The Importance of Jordan Eberle

Jordan Eberle can’t fly (despite appearances) but beyond that there appear to be few limitations. Eberle’s importance to this edition of the Edmonton Oilers impacts the team on and off the ice.

The young man from Regina is more than a sublime passer and crazy-good goal scorer, he’s a man well respected in his peer group. Part of it no doubt is his fame gained from WJ tournaments, but beyond that he’s a little older than the other impact kids and someone who could emerge as a team leader over time. Eberle is also well spoken and projects a maturity well beyond his years in interviews.

Eberle’s value on the ice is massive, and his strong first half this season establishes him as one of the quality youngsters in the NHL. Eberle could be a key player for the Oilers off the ice as well. Should the Oilers sign Eberle to a long term deal that buys several free agent seasons (this is down the line, Ebs entry level deal expires next summer and then he’ll have a contract after that one to get him near free agency) and get Taylor Hall’s deal done at the same or similar time, this train could run through the end of the decade and beyond.

Oiler fans know the history: NO Oiler great has spent his entire career in the orange (or copper) and blue. I’m clearly getting ahead of myself but these things take time to plan and execute. Jordan Eberle is emerging as a top flight talent this season and it’s reasonable that he’s also emerging as a leader among the young set (being a little older),

Future captain? Long term contract? I think it’s reasonable to suggest these things are possible if Eberle continues to be so productive on the ice and such a strong presence off the ice. He’s an emerging leader, even has his own TV commercial.



We’re projecting into the future, but I don’t think it’s outside reasonable to suggest Eberle is in fact influential in that group of young Oilers. The idea that this group stays together and gets things done in Edmonton has enormous appeal to Oiler fans (especially those of us who remember men like Coffey and Arnott leaving far too early) and the CBA offers the Oilers and these players a world that has less friction that the boys on the bus endured in the 80s.

I’m hopeful this bunch hangs around for a decade, and Jordan Eberle could be a key part of the equation.

Nation Radio hits the airwaves this afternoon at noon Edmonton time on Team 1260. We’re up against the Oiler broadcast so I should also mention the archive will be available at the Nations sites in the next day or so. Guests scheduled to appear:

  • Todd Nelson, head coach for the OKC Barons. I’ll ask him about Hartikainen’s progress between being sent down and recalled, and we’ll look over the roster and ask some questions about other Oiler prospects on the farm. Feel free to post questions and I promise to answer them.
  • James Mirtle from the Globe and Mail. Mirtle hit the internet with a combination of curiosity, integrity and a gift for writing. He’s a straight shooter and I look forward to talking to him today.
  • Dennis King posts his scoring chances at MC’s site but he’s a national treasure for Oiler fans. I got a lot of questions after his last visit so we’re bringing him back to discuss the Oilers, Oilers management, Edmonton media and if we have time we’ll get his opinion of the Outdorr classic and its future.
  • Kent Wilson is improving the reputation of Flames bloggers one well written article at a time. We’ll take about Mr. Iginla’s journey to 500 goals and the promised land of NHL hockey, and discuss Jay Feaster’s spring.
  • JP Nikota is one of the Pension Plan Puppets fine minds, and we’ll talk about Burke, Wilson, Phaneuf and the saga of Colton Orr.

Questions are always welcome, you can post them here or email or @ItsNationRadio or Lowetide_ on twitter. Hope you can tune in.

  • #94 sized hole where my heart used to be...

    Love Eberle’s talent and poise, I would be stoked if he became the FIST Oiler star to play his whole career for the Copper/Orange and blue

  • Travis Dakin

    Awful business. Of course, he may not have seen her – he’s like nine feet tall.

    If you ever do have to come to TO for some reason LT, you really should try and do it when the Barons are in town. Always a fun night with the old Oilogosphere pioneers.

  • Travis Dakin

    It is a tough decision I am sure for management, whether to keep a player ’till the end of the line.

    As you have posted LT many times about the Habs, trading an aging vet can keep the cupboards stocked with fresh talent that can be very hard to draft when you’re at the end of the order.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Detroit in the next few years as Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Lidstrom leave the picture.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    I’m suprised old man Wayne hasn’t commented yet on this yet lol

    I’m torn who should be the next captain of the team, Eberle of Hall either way its a can’t lose situation( unlike Moreau over Smyth). Eberle has been huge for the team this yr, over at the copper and blue site they suggested that he should be in contention for the Lady Byng(sp?) Trophy…that would be pretty cool if he and RNH both took home some hardware at seasons end.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    I can admit i havent been obsessed with a player like this in it seems like forever. He is one hell of a talent and if he keeps getting better we are going to see some very special things out of him. Hopefully management pulls their heads out of their rear ends and gives these young stars some defence to play with. I Also think that he has the best chance to stay here long term the city absolutely loves this kid. Go to an oilers game you will see roughly half of the jerseys there say Eberle on the back. I know mine does!!!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Hey LT, you should make sure to ask Nelson about Brule, his consistency, health, attitude, etc… I hope this guy makes it back to the NHL, regardless if it’s with the Oilers. Seems like a standup guy, and it would be a shame if he wasn’t able to turn his career around. I’m also curious about Curtis Hamilton. Has he been improving? Seems like exactly the type of player the Oilers could use on a future third line. Size, decent speed, defensively reliable, and a pinch of offense.

    Also, not to say I’m a Tambellini fan, but he deserves a LITTLE credit when it comes to turning the AHL team around. They’re first in the western conference with a 23-9-4 record. A couple of years ago that would have been thought near impossible. Safe to say when it comes to the Oilers that at the very least the cupboards are getting stocked. Just a thought.

    Oh and I love Eberle more than Wayne does!! Hehe. I can say this confidently because it’s very likely at this point Wayne has already died backpacking in Asia somewhere. Hehe

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Ebersqueee!!! for Oiler-Life!!!

    Give him the Di Pietro Special. You gotta lock that down.

    Somewhat off topic… can someone explain to me why the cap hit on Hall and RNH is 3.750 and 3.775 respectively when their actual salary is much much lower than this… is this a first overall thing? Is it some weird way to put impediments in the way of Lottery teams?? what’s the rationale?

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    The only issue with signing Eberle to a big $$ looong term deal is that somewhere around 2015 he’ll start to accumulate a few injuries and have a couple of 65/70 point seasons which will begin the push to run him out of town.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    Eberle is a enigma……he does not seem to have any skill that is particularly dominant…….but his playmaking is dominant. His coach calls it intuition, and hockey IQ.

    This is a draft steal ( 23rd spot) by any measure…….which is why we should be trying to accumulate draft picks by dumping whatever we can. McGregor will be able to find other pick like Eberle if we give him the opportunity………ST and Lowe have half the brain of this guy but at least they let him decide.

  • Aitch

    Allow me to add one thing to the Eberle fanfest…

    He’s also a HUGE Oilers fan. Seriously, as famous as that bucktoothed smile is to Canadian and/or Oilers hockey fans, the first time us Oilers fans saw it was when he was drafted, talking about his perfect scenario…
    It’s tv coverage of the draft when Eberle was taken. Kinda scary how well BobbleHeadBob described his game. I think it would apply now. That’s pretty impressive; for MacKenzie and Eberle.