Redline Report draft guru Kyle Woodlief says the 2013 entry draft is so deep there are players ranked in the mid-40s this season who would have been well inside the first round just a year ago. Perhaps Steve Tambellini knew what he was doing when asking for a 2013 pick in exchange for Andrew Cogliano a couple of years ago.

Seth Jones impressed at the WJ’s and at the top Prospects game, but does he remain the #1 prospect on the Oilers Nation list for the 2013 draft? Lets have a look.

  1. D Seth Jones, Portland (WHL). Latest segment: 11, 2-8-10, +1 8pims. First segment: 28, 7-17-24 +25 21pim Overall: 39, 9-25-34 +26 29pim. I’m a believer in selecting forwards before blue (less chance of injury, less chance of looking foolish because D have a lower turnout rate), but in the case of Seth Jones there’s just too much. Big, strong, tough, terrific skater, good offensive instincts and the wingspan of a California Condor (although he’s from Texas). Franchise defenseman. Craig Button: ”He’s a unique defenceman. I consider him the most unique defenceman since Chris Pronger."
  2. L Jonathan Drouin, Halifax (QMJHL). Latest segment: 9, 9-10-19 15pims +8. First segment: 22, 15-28-43 +20 14pims Overall: 31, 24-38-62 28pims +28. Wonderful player showed Canadians a lot during the WJ’s and looks to be the rising star during the draft season. Kyle Woodlief: "Drouin has every conceivable elite offensive tool, has grown to an adequate five-foot-11, 182 pounds, and can elevate the play of those around him better than anyone else in this year’s class. Combine that with his advanced positional game, unreal hands and big-game mentality, and you have a pretty impressive package.”
  3. C Nathan MacKinnon, Halifax (QMJHL). Latest segment: 9, 4-10-14 +6 6pims. First segment: 28, 22-26-48 +27 33pims Overall: 37, 26-36-62 +33 39pims. 5-tool center with all kinds of good arrows based on scouting reports and could very well be a franchise player. He played more of a support, defensive role for Canada at the World Juniors but the boxcars in junior tell us he’s going to deliver offense. Almost 11 months younger than Jones, and that is a factor in evaluating the players.
  4. C Sasha Barkov, Tappara (SM-Liiga). Latest segment: 11, 4-7-11 0pims +6. First Segment: 30, 14-14-28 4ims +8 Overall: 41, 18-21-39 4pims +14. 6.02, 205 and Bob McKenzie (who’s draft show comes up tomorrow night on tsn) has mentioned the name Dale Hawerchuk as comparable in style to Barkov. That’s some nice company. Highly skilled with size and speed, not a lot about him that scouts don’t like. Went 6, 3-4-7 at WJ’s.There are whispers that he is the best Finnish prospect in a decade or more. 
  5. C Sean Monahan, Ottawa (OHL). Latest segment: 16, 6-12-18 8 -8. First Segment: 24, 12-24-36 -3 8pims. Overall: 40, 18-36-54 -11 16pims. Team Canada coach Steve Spott on Monahan: "his hockey sense, in my mind, is at a National Hockey League level right now. He has elite hockey sense. He is just one of those players who can play in any situation – 5-on-5, 5-on-4, on your [penalty kill]. Sean has that innate ability. He is going to be an elite NHL player. There is no doubt about that."
  6. C Elias Lindholm (Brynas) (SEL). Latest Segment: 7, 2-4-6 0pims +2. First segment: 30, 5-13-18 2pims -3. Overal, 37, 7-17-24 2pims -1. Similar in style to Monahan, Lindholm has a nice range of skills, and Roger Ronnberg (Sweden’s coach at the WJ) sums up the player thusly: "He has the smartness and he has the grit to play–he hasthe most important combinations and that is both the will to compete and the smarts to be a really good player."
  7. R Anthony Mantha, Val D’or (QMJHL). Latest Segment: 17, 13-11-24 +4 18pims First segment: 30, 25-20-45 +12 37. Overall: 47, 38-31-69 +16 55pims. An emerging player because he’s such an interesting combination of things, combined with an outstanding season (13 goals in 17 games is a very strong month). Pronman: "Mantha is an intriguing package of tools as he is 6’4” with good speed, a heavy shot, and offensive instincts. I wasn’t all that sold on him last season, but he has developed well over the last six months or so"
  8. L Valeri Nichushkin, Traktor Chelyabinsk (KHL) 14, 2-2-4 (not listed in last top 10). Exceptional showing at the world juniors grabbed everyone’s attention and he jumps right into my top 10. Why? 6.02, 196, playing in the KHL. Corey Pronman takes it from there: "Nichushkin has a ton of upside between his elite skating, his great skill level, and a good power game. He has been playing in the KHL at 17 and had an impressive World Junior showing."
  9. D Josh Morrissey, Prince Albert (WHL). Latest Segment: 16, 5-5-10 E 28. First Segment: 31, 8-16-24 +12 37pims. Overall: 47, 13-21-34 +12 65pims. Morrissey is just average in size but gets a lot of attention because he’s such an outstanding skater. Expert puck mover, quality passer, he’ll need to work on playing a more aggressive defensive style but the tools are there. Corey Pronman: "Morrissey is a really fun player to watch due to his skating and offensive ability. His only real issue is that his physical game is just okay, leading to questions whether he can be a really effective defender."
  10. L Hunter Shinkaruk, Medicine Hat (WHL). Latest Segment: 18, 9-7-16 20pims -9 First Segment: 28, 19-24-43 +3 12pims. Overall: 46, 28-31-59 32pims -6. Falls down from our December look but remains in the top 10. On pace to pass the 40 goal mark. Corey Pronman: "Shinkaruk is a dynamic offensive player who is a unique skater with high-end hands and finishing ability. He is a little on the small side, though."


  • Pronman is such a great resource, his stuff is a must read for draft followers. Latest is here.
  • McKenzie’s show is tomorrow night and should be exceptional. Bob’s list is the Bible of the draft because he gets the inside scoop from scouts and scouting directors. Industry standard.
  • Button has very interesting takes and I enjoy his prose. While his lists are different from anyone else’s, I think that’s the point–or at least part of it–and it gives us an idea about just how differently teams see things in these young men.
  • My original look at this year’s draft is here.


The Oilers may be drafting in the teens or twenties this coming entry draft–lets hope so! The next time we look at the draft it’ll be a top 20 and that’ll be end of February. For now, the top 10 has remained somewhat stable from December’s list.

There’s still miles to go, but plenty of opportunity to shine.

  • Citizen David

    If the oilers are picking high again this year then Barkov is who they should target. If not my two favourites are Curtis Lazar and Kerby Rychel. If the oilers could get one or both of these players that would make my day.

    I’m just too scared of taking Defensemen high. Weren’t a lot of the same things said about Eric Johnson? He’s was a 6’4 200+ lb good skating Defensemen with good offensive numbers. Everyone was drooling over him too and he is a pretty good Defenseman but wouldn’t you rather have Jordan Staal or Johnathon Toews or Nicklas Backstrom or Phil Kessel? I think down the road Columbus will wish they took a star forward ahead of Ryan Murray and whoever takes Jones number one, if they do, might be wishing they took Mackinnon or Barkov or others.

  • Sox and Oil

    Man I hope its Monahan. I’ve been rocking his pic as my Avi for a few years now. Big strong 5 tool Center. Plus I always wanted my last name on a Oilers Jersey.

  • Citizen David

    I also think Shinkaruk will be very good. This years Jeff Skinner although maybe not right off the bat. He also won’t make it past wherever Anahiem is picking as I bet they would love to reunite him with Etem.

  • The Soup Fascist

    I have always said, “let someone else draft and develop first round D”.

    Jones is the exception. Kid will be huge and skates unbelievably well. He should go 1st overall.

    Oilers will do well to get one of Monahan, Rychel or Lazar – in that order – depending on where they pick. They have little depth at center.

    EDIT: Except Rychel is a winger. Can he take faceoffs????

    • Citizen David

      Rychel is a winger but he is exactly what the Oilers need in the top six. Obviously he’ll be a few years developing but he’s a rough tough winger who likes to hit and fight and scored 40 goals and just over point per game in the OHL the year before his draft year. Once again just over a point per game this year and has been picking it up recently.

  • Citizen David

    I think the Oilers would be happy with most of these players, as they’ll probably draft 12-15th.

    I could see the Oilers target Tony Mantha because of his size alone.

    LT, just off the cuff, but are there some prospects 11-30 that you think could feasibly get some teams GM’s to go off the board so to speak, that may leave one of these players to the Oilers in the mid-teens?

  • RexLibris

    I suspect that the Oilers will fall in the Lazar range for this year’s draft (somewhere between 8th and 14th overall). He may not make an ideal 2nd line center, but he could become an excellent winger.

    The higher the Oilers draft, the more they need to very strongly aim for a center. A few trade deadline moves could arm them with another 1st round pick, which would be exceptionally valuable this year.

    Those two 2nd round picks are ideal. I wouldn’t move them for any but the most enticing building blocks, ie: O’Reilly.

    Here’s hoping that the Flames do well this season and it convinces Feaster to trade away their first round pick because they are “going for it”.

    • striatic

      Lazar has dropped far. Under-producing on a super star team. Don’t think he’ll be in the 10-15 range anymore. I’m thinking he might drop to 25-30. If EDM’s in love with the guy, they could trade up with either/both 2nds+

      • Citizen David

        Lazar is an interesting one. His numbers last season were not all that impressive 63 20 11 31 but his playoff output was 20 8 11 19. Obviously as a 16 year old he improved throughout the year. People assumed he’d take off and hasn’t. 51 23 14 37. But recently he has been putting the points away after a start to the season where he greatly struggled to get points.

        Lazar is also thickly built, already 200 lbs, and plays physical. He likes to throw huge hits. He is also defensively responsible.

        I’m not a stats guy at all. I’m one of those guys who judges a player by watching them play and from watching Lazar play a fair amount, he gets my thumbs up. He is always creating offense. If the oil kings were down a goal at the end of a game he is the number one person I would want out there. If he continues to pick up his offense and has a good playoffs (coaches and media have said that he is a big game performer) coupled with him being an all around center, then I expect he’ll be in the 12-18 range.

  • striatic

    if i go by my prediction of 11th in the west, 20th in the league, that puts the Oilers picking around tenth.

    on Pronman’s list the following D stands out to me – Rasmus Ristolainen at 9th overall.

    Finnish D, already playing tough minutes against men in the SM-Liga. Well Rounded. Klefbom insurance.

    plus he’s named Rasmus Ristolainen, dammit!

  • RexLibris

    I’m thinking if they draft mid-teens they should pick up Frederik Gauthier. 6’4 210 2-way centre. Could replace Gagner (although I have no problem with gags) in 2-3 years

    • Citizen David

      It would be a gamble. I’d say Yakupov is a lock to be a 30 goal 70 point guy in his prime with an upside of 50 goals and 90-100 points. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a 40 goal scorer. Those don’t grow on trees. Neither do star number one Defensemen with great size but I wouldn’t say Jones is a lock to be that. We’d have to wait and see if he can bring it at the NHL level. If he can then no team would part with him so it’d be too late. So it’s a gamble. My guess is Jones will be a top pairing Defensemen but maybe Nurse or some Defensemen chosen 48th overall will be the best in the class. With Justin Schultz looking like he’ll be a star who’s already well along the developement path at 22 I wouldn’t move Yakupov for Jones who even if he’s a stud will probably need some time to be a star. It’s not a laughable suggestion though.

  • I’m still convinced the Oilers will be picking in the 6-9 spot. However, Regardless of where they finish and pick the Oilers need a 1-B center.

    This shouldn’t even be up for debate amongst the Oilers brass.

    Two 2nd round picks along with there own 1st the Oilers have to move up and choose Barkov or Monahan.

    The Oilers desperately need this type of player.

    • mk

      You mean like the player they took 6th overall in 2007?

      The player that is currently the most productive guy on the 2nd line?

      Just ask yourself why you are so sure that this time the #6 pick will be exactly what you want on the 2nd line.

      Look at the Islanders, they are still waiting for their #9 pick in 2008 to turn into that 2nd line center, their #7 pick from 2006 is possibly now just turning the corner equaling his draft value, and their #5 pick from 2010 is still a year or two from even being in the NHL.

      Magic beans are magic beans. I know these prospects all seem like they are going to be better than what we already have, but it still requires a lot of luck and patience.

      • Magic beans eh? Like RNH or Hall or Eberle.

        ask yourself, why am I comparing anything with the NYI? That should be your first clue.

        Then pick up any draft book, magazine, blog, watch TSN, follow Jr hockey and you will know that this is perhaps the deepest draft in a long time, filled with elite center talent.

        I then challenge you to find one scout who has anything negative to say about a 17 year old man child playing in Finland’s elite league against men while scoring a point a game.

        I think you can find out all you want tonight about these magic beans, much like the one rolling around in your head.

        Magic beans are pushing the Oilers forward right now, luck is what the Islanders use.

        • None of the players the Islanders took were off the board picks or reaches. They were all slated to go almost exactly where they were picked. So was Sam Gagner.

          You could of read all the draft books, magazines and blogs you wanted each of those years and you would of still ended up with those results. All of these forms have one goal in mind, selling copy. You don’t think it is in their own best interest to use hyperbole once in a while?

          Comparing a 1st overall pick to the 6-9 pick is hardly a genuine and fair comparison. Look at the success rate of a 1st overall pick vs. slots 6-9.

          The current years prospects are always the ones people should be loading up on.

          Also I don’t get the clear separation between the Oilers and the Islanders recently. Both teams have been terrible, the Oilers just happened to be even worse and were given the luxury of picking #1 overall 3 years in a row.

          Thanks for the personal attack as well, I find it really elevates the discussion and contributes to the overall dialogue on here.

          • Barkov in any of the last 3 draft could very well have been a 1st, in fact during the TSN a couple scouts questioned had him a two, Barkov at 6 would be a steal the same goes for Monahan.

            These are not magic bean players, but elite talent, I think it’s a safe bet these two could be the 1-B center in the NHL.

            The fact Gagner is the Oilers 2nd line center is a bonus for the Oilers.

  • mk

    I don’t see why you bother making this list longer than 2 players – even if someone else wins the draft lottery, the Oilers can’t move down more than 1 spot.

  • Home run potential exists with Tristan Jarry.

    Lazars a really solid player but he stays well within his comfort zone at all times, kinda wish he would reach a little higher during the normal course of a game. He does have an affinity for a little extra “care” when the team is down a goal late which is enticing but also a tad penneresque.

    I know stauffers a big fan and when it comes to stauff, hes about the worst Oiler secret keeper in the history of the franchise.

    Wyatt Johnson for the rebels wouldnt be a waste of a late round pick. Sutter uses him in a sutter role so his stats arent very shiny but the kid is solid although hes in a scoring funk worthy of a sutter at the moment. LOL!

    Is sam reinhart this year or next? . edit… Next…. That kid has game… wow.

    • French Toast Mafia

      Totally agree on Jarry. I don’t know much on evaluating tenders but in the games Ive seen him play this year he was lights out. Also, one of the best puck handling goalies I have ever seen. Every ring dump on the penalty kill he grabbed and fired out of the zone. He is a pretty impressive player.

  • might be time to dangle some pics for some immediate help.

    move your first round pick, omark, peckam and whitney in various trades for depth on d and depth upfront.

    This team has what it needs for top end talent. time to use assets to build around them to make a complete team.

    dubnyk will settle in and become a top 10 goalie in league.

  • if the draft is so deep, why not give one of our 2nd rounders and a player / prospect package to columbus for one of their 3 first round picks. With 3 picks, you can almost be assured Columbus will be active on the trade front, so why not send one our way.

    • French Toast Mafia

      Would you trade our first round pick for Ryan Johansen of Columbus? There may be a deal there to be had. I think if Columbus is looking to ake a splash having 4 first round picks may be the thing to reinvigorate their franchise. And who says the Oilers don’t win the lottery? I believe all 14 teams will have a shot this year at number 1. Its weighted to be sure but a shot is shot. The way Tambo’s tie has been bringing us luck at the draft we have at least a pretty good shot at number 1.

      To everyone. Is the value of a rental player going to be higher at the trade deadline this year than last? Will a UFA dman like Whitney or a guy like Hemsky have more value this trade deadline because of the shortened season. If Hemsky is healthy and producing what is his value to say a team like the Rangers? Or Pittsburgh( who can’t seem to score right now?). Or Tampa Bay?

      If I am picking its Lazar. Too much player there to pass on. Forget the numbers and look at the body of work. Solid,solid player with good offensive skills. Doesn’t need to put up huge numbers ti impress me. His overall game is NHL like. He’ll fill out at 215 ish and has the size,skill and speed to be a top center in the NHL in 3-4 years. He has leadership written all over him.

      Look what happen last year with Henrik Samuelson. The Oilers held their breath hoping he would be there on day 2 and Phoenix scooped him up late in Round 1. The kid will score 35 goals this year. Moroz was a great pick but pales in comparison to the skill set Samuelson brings to the table. Moroz will be a 3/4 line banger. while HS has the potential to be a 1/2 line winger. The Oilers need to be aggressive. Not passive at the draft this year.

    • Clyde Frog

      No, please no.

      Drafts are full of magic beans; 95%+ of those beans (Even the first rounders) require 2+ years of careful development and growth to even find out if its an NHL player.

      Unless Whitney becomes our 9th defenceman or we are 29th looking at next year as being the deepest free agent market seen in years DON’T trade him.


      Because to win today you need NHL players, the chances of a traded for 1st rounder being that in under 2 years is less than 10%.

      Thank you, that is all.

  • A-Mc

    I’ll be expecting the oilers to draft 100% based on need this time around.

    The Oilers are in a situation where they need to start shifting from picks to actual players that can contribute today or next year. For this reason i could see them drafting size in various positions as its the #1 organizational need. Big Centers would be the ideal choice of course, and from what i read this years draft is full of Centerman.

    Is there a resource available online to see how many picks the Oilers have for the 2013 draft? and in what round they are?

  • RexLibris

    I’m likely one of the biggest Samuelsson boosters you are likely to meet. I would trade a roster player for him right now, and he hasn’t left junior yet.

    That being said, the Oilers apparently did try to trade up and get him, and I believe there were rumours of talks with Phoenix, but we don’t know what was offered or if the pick was even in play.

    I absolutely love this kid, and if the Oilers could draft Lazar, and somehow trade for Samuelsson, then a line of those two and Yakupov two years from now could be a thing of beauty.

    • I was a huge fan of getting Samuelsson, devastated we didn’t get him, I would trade for him right now as well.

      As for Lazar, we have had our conversations about Lazar, while I get to watch him all the time, I have seen a regression in his offensive output but an improvement in his two way play.

      That’s not really a bad thing, but if you want him as a second line replacement for Gagner I think it would not be an offensive upgrade.

      I can honestly see him as a major upgrade on the third line, if this kid can become a 50% faceoff man then the Oilers should try and get a bullet in the late first round as well.

      A solid two way player.