Jordan Eberle may play in the AHL this season, and as Jason Gregor told us this week Ebs is unlikely to be going alone.

Jason also updated us on Taylor Hall, with the 2010 #1 overall still recovering from injury and unlikely to play in the AHL. Nail Yakupov is also on the outside looking in, but after that all the kids can wheel in OKC this fall and winter.

That’s a lot of firepower.


If it all works out, OKC Barons fans could be watching the following forward lineup opening night:

  • Nuge-Hartikainen-Eberle
  • Josh Green-Dane Byers-Mark Arcobello
  • Lander-Paajarvi-Pitlick
  • VandeVelde-Cornet-House/Tyrvainen

This might mean players like Curtis Hamilton, Ryan Martindale, Cameron Abney and Kristians Pelss may spend time in Stockton this season. Here’s the possible blue:

  • Dan Ringwald-Colten Teubert
  • Alex Plante-Justin Schultz
  • Teigan Zahn-Taylor Fedun

This may mean Brandon Davidson, Martin Marincin spend time in Stockton, with Corey Potter possibly also in the mix for OKC employment (thus sending others down the depth chart). The goaltending situation should remain constant, with Yann Danis being backed up by two quality prospects in Olivier Roy and Tyler Bunz.


While we should be excited about the Barons 12-13 and their future–holy crap this is a loaded minor league team–we should also be aware that other NHL teams will be using the same option. It’s also true that the AHL was a helluva league before all of this, and anyone expecting insane numbers will probably be disappointed.


Hopefully, we’ll get to see a few OKC Barons games this winter, or subscribe online or maybe fly down there and maybe zip over to Houston and have a coffee with Les Alexander.

The Oklahoma City Barons are going to be a tremendous hockey club to watch, especially for Oiler fans. It is an unexpected chapter in Oilers history, but as Jason indicated in his article, it could be beneficial for the future of the organization.

What’s that about every cloud having a silver lining?

  • Abby Oil

    I sure hope that there isn’t a lockout. But on the plus side, I live in Abbotsford. What a great chance to see the Oil Barons live in Abbotsford this coming November!

    Nuge, Eberle, J Schultz??!! Unreal! Not likely we would ever see these guys in the AHL again.

    • Abby Oil

      I think it would be one of the most unique teams in modern minor league history. Again, I don’t want the lockout what so ever, but this is very intriguing. Generally the Abbotsford Heat do not draw well as we are right around the corner from Rogers Arena in Vancouver and the locals dislike the Flames as much as Edmonton folk, but I think I better get some tickets ASAP.

  • book¡e

    I haven’t had time to read the full article, just the first sentence, but does anyone else think its a bit weird that Jason Gregor is going to the AHL with Jorden Eberle?

  • RexLibris

    Hey LT,

    What was that you wrote over on your “other” site about the Canadiens having two farm teams in the 60s and 70s?

    It is a shame that players like Marincin, Pelss and Hamilton will have to go to the ECHL. I’m not as bullish about that league for development.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Martindale could develop into a good AHL center. Kid needs a break, in my opinion.

    Abney, on the other hand, seems tailor-made for the ECHL, from what I have heard. The next Dennis Bonvie?

    I also think that if the lockout goes past the Grey Cup then Hall signs an AHL contract. Hall and Eberle riding buses in the AHL together? Hmmm, is the American MidWest big enough to handle those two?

  • Reg Dunlop

    The most important players in OKC this year may be Teubert, Plante and Byers. Riding shotgun for this big of a pile of gold, especially with AHL head-hunters that will be prowling around, might be too big of a job for these 3. Better sign Ogie Ogilthorpe and Gilmore Tuttle.

  • Suntory Hanzo

    Maybe Abby Oil and I will have to open our homes to the Nation.

    Back to back games in October here in Abbotsford. Friday night game will still hopefully be $1 hotdog, $2 beer night like it was every Friday last season.

    Cheapest bar in town and still only a 1/3 full!

  • Suntory Hanzo

    I wouldnt even consider allowing my organisational assets to play farm team level hockey,ever,the potential for injury is to great,there is no developmental benefit,maintenance and development are different things.

    As a fan I would throw up if Ebbs broke a leg farting around on the farmteam,what an assinine idea exposing your business assets to damage for no reason related to what you pay them to do,at times like this pros go home or stick together and keep their skills warm,but they dont go back into the fire they alraedy came out of.

    Charity games all around Alberta is what they need to do—keep sharp but no competative edge,on the farm the competition is serious and at to high a level to simply maintain your skills and sharpness.

    • Cheap Shot Charlie

      “Well, I really want to thank you for your interest in GMing the Oilers but we are looking to go in a different direction. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be offering you the position. Best of luck!”

      p.s. Thanks for keeping your post relatively short.