a job for Chorney in the organization, but it’s in OKC and the Oilers can’t get him there. The waiver rule has been used wisely by St. Louis, as their minor league team will benefit from the addition of a proven AHL player.

If he clears.

EDIT TO ADD: It has come to my attention that the waiver rule may indeed favor Edmonton’s ability to both claim Chorney and send him to OKC. Quoting poster Ironsight at Lowetide:

  • 13.22 When a Club claims a Player on Regular, Re-Entry or Unconditional Waivers, and, subsequently, in the same season it requests Waivers on the same Player and the original owning Club is the successful and only Club making a Waiver claim, then the original owning Club shall be entitled to Loan such Player to a club in another league within thirty days without further waivers being asked; provided that such Player has not
    participated in ten or more NHL Games (cumulative) and remained on an NHL roster more than thirty days (cumulative) following such successful claim.

I am not certain, but the Oilers may indeed have a chance to recover Chorney and send him to OKC immediately.

    • Dutchscooter

      I would think that Taylor Fedun was excluded because he has to worry about many, many things before skating again. An injury like his, he may never play again.

      • Romulus' Apotheosis

        Yea, that’s my assumption too… I’d still like to know two things:

        1) any update on his recovery? is it too early to ask and if so when would be a good time to start asking? and

        2) if the accident hadn’t happened, or if it were minor, and he was still in play for the depth chart, where would he fit?

        just curious…

        • Lowetide

          1. I haven’t heard an update, but there should be one soon.

          2. He had a shot to make the team, I think there’s no doubt about it. Even if he’d been sent down, I’d suggest that Fedun would have been recalled by now for a cup of coffee. He was very good in pre-season.

          • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

            Ya from the comments that you hear Tambo and management make about Fedun on Oil Change they were very impressed by him. It really makes you wonder what the Defense would have looked like with both Potter and Fedun in it. Here is to next year and the hope that Fedun makes a full recovery and picks up right where he left off.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    Great post LT, i’m still undecided if the Oilers should try and pick him up again or not.

    On a more serious note, who is the chick and is that from a movie? I want to say Megan Fox but I don’t know if the boobs are big enough to be hers…

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      Definitely Megan Fox (such an appropriate name) and I believe this is from the decent DC comics movie: Jonah Hex

      [edit] oops LT beat me to it. ps. your son share’s his father’s good taste.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    Nicely done Lowetide…
    You’ve managed to hook me to read a post on the unremarkable Taylor Chorney, but what I really wanted to know was What Does It All Mean?

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    So what are your thoughts on Barker, LT? And how about the year Souray is having and if it is return to form or a freakish aberration based on recent turmoils. Thanks in advance.

    • Lowetide

      I thought (and said) the Barker signing was a risky one, and after 14 games feel the same way. He has some major mobility issues, that’s a mammoth concern. Suspect he gets the entire season, but signing him for another year doesn’t look like a reasonable bet at this point.

      As for Souray, I’m happy he’s back and effective. Cheering like hell for him, but injuries have been his achilles in the past and he’s not getting any younger.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Can I get a ruling on whether I understand the ins and outs of this:

    The Blues are trying to send Chorney down. To do so he has to be put on waivers. Oilers can pick him up on waivers but can’t send him to OKC, he must play in the NHL.

    is that right? if so, is there a simple explanation summing up this contract situation? also, could the Oil take Chorney off waivers from the Blues and then place him on waivers right away and take their chances sending him down… is that possible?

    [edit] also what’s with first recall rights? how do you get them and how do they expire?

    • Lowetide

      The Blues waited the required time (30 days) with Chorney on their roster. That bought them the right to own Chorney’s playing rights if all 30 teams passed on him as an NHL player.

      Before the 30 day break, had STL placed him on waivers AND all 30 teams passed on him via waivers, his rights would have been Edmonton’s and they could have sent him to OKC.

      So, all in all, EDM used a high 2nd rd pick on a guy they ended up losing for zero. But I don’t think they made the wrong call, Potter is clearly better and Petry is trending higher.

  • Lowetide

    I thought the current operating mode for the Oiler’s farm system was to develop future NHL talent, so OKC doesn’t really need Chorney. Better to give that extra icetime to Petry, Teubert, Plante and Tulupov.

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      part of that process i think is having AHL proven talent to

      1) push the competition for ice time

      2) breed a spirit of winning

      3) mentor development

      Helmer fits that bill for example. not sure if chorney would, but maybe.

  • justDOit

    Some rather ‘dubious’ sources have NJ hotly pursuing O!, with the Oilers wanting a Dman back, so no worries about Chorney.

    If OKC gets desperate for a defender, we could probably send Barker down to help.

  • RexLibris

    Those NJ rumours are interesting. About a month ago I had a look at the NJD prospects and there were two that stood out, Jon Merrill (whom I have since crossed well off my list) adn Alex Urbom. Urbom looks interesting and could be a good pickup. The problem is he is at the same stage of development as Musil, Teubert, and a host of others.

    That being said, how awesome would it be to have Urbom and Klefbom on the same pairing together?

    As for Chorney, well we wouldn’t be the first organization to lose a prospect on waivers. At least we didn’t pass on him without even a look-see (I’m thinking Dale Tallon waiving Michael Grabner).

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      Just for the sheer joy of names we should do everything to acquire Urbom!!!

      The Oil have Kirill Tulupov… but our awesome name prospects can always be bolstered… which reminds me to get back to work on my awesome name depth chart

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Have you read this CBA section recently LT? There was a poster on your other blog today that suggested the Oilers, if they are the only claiming club, can claim Chorney andsend him to OKC.

    • 1983 and This Year

      If the are the only claiming club, and the player reclaimed hasn’t been on the other roster for 30 days or 10 games, is how it reads in the CBA. Chorney was claimed by the Blues on October 11th – wouldn’t that mean they placed him back on waivers on after only 28 days right?

  • 1983 and This Year

    I can’t be the only one taken in by an article consisting entirely of the permutations of a Dman superseded by at least 2 other AHLers — to just get to pictures of a beautiful silver screen temptress. LT, for this, keep it up.

  • Little Buttcheeks

    While we do lack some depth if injuries are to take it’s toll, Chorney just doesn’t factor into our top 8 or 9 dmen right now IMO. The organization has moved on to better players and we are no longer featuring AHL level talent on the main club. GO OILERS GO!!

  • Little Buttcheeks

    My understanding is that, if EDM is the only club to put in a claim on Chorney, they can assign him to the AHL without having to waive him again. I could be mistaken – I haven’t read that section in awhile. That said, my recollection does seem to mesh with section 13.22, which was posted by “ironsight” in the thread on your other blog – but I’m not sure how that section might fits with the rest of the waiver section without having the benefit of re-reading that section.

  • Jason Gregor


    Montgomery, Helmer and Lowery can’t be called up unless they are signed to an NHL deal, so Plante is automatically ahead as far as NHL depth chart.

    I don’t see any reason the Oilers would claim Chorney. He will never be an NHLer and I don’t see why they would want him to be the 49th contract. Might as well have some flexibility on total contracts I would think.

    • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

      I would think Tulupov gets offered a contract before the claim chorney. Sounds like his has been improving his game and I think a guy like him would be good to have on a team. I would guess that the Oil want to leave those contract spots open just in case something something comes along trade wise or a team gets in a jam and has to put someone on waivers that they weren’t planning on.

  • Let me get this straight. We waive a guy we deem not good enough and he ends up getting waived by another team, thus apparently concurring with our initial waive. *Now try to visualize the word “waive” and not get screwed up.

    And we want to consider picking up this double-waivee? For what purpose? At some point it has to be obvious Chorney is not an NHL player, not even a decent prospect. Only way he gets a shot now is to find some sucker team overseas and hopefully rip it up there for a year or so, then maybe get noticed with a few well placed Youtube videos and BOOM!

    At what point do we close the books on guys like this? I love your work LT, but it seems to me your next article on Chorney will open with a title like “Chorney – worth one more chance?” and pic of him dominating some beer league somewhere.

  • Lowetide, your edit clearly states that the Oilers cannot claim him and send him straight down. St. Louis had him on their roster for 30 days. This was St. Louis’ plan all along. They pretty much stated so in their quotes when they claimed him.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    As per the CBA article on waivers,

    “13.22 When a Club claims a Player on Regular, Re-Entry or Unconditional Waivers, and, subsequently, in the same season it requests Waivers on the same Player and the original owning Club is the successful and only Club making a Waiver claim, then the original owning Club shall be entitled to Loan such Player to a club in another league within thirty days without further waivers being asked; provided that such Player has not participated in ten or more NHL Games (cumulative) and remained on an NHL roster more than thirty days (cumulative) following such successful claim.”

    So the original owning club is the Edmonton Oilers right? It sounds like it to me, since the Oilers would be making a waiver claim in this situation (not St. Louis).

    It sounds like IF Edmonton were to make the only successful claim on Chorney then they could send Chorney down to OKC within 30 days. But wait…

    “provided that such Player has not participated in ten or more NHL Games (cumulative) and remained on an NHL roster more than thirty days (cumulative) following such successful claim.”

    If Chorney has been a part of the STL roster for MORE than 30 days, then Edmonton could not use the previous option of sending him down should they choose to pick him up. So where do we stand? IF Chorney has surpassed the 30 day limit, then Edmonton couldn’t send him to OKC without needing him to clear waivers IF they were to claim him.

    So in other words? Taylor Chorney is on Waivers and Edmonton has no special rights toward him (as long as the +30 day rule applies here).

    EDIT: This is how I perceive this, anyone care to shed any light? I’m no lawyer, that’s for sure.

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans


    Your depth chart is out of whack IMO. Petry is clear of Sutton and Peckham especially if you look at 5v5 TOI. Petry averages 15.5 minutes, Sutton 13.5, and Peckham about 12 (all 5v5).

    So the coach also certainly disagrees with your chart. I think I would rank it like this, but Peckham and Sutton are probably interchangeable:

    Ryan Whitney (injured)
    Tom Gilbert
    Ladislav Smid
    Corey Potter
    Jeff Petry
    Cam Barker
    Andy Sutton (suspended)
    Theo Peckham

  • ubermiguel

    The 30 day rule applies to the Oilers in this case, not St. Louis.

    If the Blues put Chorney on waivers in the same season (like they did) and the Oilers are the only team to claim Chorney, the Oilers can, within 30 days, by-pass waivers and loan him to OKC. Assuming we didn’t play him in 10+ games. That’s the only special right the Oilers have.

    If another club grabs him he has to play in the NHL.

    The CBA’s confusing but it’s got nothing on the insurance legalese I read at work.

    • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

      I don’t think so man, re-read:

      “then the original owning Club shall be entitled to Loan such Player to a club in another league within thirty days without further waivers being asked;” — This is the instance in which the Oil could send him down, but:

      “provided that such Player has not participated in ten or more NHL Games (cumulative) and remained on an NHL roster more than thirty days (cumulative) following such successful claim.”

      So the first quote states that Edmonton could send him down in 30 days (if they were to claim), only the second quote states why they CANT send him down (30 days on an NHL roster)

      Again, I’m not the most qualified but I think this is the case.

      • ubermiguel

        The key is “following such successful claim”.

        So if the Oilers make a successful claim on Chorney, the 30 day clock start ticking then. Prior days or games played don’t count.

        It’s all moot and academic anyways, the Oilers won’t claim him.

          • ubermiguel

            Hahaha! I know, and not 2 minutes after I posted. I can read legalese but I can’t figure out Tambo. Still betting he goes to OKC as is allowed by the CBA.

          • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

            Wait… I think I might get it now after reading it 40 or 50 more times.

            So basically the Oilers have 30 days to send him down without having to expose him to waivers then? Man, legalese is very very difficult to comprehend.

        • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

          I still don’t get your way and don’t understand what you mean by “The key is “following such successful claim”.”

          Unless there is something implied when reading legal documents that I don’t know about, it seems pretty clear to me. The first part states the Oil could claim him and send him down, and the second part states that the first part can only be done provided he hasn’t spent 30+ days on a roster or played 10 NHL games.

          To me, the key in that whole paragraph is the word Provided. That word seems to imply the stipulation.

          That’s how I interpret it anyways. Good discussion…

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    Hmmm… so then STL must not have held on to him long enough? I know he hasn’t played 10 games. It does say 30+ cumulative days and I remember reading a poster saying that today was the 30th… Bah, time to go read someone’s article who knows what they’re talking about! I sure don’t.