Play Him Until He Drops

Last night, Tom Renney did something with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins that he seems to have been reluctant to do up until now.

Bruce McCurdy points it out in his summary of the Oilers’ 4-1 victory over the Colorado Avalanche:

[Renney] [f]inally figured out that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins shoots just as left as Eric Belanger does, and began double-shifting the phenom on the powerplay. RNH’s 6:37 PP TOI was 50% more than any other Oiler, and judging by the results (2 powerplay goal in 5 opportunities), so far so good. We’ll see if Renney sticks to that, but if it means a little time of RNH playing with Hemsky and Smyth, I’m all for it.

Nugent-Hopkins is, with as much certainty as we can have just 29 games into his NHL career, the best power play option at the Oilers’ disposal. His on-ice vision, his passing game (on display last night, and also in pretty much every other game the Oilers have played) are strengths that nobody else on the team – not even Ales Hemsky – can match on the man advantage. He leads the Oilers with an average of 3:41 on the power play, but there’s a caveat there: Renney has been pretty even-handed in handing out power play assignments; nine other Oilers are within a minute of Nugent-Hopkins’ ice-time average on the power play, and that doesn’t even include Ryan Whitney or Ales Hemsky.

Over the last three games, though, we’ve seen Nugent-Hopkins get more power play time, and last night the coach decided to use him on both units. Here is Nugent-Hopkins’ power play time-on-ice for the last three 10 games, along with the Oilers’ leader in power play ice-time:

Game Nugent-Hopkins Team Lead
Dec. 9 6:37 6:37 (Nugent-Hopkins)
Dec. 7 5:50 5:50 (Nugent-Hopkins)
Dec. 3 7:26 7:40 (Gagner)
Dec. 2 0:59 1:14 (Gagner/Horcoff)
Nov. 30 3:41 3:49 (Smyth)
Nov. 28 2:24 3:17 (Smyth)
Nov. 26 2:32 3:22 (Gagner)
Nov. 25 4:04 4:33 (Eberle)
Nov. 22 2:11 2:11 (Four tied)
Nov. 21 6:57 7:33 (Gilbert)

Just the time-on-ice totals don’t give a total picture, as the number of power play opportunities available fluctuates with each game. However, up until last night, one of two things happened: either Renney played both power play units roughly equally, or Renney gave the Nugent-Hopkins unit a lot of ice-time. Last night was the first time in the last 10 contests that Nugent-Hopkins was double-shifted.

As long as the 18-year old is up to the task, Renney should use him as often as he possibly can on the power play. It’s what Dallas did with Brad Richards last season – he played nearly a full minute and a half more than Mike Ribeiro, the team’s second most-used forward, and it’s also what the Penguins did last year with Crosby/Malkin.

Nugent-Hopkins is an elite power play option at 18 years of age. Given the Oilers’ chronic power play woes, I say play him until he drops.

  • Greenlingj


    First post and its a FIST,

    I say RNH is the next great one, is it truly to early to say that? how did he get that pass through gagner to ebs last night? how did he see that, check that kids vision as he can see through players. it is insane.

    GO NUGE!

    • It’s a set play. Mario Lemieux used to do the same thing. Deadly when all three participants connect. Gagner, RNH and Eberle have worked that pass-through a couple of times this year. They showed it last night on the after-game analysis.

      • The 'Real' Ron Burgundy

        Not sure if you saw the intermission on TSN, but they showed that play and how it developed…

        Gagner actually first went in front of the Avs goalie, which was where Horcov was, so he pushed him back out top in between the circles, just in time for the pass to go through his legs and onto Ebs’ stick.

        So it was a “set play”; its just Gags forgot and needed Horc’s stick to remind him….

        • Yeah. I saw that.

          TSN’s game recap showed a couple of other times that play was executed, both resulting in Eberle rockets finding twine. Looks like a nifty play they’ve been working on in practice.

  • Greenlingj

    I agree double shift him every power play. Essentially soft minutes so fatigue should not be a factor. Also anything to keep Belanger off the power play.


    I’m starting to think I’m back in the eighties watching a new dynasty coming into form. Did I say dynasty?………please forgive me for my exuberance.

    If anyone knows Tuebert’s height and weight please post it……….the official stats claim that he is 195 lbs at 6′ 4″……..this does not seem right? He plays a lot bigger than that, needs to develop further, but is coming along.

    Rama has spoken.

    Tonight’s prediction………Oilers will be flat, tired, and we will all rip them tomorrow. I hate back to back games.

  • A-Mc

    Agreed, with conditions. You play him until he drops on the PP
    Unless the game is out of reach either way. And i am sure even Renney is
    smart enough to figure that out.

    The kid is not use to the grind of an 82 Game schedule and i expect we will see a drop off at some point. You use him as much as possible when needed, not to pad stats. I hope the nutritionists are pumping
    Nuge full of good stuff, he is gonna need it. Hope he doesnt have a girlfriend either for a while !!

    • I completely agree on the conditions – this shouldn’t be done to pad RNH’s stats, but rather to win hockey games.

      On the grind, I do wonder how much of an impact it will have – Nugent-Hopkins is used to a 70-game schedule, so one imagines it shouldn’t be a huge leap for him that way.

      • JW

        And those 70 games were against Boys not men.
        I am sure they will use him correctly, There was another kid WG
        That we thought would wilt , Boy were we wrong.

        Can You imagine WG and Nuge togeather ? Perhaps
        they are too much of the same type of Player to be effective but wow.

        Ryan has much to learn yet but the Possibilities are endless for this kid.
        I would suspect he is our all-star nomination. I want to see this kid
        play in a no contact game with a bunch of other superstars.
        Wow-that could be scary. I dont usually watch the no-hitter allstar
        game , but i just may this year for some strange reason.
        We have a gem…if not a few. T.H. and EBS will have a thing or 2 to say yet, and they are already wicked. Taylor with a little more beef for the way he plays…. scary. Very Messier Like. Just needs to snap once or twice.

      • 24% body fat

        Maybe he is use to a 70 game schedule and I am not 100 percent educated on the WHL travel arrangements. Does anyone know how often they take the bus or fly? But those extra 12 games against much better and more or less a lot bigger players at a higher pace will have a larger toll on him. Also take into account the time difference in time zone changes and distance of travel. I think despite his talent he is still probably taking more physical abuse in the nhl.

        Its a big jump and that is why not a lot of 18 year olds make it. But this one is something special.

        Belanger off powerplay, MPS in. Horcoff off first powerplay Hall in.

    • A-Mc

      I think he has a GF. He brought a woman to Ryan smyths house for thanks giving.

      I don’t see nuge as much of a partier, so as long as he goes to bed on time and stays well fed, he will be ok through the 82 IMO.

        • I’m not entirely uncertain Eberle and Wanye aren’t already engaged. When I ran into Wanye at the Pint downtown a couple of weeks ago he sure had a jump in his step, if you know what I mean (and I think you do)*.

          *Although it could have been the booze talkin’ too.

  • Greenlingj

    I just look at his point production and think once Hall is back in the line up, and we have Gagner Ebs Paajarvi and Hall, all vying for Nuges golden passes….

    we are gonna see some 6+ goal games.

    Paajarvi would benefit on the point in a PP situation. IMHO.

  • Why push him that hard, Oilers are probably not a playoff team this year. For the Oilers to compete they need a power forward and and number 1 D-man. There is no reason to push RNH in a non-playoff year.

    2012 Draft is rumoured to be the best draft ever in the 1st round for D-men.

    • I think Gagner is playing better, but would say what got him going was 2 good linemates and acres of room and hours of time.

      I also think MPS needs a boost. But the problem as I see it, and saw last night is that he’s playing far too safe and conservatively. One shift when the Oilers had the puck in deep he circled all the way to the O blue line, went behind the D and was in no hurry to get back into the play.

      He has a good handle on defensive awareness. I would put him with Horc and Smyth and tell him to go berserk (a good viking word he should know) trying to score and to attack at every opportunity. He can work the D back into his game, but he needs to amp up his desire to score, get hungry. He needs a taste of blood. It’s like he’s playing worried.

      And speaking of that, Petry looked like he was in the midst of an anxiety attack whenver the camera got him in closeup. Maybe Renney is pushing them a bit too much. This is not the year, I think getting the young guys comfortable on the ice and focusing on trying to score and win battles is enough. The pressure to win on the team level needs to wait until they win on the battle level consistently and work the nerves out. Baby steps, we’ve come a long way, longer way to go.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    The only reason to push him is not for him but for Tom Renney and the management. They need to protect their jobs.

    If Edmonton would have pushed harder last year and made some trades, we probably would not have RNH on the team.

    This year the leash is shorter, so management needs to produce.

  • @ Rondo:

    The Oilers may or may not be a playoff team this year – and if I had to put money on it, I’d bet against them.

    That said, at some point the rebuild has to give way to a competitive hockey team, and I think the time is now. Judging by his sudden fondness for line-matching, so does Tom Renney. Prioritizing power play time for Nugent-Hopkins would seem to be a logical extension of that.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Really ? Nick is having a good year no doubt about that.
      But i am surprised somewhat. Again, i dont follow the All-Star stuff much as in any league, it is for the kids more than anything i would say.

      I think Ryan- Taylor and Jordan will have their fair share of All-Star
      appearances over their careers.

      That all aside, do you feel tonights gam is almost a must win for the
      team ? I kind of have that feeling. If they win this it may carry them for a few more wins and they will be that much closer to Getting Taylor Back.

      None the less, Go Oilers.

      Is Hordy Playing ? Or do they not break up a winning Line up.
      I just know Calgary usually needs a equalizer in the line up, and i really hope Eager catches that twirp Glencross with his head down.
      Play bIg again Big Ben !!

      • Romulus' Apotheosis

        and @Willis

        I thought rookies were summarily excluded from the All Star Games… Can they play or what?

        I don’t know who’s playing tonight, but I’d bet Renney plays the same guys in the same formation as last night… he even talked this morning about maybe playing Khabbie again… if he did that it would be a huge signal that he’s in it to win it.

        • 24% body fat

          I dont know about you guys, but i am clock watching already.
          I want this game REAL bad. Habby better be starting.
          I just dont have faith [yet] in Dub.

          Sure wish Taylor and Sutton were available for this one.

          4 hrs 37 minutes.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    He only really looked gassed once last night and Renney used his TO to rest up the line. It wasn’t on the PP either.


    how common is it for players to get double shifted on the PP? is this such an anomaly? perhaps, his age and experience make the move stand out more than the simple fact of double shifts?


    is Kent taking a long time to compose his GDB (Gloat Day Bitches!) post or what?

    • It’s not terribly common – only a handful of teams do it each year, and only in special circumstances.

      I’d argue that Edmonton qualifies, simply because RNH has been an elite-level talent on the PP and the team has struggled forever with the man advantage.

      • Romulus' Apotheosis

        Thanks for the reply. I thought it was odd… but then I was sure I’d seen it before on other teams and had no marker for its prevalence.

        My suspicion is it’s more common in the Playoffs.

  • I think the benefit to “player development” realized by finishing 9th or 8th will exceed the future benefit of a #5 to #10 draft pick.

    Does anyone really believe we could fall below Tampa in the Dive for Five? Even if RNH and Nikky H get injured for the year?.

  • I wish they would go back to the old system of selecting players for the all star game RNH might be in the top five in goal scoring and not be voted in same as Eberle.Also RNH is not being hit much, I think he will be fine with the extra minutes on the PP

  • Quicksilver ballet

    To heck with Dubnyk, play the wheels off of Khabibulin as well. The two points are the only thing that matters on a nightly basis. Keep the .935 guy in there not the .899 guy.

    • Which is what a smart coach won’t do unless he has no other option. We “played the wheels” off Khabby last year and got the shining SvP we saw.

      I think the key to winning on our back end would be prudent management of our athletes. Too bad Dubnyk seems to be breaking down. I (along with most of us I suppose) thought he’d be better.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Smart is a much over rated aspect of coaching. It’s all about winning, starting the best players who give you the best chance to win every night.

        Victories get you into the Hall of Fame, not furthering kids careers whom may or may not ever pan out.

        Huge difference between this and last season. The Oilers have added a brand new V12 motor in Hopkins. Even with the same blueman crew working on the backend , we appear to be making progress with 93 and a much better 35 in goal. Dubnyk surrendered the crease with barely a whimper so far this season.

    • It’s a point worth keeping in mind – in some ways, I wish the Oilers had opted to give Kurtis Foster another year specifically for that reason.

      Then again, the last few years the Oilers’ entire PP strategy has seemingly been “Point shot. POINT SHOT! PASS IT TO THE POINT FOR A SHOT!!!” so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

  • Simpsonite

    Pp unit one will be glorious when hall returns because gagner can run the second unit. OR nuge on both and gagner scores on unit 2. Conclusion. See ya hemsky.