After a convincing BOA victory on Friday night and then celebrating St. Paddy’s all day yesterday, I’m sure many of you feel like like "ass" this morning. The last 48 hours have been great in Oilersnation. The Oilers crushed the Flames on Friday and last night the Sharks, Avs and Kings all won, so the Flames find themselves in 11th place this morning.

The only negative was watching Taylor Hall get concussed after losing an edge and having Cory Sarich’s hip slam into his head. Hall wasn’t on the ice this morning and since Tom Renney said he was concussed, he’ll be out at least a week, if not longer.

Hall walked out of Rexall on Friday and said he was feeling better, but in many cases it will take at least 48 hours to determine the severity of his concussion, but early reports are very positive. Every team has become more cautious with allowing players to return post-concussion so I don’t see any reason why the Oilers will hurry Hall back. There is no reason to rush him back.

This morning he told the media, "I feel good, pretty much normal. I woke up yesterday and felt fine and today I feel even better. I’d never been knocked out before, so it was pretty scary for me. I don’t remember the hit, but I feel fine. I’m glad I’m OK."

That is great news, but concussions vary from player to player so there is no guarantee Hall will play again this season.


After a solid performance against the Flames, the Oilers will try to play spoiler again tonight v. the 10th place Phoenix Coyotes. The Yotes have been in Edmonton since Thursday night, and they will be well-rested and desperate for a victory tonight. In the last 48 hours the Yotes have dropped from 7th to 10th place in the west.

                            GP          PTS

7th Colorado       74             83
8th San Jose       71             82
9th L.A                   72             82
10th  Phoenix      72             81
11th  Calgary       72             80

The Dogs will be hungry for a win, and the Oilers will need to play exactly like they did on Friday. The Oilers were disciplined, played physical and their best players led the way on Friday and they’ll need a repeat performance to beat the disciplined Coyotes.

Jordan Eberle picked up three points on Friday and now sits 11th in league scoring with 69 points. He is 3rd amongst western conference scorers, trailing only H.Sedin and Marian Hossa who have 70 points each. Eberle is having an excellent season and he should be a finalist for the Lady Byng trophy.

Since the lockout only Pavel Datsyuk and Marty St. Louis have won the trophy. Datsyuk won four years straight, 2006-2009, while St. Louis has won it the past two seasons.

Datsyuk’s totals when he won it were:

                   GP    G   A    PTS    PIM

2006          79    27 60    87      20
2007          82    31 66    97      20
2008          81    32 65    97      22
2009          80     27 43    70      18

St. Louis won it the past two years with these stats.

                  GP    G     A    PTS    PIM

2010….     82    29    65   94       12
2011….     82    31    68   99       12

Eberle has:

2012        67    31    38    69        8

He’s only had a penalty in three games this year. An interference call v. Boston on November 10th, he had holding and high-sticking minors v. the Hawks on November 13th, and he took a slashing penalty v. the Avs on Jan 31st.

He’s had one minor penalty and 56 points in his last 50 games. He’s played over 880 minutes of hockey and taken one measly penalty since November 13th. That is ridiculous.

Phil Kessel, 75 points and 20 PIMs, Marian Hossa, 70 pts and 16 PIMs, Patrick Elias, 68 points and 16 PIMs and Bryan Campbell, 47 points and 6 PIMs are his competition. If he doesn’t win it’s because they give it to a guy with more NHL experience. That shouldn’t be a factor, but it will factor into the voting I’m guessing.


The Oilers didn’t run lines this morning, but you have to assume that Linus Omark will slide into the top nine. Renney likely won’t juggle all of his lines, so we could see Omark skate with Sam Gagner and Ales Hemsky. Darcy Hordichuk will play after he and his wife welcomed a son, Declan, into the world on Friday.

Devan Dubnyk will get the start. He’s allowed only one goal in the past two games.

GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers continue to play spoiler and upset the Dogs 3-2.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Eberle and RNH continue their hot streak scoring two points each.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Dubnyk, who isn’t a great puck handler, will pick up his 2nd assist of the season, when he fires a puck up to Eberle at centre, and then watches Eberle undresses a Coyotes D-man and scores his 32nd of the season. Dubnyk will be shocked after the game when he finds out that Grant Fuhr had an NHL-record 14 assists in 1984, and says he plans on working on his puckhandling skills in the summer in hopes of reaching double-digits in assists next year.


Kudos to the Edmonton Oil Kings on an outstanding season. They won 50 games and finished first in the WHL. They will open up the playoffs at home this Friday and Sunday. They are one of the favourites and D-man Griffin Reinhart is guaranteed to be a top-ten pick in the draft, and likely a top-five. They have loads of talent and I’d highly recommend checking out a game this coming weekend.

Sad news for St. Albert hockey fans. It looks like the St. Albert Steel of the AJHL are very close to being sold to a group in Whitecourt. Nothing official from the league yet, but look for the Steel to move to Whitecourt for next season. I’m hearing former Oiler, Norm Lacombe, wil be the head coach in Whitecourt next year.

    • The Soup Fascist

      I see where you are going but IMO this is not perfect. Losing begets losing. You need to HATE to lose. When you start Smyth Horc or Belanger every four on four you are sending the wrong message.

      The fact our Dman of the future looked disinterested on the tying goal is not perfect. Our captain showing the footspeed of a houseplant is not perfect.

      I am absolutely fine with the Flames getting turfed. But I am tired of paying thousands of dollars to see this team lose. The culture needs to change now. Not game 1 next season.

      • Douche Nietzsche

        Horcoff was gassed and Yandle is probably top a 10 fastest defensemen in the league. He should of chopped Yandle, like Phoenix did on Hemsky. The refs were a joke tonight, no consistency on calls. The NHL standard is worse then the IIHF.

  • The Soup Fascist

    U know, I have never seen a sports team fan base, so cocky, after being the worst team in the league for the past 5 years. Its like the la clippers saying to everyone, were going to be awesome someday cause we suck so bad. As a canuck fan, living in edmonton, its so comical. Oiler fans lipping off the canucks.. Yah we got the nuge.. Were going to be winning cup after cup.. Someday.. Its unreal. Face it, oilers have a problem in their organization. Unless u draft a crosby or toews (which u have not) u r going to at best, compete for a playoff spot someday. This city is a sh*thole, its ugly, cold, has no identity and there is a murder once a day. I’m sad to say I live here. U should all realize nobody else outside of edmonton cares about the oilers.. No one. People think the nug is ok, eberle has good hands, hall one day will get creamed and his career will be over, but the oilers have no depth, no d, no goalie and no free agent will ever come here. Its sad so many of u have so much hope. Edmontonians should stick to what they r good at, picking bottles and panhandeling

    • Wax Man Riley

      Oilers have no this and no that…

      Vancouver: No cups. A-hole fans: No class. Please leave you trolling twit: Come back when your team has seen more finals and more cups, then brag.

    • Bi-Curious Gord

      If you hate it here so much then why are you living here?? Haha. You seem a little confused. You’re a Canucks fan but you spend your time on an Oilers website? You hate the city you live in but you refuse to move? Why don’t you head back west and stick with what you’re good at: hanging out in Surrey, blazing the hippie lettuce, collecting welfare, sitting on the sidewalk on Commercial Drive, burning your city down after another year of only dreaming about the Stanley Cup. I’ll take the Oilers’ core over the mongoloid twins & the rest of the RATS that play for the Canucks.
      Just relax, take a seat in your favorite cardboard box in your favorite alley, heat up that crackpipe nice & hot and inhale big…. and enjoy another tank job by the Red-headed step sons of Canadian Hockey.

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      It is ok. We are sad you live here to. Just think, in a few short years you will be old enough to drive and you can move out of your moms basement. You will be free to load up your little red wagon and grab the world by the short and curlies.

      Until then, enjoy your canucks. Nobody actually has to lip off the canucks. All anyone really has to do is go to wikipedia to see and enjoy the years of failures for the canucks.

      Do real good in the regular season and crap all over themselves in the playoffs. Wash, rinse, repeat. Ladies and gentlemen, your vancouver canucks

  • Ben Eager feasts on the souls of Canucks

    Teddy, you seem pretty agro considering your team is doing so well in the standings. Could it be because you, like everyone else, know full well that the charming group of hockey players from the West Coast will inevitably choke as soon as the lights are the brightest. Or maybe you’re actually grasping on to a shred of hope that Roberto Luongo won’t implode this post season. The fragile psyche of the Canucks is a microcosm of their fan base. Years from now you Losers will be able to tell your Loser children & your Loser grandchildren about that time the Canucks almost won the Cup, and then you can celebrate by eating salmon, smoking weed and being unemployed.

  • Bi-Curious Gord

    My question is not whether Horcoff,Smyth and Petrell were at the end of thier shift or at the beginning of thier shift. My question is what the heck were they doing that deep in a 2-1 game with less than 3 minutes to go. All were below the faceoff dot in the offensive zone with less than 3 to go? Seems a little risky to me. I would have prefered there be at least one man high to support the dmen. They get caught on the couner and its a 3-1 and its in the net. I just don’t think that that was the time to be pressing for another goal.Horcoff and Smyth should know better.

    • OnlyOil

      It was a rather risky and stupid pass I think by Petrell. One he surley regrets and one that Renney will be showing him over and over why he should have dumped it behind the net instead of trying to make a pass across the ice like that only the Nuge should be doing. Its a rookie mistake i’m sure he wont make again. And of course who else fu$%in Torres!! Hockey gods have no pitty on us at all!!!

    • Bryzarro World

      I hate this type of response even more that the ignorant trolls that show up from time to time.

      Ted.. See a lot of pics here that have to show us how to use a toilet properly? No…? Cause we know how!! You rejects cant even figure that out n have to post signs in the washrooms!!

      Burn down the city cause you losers cant handle what you are best at…. LOSING! Hastings is just expanding to engulf the whole dt core, goose crap coats stanley park… Etc.. Province full of socialists that want money but dont get off their arses to make any. Can always find negatives with any place you go. Travel a bit around the world, get some culture and see for yourself that there are MUCH worse places to live.

      Dont like it then GTFO!

      Ted is prob one of the sisters cousins with same deformed head and lack of self respect.

      • Bryzarro World

        More ignorant then the trolls. Lol

        I just don’t care to engage in childish squabbling. We know Vancouver sux, I just don’t wanna give the guy the satisfaction the guys looking for like you. Next time Ill shut my trap, and leave you and Mr. troll to your childish rhetoric and fighting.

        • Bryzarro World

          Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
          Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular: “ignorant of astronomy”.

          In case you don’t know what it means…

          I know exactly what He and I are doing. You are doing the same thing with ur insightful one line than we are doing. You acknowledge them just as we do… No? Diff is we dont sit back n take that, it also a bit of fun. Gets the blood flowing…

          You can put ur kids in the corner for a timeout and wonder why it is out of control in a few years.. We will do what we do and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Bryzarro World

    Ted has to come to this site cause no hockey fans in Van. Just a few tools that too ugly to go out without a bodysuit and a bunch of other yoyos that want to be seen on tv. The site is dead compared to the rest.