Ebs and Flows

There’s so much happening with these young Oilers it’s impossible to keep track. Example: as of this morning, Jordan Eberle is leading the entire NHL in a very important offensive category.

As of this morning, young Jordan Eberle leads the NHL in 5×5 points per 60 minutes. That means that at even strength he’s absolutely killing it, and doing so in his second full NHL season. This season, I’ve noticed a couple of times Eberle scoring from outer zones, areas where the Ryan Smyth’s of the world can get a shot off but one wouldn’t consider it a scoring chance. Eberle has always had a quick, accurate shot but this year he’s finding twine from above the slot and doing it with some regularity. Add this to his impressive playmaking ability and the Oilers have a 21-year old who looks primed to explode offensively.



tsn’s season projections have Eberle finishing the season 31-56-87, and those are exceptional boxcars. We can’t project those numbers with authority–injuries and slumps could factor in to all of this–but the young man has been a constant on Edmonton’s top line and there’s no reason to change based on performance. Put it this way: he’s on pace to have an exceptional season.


Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is absolutely deserving of the attention he’s received during a rookie season that so far ranks as one of the very best of the last 25 years. However, chemistry plays a big part in these things and "RNH to Eberle" may one day become as famous a phrase as well, certainly as famous as Weight-to-Smyth.

Eberle’s uniqueness–in my opinion–comes in the sheer number of areas he’s good to very good in. Eberle is a smart, savvy player who can find open ice and pass the puck expertly. He’s a quick shooter, very accurate and has a keen sense of timing in regard to when to take a shot. I think several of those "outside the scoring zone" goals he’s managed this season have to do with angles, timing of release and making the goalie aware of his other (passing) options before shooting.

We’ll see. Maybe my eyes are telling me things that aren’t there. I see a kid who is not only getting the tip ins and deflections, but also beating goalies clean with his shot and doing so from above the slot.

There’s a word for a player like that: sniper. Is 30 goals at age 21 an indication of a young player about to go super nova? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s plenty of season to go.


As time rolls along, we’ll know about Eberle,RNH and Hall. We already know lots about them but there’s still a ways to go. I think the lesson of RNH and Eberle and their impressive start to the 11-12 season is that we shouldn’t impose any limitations or imply greatness based on such small sample sizes.

Enjoy the scenery.

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  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Hey Lowetide

    You wrote:
    However, chemistry plays a big part in these things and “RNH to Eberle” may one day become as famous a phrase as well, certainly as famous as Weight-to-Smyth.

    Weight-to-Smyth are you serious, what have either one of this guys ever won? The Edmonton media loved this guy for whatever reason but he was like most American hockey players – not very good when it mattered!! Smyth is called “Capitan Canuck” for a reason – he was always available at the end of the 82 game schedule.

    RNH is possibly the best 18 yo to come along in the past 30 years. I watched Gretsky when he broke into the league and he didn’t do some of the things RNH does. Eberle can actually shoot a puck – so any comparison to Smyth says a lot about your hockey knowledge………

    I said it at the beginning of the year and I’ll say it again after 30 games in.. The Oilers weakest link is the veteran core group Smyth – Horc – Hemsky. The Oilers will not contend seriously until these guys are gone.

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        Maybe you didn’t see the game tonight? Did any of those three musketeers throw a hit tonight other then Smyth’s cross-check from behind in the last minute?

        1) Which other Captain in the NHL is a lesser player/leader then Horcoff – name some!
        2) Smyth wasn’t that good when he was here the first time, take a look at their record during his time here. Just because the guy bleeds blue and gold doesn’t make him the 2nd coming – he’s so good that he played on 3 other teams after leaving here.. Other teams spoke by moving him!!
        3) Hemsky is sooo good the Oilers can’t get anything for him – he will be gone before the year is out!

        The only reason we’re stuck with Horc is the other 29 GM’s won’t take on his salary – you know why that is right!

        Smyth might get another contract done because he sells tickets, yes there are people here who think he’s special. He’s playing for a job next year – if the Oil don’t sign him he’s done!

        If you want to back Hemsky be my guest – I’d take Ryan Jones over any of those three today

      • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

        Better 2nd line – here’s two

        Paajarvi – Hall – Jones

        Eager – Lander – Petrell

        Head-to-head my monies on these guys, they’d hit and check your boys and score at will afterwards……