Ok, What’d I Miss?



My fellow Nationers, it’s been a long time. I wish I could provide a valid excuse as to my whereabouts but I’ve never lied to you before and I’m not going to start now. Life has been hectic to say the least. One thing I’ve learned is that shift work ruins everything. The majority of last season, and this season so far, has seen me either at work, sleeping, getting ready for work or forgetting that there is a game because I never know what day it is let alone what time.

I’ve been hearing some disturbing rumours that I’m not real. That "Amber McCormick" is a make-em-ups name. I am here to assure you that I’m real and, yes, they’re real as well. So let’s get on with this.
Lately the Oil have reminded me of a toddler getting ready for a birthday party. They get so excited that for the first couple hours they can’t be stopped. Running, jumping, screaming and taking the world by storm. Inevitably, they tucker out and you find them passed out in the coat room asleep on a pile of coats. It seems to be our thing. 
Every person or team has ‘a thing’. I know a guy and his thing is to be an instigator and act as though he has no idea what people are talking about. You know who you are CB. Seriously, he’s the friend that does the stupid shit with you when you’re drunk and then sends you home to deal with the consequences. A few of our friends’ wives won’t them play with him anymore. It’s sad but it’s life. I digress.
My point is that we need to take accountability and maintain. This is applicable to not only the team, but the fans as well. I’m a bit of a hypocrite for saying this as I am usually the first to roll my eyes when I hear news of a loss. But good or bad, win or lose, we are the fans and we need to love them no matter what. It’s much like an abusive relationship. And I like my violence like I like my beer: domestic. Forget that old saying about slow and steady winning the race. You know who made up that saying? Slow people. Slow people that lose.
I admit that my Oil knowledge isn’t what it should be this season. I read the scores but highlights aren’t really my thing. Highlights are like the Cliff’s notes of sports. It’s as though they’re saying to me, "Hey Amber, come check out all of the awesomeness you missed!" Don’t even get me started on reading the sports pages. Me reading them is about as likely as me reading a book having anything to do with unicorns, wizards or some kind of orc. Not going to happen. Maybe that makes me a ‘bad’ fan but whatever my name is still listed on Oilers Nation. 
But let’s face it, you aren’t here for my opinions on who should be traded or how they should mix up lines. You listen to me because someone has to ask the questions others won’t. Like, why does Tom Gilbert look more and more like a smirking James Spader in every movie James Spader smirks in? Or draw your attention to the fact that, in the right lighting, Eric Belanger looks a lot like Adam Levine if Adam Levine wasn’t seemingly same-sex oriented. And of course, why Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is beginning to look like Tegan and/or Sara when his hair is longer. These are the real questions and I am here to find the answers.

In conclusion, just because I don’t post as often as I’d like, it doesn’t mean I’m not here. I will never leave you my little lambs. I’m always watching. Sorry, that sounded more creepy and rapey than I intended.
I missed you.
  • justDOit

    Well I know that some people believe Mr. Sumner when he says that ‘Every Breath You Take’ was written about Big Brother, but I don’t buy a word of it. I think he is merely making excuses for writing a sappy, pathetic love song – even though it’s a very good, sappy, pathetic love song.

    Welcome Amber. Back, that is. I’ve read more blogs from Struds than you, so I’ll have to take your word for it when you say you’re ‘back’.

  • A-Mc

    This is te first article of Ambers that I have read.
    Interesting in a strange “window into my life” kind of way.

    So when can we expect the next article Amber? Will you be posting after Monday’s game or should we be expecting something closer to the draft.

  • Amber McCormick

    The fans have to love the team no matter what? Really?

    As a fan I am forced to love my team I spend thousands of dollars every season and they put in efforts on the ice that would get any working stiff fired immediately?

    How tasty is that kool-aide?

    I know the blog post was meant to be good natured, but that mentality drives me up the wall.

    • Amber McCormick

      It drives me up the wall as well. Although there are obvious differences between being a professional athlete and being an accountant. Although I’m pretty sure the last guy who did my taxes was still working on counting. He was doing really well and only needed to utilize the toes on one foot.

    • I get what you’re saying man, but you simply cannot make a comparison between a pro athlete and a working stiff. Pro athletes have worked overtime their entire freaking lives and being able to put in an effort during a 2.5 hr game that is deemed “respectable” by the fans takes more dedication, focus, and most importantly intangibles working their way than any “working stiff” needs to. Furthermore, the average working stiff can and does slack off a certain amount on any given day: ten minutes before they clock out, when things are slow and a back- breaking effort is not needed 100% of their work day. If a pro-athlete has a similar lapse in motivation, it is broadcast to millions. I’m not saying that the oilers’ work-ethic should be immune to scrutiny, but it’s irrational to compare their motivation:success:consequence ratio to someone who works a 9 to 5 job. And I also think that judging their effort level from simply spectating and not knowing all of the intangibles is also misunderstanding the life of a pro athlete.

      • Time Travelling Sean

        They also get paid 67 times more than me so they better show some giddy up and if they work hard and it doesn’t show some results im ok with that.

        Far too often im turning the channel angry that we consistently can’t the blue-line or clear the zone .

      • I’m not going to argue with what your saying some of it’s true………however.

        Have you ever heard of DR. They don’t make anywhere near what a pro athlete makes. Can you imagine if they took ten minutes off?

        A Dr. To over the top?

        Ok, how about a paramedic/firefighter who train as hard as anyone including athletes, who also spends the rest of there professional career learning. Would it be ok for them to slack off a bit? Would it be appropriate? How about if it was you they were helping?

        A cop? Maybe the cop last ten minutes of his shift he’s going to mail it in a go to get a coffee instead of checking out that last dispatch.

        Your point is week!
        These a professional hockey players who get paid millions of dollars to act and play like they do.

        • My point is not “week”, nor is it “weak”. The comparisons you have made are not analogous. Regardless of their salary, pro athletes are not in charge of saving people’s lives. I don’t think that they deserve what they’re paid either, but to claim to understand their entire situation, work ethic, head space simply by watching the game and not knowing anything else is absolutely absurd. It’s not as simple as “so-and-so needs to give more when he’s out on the ice and he’s just choosing not to”. It’s not that simple and it’s naive to think you can make that call.

          • Like I said, I don’t disagree with everything you mentioned in your first post, and my response wasn’t about their head space or what their feeling while there on the ice, or knowing the intangible’s, it was more about how you compared a working stiff, to a pro athlete. You should know first I never took offense to any of what you said, I’m simply pointing out that just because it’s a pro athlete doesn’t mean he works harder then us stiffs, has anymore focus then those I mentioned or the same consequence ratio.

          • It’s cool man — I think we just misunderstand each other and that’s okay. My first post was all about how you can’t compare an athlete to a working stiff, and it looks like you’re trying to say the same thing. So probably best to let sleeping dogs lie.

    • Amber McCormick

      My take? Well first and foremost I’m getting sick and tired of hearing the word “rebuild”. I understand that if something is broken you take it apart, find the problem and put it back together. Much like burning a forest in order to have it grow back fuller and stronger. The key is letting it take its time to do so.

      New additions are inevitable but I think, like anything, all in moderation. Massive rebuilds just take you back to square one each season. I think we have a team that could very well take us to playoffs but it’s certainly not going to be this year (obviously) and it most likely won’t next year either. Last year the team seemed lethargic and disinterested but this I see a definite change in attitude. Sure, we aren’t playing as well as we all hoped and there is room for improvement. I say we give them that room and let them grow. I am very optimistic but I’m just afraid that everything is going get shuffled once again.

  • paul wodehouse

    …Are you here to cleanse the Oiler dressing room Amber…? tHe Turtle Was Gone Too Long Trilogy … as i understand is the author making good on spiritual transformations and meditations… in a brief gander at the outline it’s said he delves into shamanic initiations…

    that’s exactly what the witch doctor ordered!

    didya bring your mop and pale?

    it’s a mess in there…

    • Amber McCormick

      But it also has to be taken into consideration the sacrifices that do come from being a pro athlete. You have a shelf life unlike a “working stiff”. Athletes don’t have an option of performing until they’re 65 and receive a pension. They have to make enough money to last them and their families for those years after. They also are away the majority of the time and anyone who works out of town in an everyday persons job is usually compensated for that. I know people who work 26 weeks a year sitting behind a desk out of town and are bringing in a 6 figure salary.

  • Eulers

    Nice to have someone say what they think rather than over think and write what their overinflated ego thinks will make them look like they are smarter than everyone else.

    Ahhhn fresh air!

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Quoted for truth. Why does the OilersNation care that someone that pretends to be a fan hasn’t had time to watch the games?

      Stick to Oilers content, not crap that should be on this lady’s blogger.com site.

      • Chris.

        And why would OilersNation care that Strudwick likes to eat Princess Cake in Sweden? ~I mean is this the food network blog? Does this guy Strudwick even play in the NHL?~

        Struds is at least 7 full time zones away but I’d wager you’re still way too scared to talk this kind of smack on his blogroll… aren’t you?

        Amber can write whatever/whenever she wants on OilersNation because she was here from the start… just like Wanye can write about his misadventures in Ho Chi Minh City… Besides, an Angel Baby dies everytime Amber cries so I think you should apologize to the Lady for calling her article “crap”.

      • Devolution

        If I see something I don’t want to read I just don’t read it. Why don’t you just go and self-filter yourself?

        I for one find it refreshing to read a blog that isn’t all about firing people.