After 21 games with an offence that scores less than a married guy after coming home late from an all-nighter, Ralph Krueger elected to switch up his line combinations. And he was smart enough to do it against the team the Oilers dominate like no other western division foe, the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The Oilers have won 28 of 45 games played vS. the Blue Jackets, a solid 62.2 winning percentage. Jordan Eberle, Ales Hemsky, Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Magnus Paajarvi and Ryan Smyth all average at least a point-per-game vS. the Blue Jackets, so juggling the lines should be easier to sort out against the Jackets than the Red Wings in two nights.



Nugent-Hopkins is very good defensively and Hall and Hemsky are the hardest wingers to defend, so that line should see, and be able to handle, the tougher minutes.

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The 91-89-14 trio looked decent v. Minnesota, and if Paajarvi can stay as involved in the game as he was in Minnesota they should create some chances.

Jones/Belanger/Smyth had some very good shifts against the Wild where they created turnovers and hemmed the Wild in for a good 30-40 seconds. Yakupov could add the potential for outside shots, but he won’t be as good as Smyth at cycling the puck. I’ll be curious to see how this trio plays. If Horcoff was healthy this line would be much better.

Moving Smyth to centre isn’t ideal, but considering Vande Velde adds little, I’d go with Smyth’s experience even if he is out of position. If this line cycles like you’d expect them to, and can wear down the defenders on most shifts Krueger will be happy.


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It seems like Whitney is starting to play the way Krueger and Steve Smith want him to. He jumped up into the rush much more in St.Louis and Minnesota, and by being more aggressive, and moving his feet when he had the puck, he wasn’t caught standing still as often. He needs to play like he has the last two games to stay in the lineup.


Dubnyk stole a game the last time the Oilers were in Columbus. The Jackets outshot them 40-14, so you’d expect a better effort tonight from the skaters in front of Dubnyk.


  • This is one of the greatest videos I’ve seen in a long time. Kudos to You Tube poster/artist "M A K A V E L I" for this hilarious compilation. He made this after Bruins head coach Claude Julien had the audacity to complain whine about the Montreal Canadiens and their embellishment. 

  • I know Oiler fans are talented so we might have to have a You Tube contest later this year.
  • After listening to Steve Tambellini yesterday I think it is fair to conclude that when the Oilers get healthy he’ll have to make a minor trade or two to get guys back on the roster. Vande Velde will go down when Horcoff returns in a few weeks, and Hartikainen likely goes to minors when he comes of IR, but when they activate Mark Fistric from the IR he’ll have to try and move someone rather than just lose them on waivers.
  • Right now the 8th place team is on pace for 54 points. If we conclude that 54 points is the cut off for the post-season, the Oilers need 34 points in their final 27 games. Meaning they need to go 16-9-2, 15-8-4 or 14-7-6 to make it. I think 8 OT/SO losses in 27 games is a stretch so I won’t go lower than 14 wins. A loss tonight v. the lowly Blue Jackets makes the final 26 games even harder. 

GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Oilers find a way to win and the 4/93/83 trio combine for six points in a 4-2 victory.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Mike Brown fights Jared Boll. Fans who like scraps will love it, while the number crunchers will suggest Brown is an awful NHL player and that his intensity isn’t necessary and that punching people doesn’t help you win.

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NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: While Ales Hemsky is serving a rare coincidental roughing penalty, Krueger gives Brown a shift with Hall and Nugent-Hopkins. Nugent- Hopkins finds himself all alone in the slot and releases a quick snapshot. The shot was going high and wide, not surprise since his aim seems a bit off this year, but it hits Brown in the moustache and deflects into the net. Brown’s moustache is so thick it protects him from a cut. Within minutes @MBstache will be created on twitter and it will have 10,000 followers by the end of the game.


  • Zed

    Hockey god #1: Hey want to see something funny?

    Hockey god #2: Well…. Yeah!

    Hockey god #1: OK this one’s an easy one. Look at all of those Oiler fans.


  • RPG

    Well … if I owned this team, the management would all be fired immediately. This group should not be allowed to do anything else with this team, with the exception of cleaning out their offices.

  • mr_nihilism

    This team has a pathological unwillingness to forecheck like full grown men of NHL caliber. If they’re not trying to be too cute for their own good and passing up the puck when they should be shooting at the net, they’re playing lazy uninspired boring “Oilers Hockey”.

    I don’t know why this team is plagued with a lack of will to win, but the solution better come soon. It’s starting to look like the natives (fans) are getting restless. Being in a rebuild is no excuse for lack of passion that’s been on display for years now.

    This team played better and harder back in the 90’s.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Another gutless,leaderless heartless example of our 2013 Oilers.

    A 1 goal game and no Yakupov when it mattered most. 100% of the time he learns nothing seated on the bench. That game’s over if Yak is out there on that 4v3 OT powerplay. One night it’s a player letting his teammates down, the next it’s the coaching letting the team down.

    Seen enough of this low pressure puckmoving system Krueger wants incorporated. Fragg his arse along with this gong show management group.

    Thanks, i feel better now. I can actually see why Katz lives in Vancouver now to distance himself from this sh!t.

  • DSF

    Well at least I can curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb and cuddle my new game used and auto’d Hall stick that I won in the charity auction tonight. Got it for cheaper than a meal, a night at the Rex and a flat of heroin beers.

    At least I am WINNING….wish I could say the same for our damn team tho!

  • yawto

    here’s what bugs me….we totally suck, the management sucks but the fans will line up from Rexall all the way to southgate with fists full of dollars, game in and game out. As long as the Oilers sell out every night NOTHING will change!!!! Don’t you people get it!!!! F___K!!!!
    Stop going and then we’ll see some changes.

    Good Bye I’m going to puke.

  • DSF

    I keep seeing folks saying that they are disappointed with the way the Oilers played against the worst team in the league. I think it is time to face facts, we are the worst team in the league.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Oh well. We need to lose the next two games and then be the first team to knock off the Blackhawks in regulation on Sunday. One win in the next four games is what this team needs. Come home from this roadtrip in deadlast with only 22 games to go.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Appears to be a big city kid from what i can see, his whole family being Yank and all…. Could see him telling Edmonton NOT to draft him. He’s American through and through, hope i’m wrong and he’s not another Lindros.

        • Newj

          Being American has nothing to do with it…he could be like Lindros and not want to be drafted by a sorry ass organization…having a chance to win within his career as a NHL hockey player…wonder what J Schultz is thinking these days?

          Looking at our organization right now..would you blame him?

          Agreeing with you but the reference to being American…. WTF does that have to do with anything?

  • Word to the Bird

    ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM! What is firing the coach going to do? What are we on like our fourth coach under Tambonehead? Meanwhile we stockpile ROOKIES year after year. What’s that going to do? The moment I realized our only offseason moves were for 2 raw kids I knew we were doomed for another top 5 draft pick. Other than the gifts of sucking every year our team is virtually IDENTICAL to the team that spawned this demoralizing rebuild in the first place. If every team was a bowl, we’d be a colinder with the amount of holes we have. For the love of God, DO SOMETHING! You probably don’t realize it management, but as fans you EMBARASS us with our optimism only for it to be destroyed halfway through the season. It’s not asking a lot for a team to at least try to win. It amazes me to imagine what Tambellini is possibly thinking right now… Most likely because he isn’t. Jeeeez

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I am always amazed at after watching the Oilers play and then watching the highlights on TSN or SN of the other 30 teams at just how simple their game plan is and how bad ours is!

    For example Habs/Islanders – PP highlight pick anyone the Habs run this to perfection.

    One forward in front of net who attempts to block the vision of goalie, two forwards in shooting position at top of circle (facing each other – left handed shot on right side and vice versa) two dmen overload the side where puck is. Move puck quickly from player to player thus fatiquing opponent. Subban/Dman walks in takes low hard slap shot and a rebound ensues (CAUTION – rebounds never happen without the forward motion of a stick on a puck), forwards crash net from both positions(CAUTION CAUTION – this is considered a “hockey play” and requires effort), fire low shot into empty net. Score. Draw another penalty. Repeat.

    Coaching staff tip – please see any successful PP highlight from now going back to days of the Vancouver Canadians for some video.

    For the love of God please make this stop . . . .

  • Quicksilver ballet

    It is entirely possible that by the end of the brier the oil will be rattling around the bottom of the west with Columbus.

    Even competing for a playoff spot will be for all practical purposes impossible.

    And the atlas that is the collective oil fanbase will shrug off the burden that is the pathetic organization known as the Edmonton oilers.

    Apathy – a very bitter apathy – will be epidemic among the ranks. This time the wait will not be for the next draft pick but a different godot – wholesale, root and branch change in the management of the team.

    If the likes of Lowe and tambellini aren’t nervous about appearing in public at the next home game they should be. Chants of “fire Lowe!!” And “fire Tambo” should reign down with rivet rattling force…

    Ron Wilson never coached another game when that happened in TO. Apparently leafs board members were visibly shaken by the fierceness of the chants.

    It is the fans only proactive option.

  • Peanut Sauce

    I can’t handle watching oiler games anymore… I don’t think I saw one oiler win a battle in the corners let alone anywhere on the ice today. Getting outplayed by cbj is just hilarious in all the wrong ways

  • GVBlackhawk

    Wow lots of problems

    Why would this team keep playing all those old vets. This year is another play-off miss… Take minutes away from 94, 20, 6, 35 and, 10 and give minutes to 91, 56, 57, 19, 2 and 40.

    Does anyone thing we have anything we can use for trades for Good PROS?

    Pro scouts have a spotty record….

    We traded Gilbert for Shultz??? Tough to get a slow, soft dman for puck moving dman.

    Sutton, Belanger, Eager, Hortichuk and Smith….hmmmm

    The improvement has to come largely from the current roster.

    • Bonvie

      The roster won’t even be close to what it is this season going into training camp next year.Some of the dumbass Tamo signing will come off the books by attrition,buyout or trade. You mentioned several.Sutton will be off the books.Eager,Hordichuck,Belanger,Bulin. Potter.Whitney. Hemsky if we continue at this pace. His value is climbing as more bodies continue to fall.For example,Stephen Weiss(FLA). The Oiler’s would be imo doing the right thing if they trade Smyth to a playoff team at the deadline like the NYR. Horcoff will not be bought out. It won’t happen.He is too valuable in the role of third line centerman. The real big question will be whether or not the Oilers move Sam Gagne at the deadline or at the draft. The only way I see sam staying in Oilers blue is if he makes the move to wing or the Oilers move him to 3rd line center and push Horcoff down. The Oilers will probably finish 25-27th. They will either get a shot at Drouin,Barkov or MacKinnon.

      Patience.The BIG 3 continue to learn.Stauffer hit the nail on the head on yesterdays show.The OIL KINGs have 10 players on their roster older than RNH and Yakupov. Lets all be patient and not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Breath.Its a short season.Changes will come later than sooner.I am not a big fam of Tambo’s communication style but I admit his patience equals mine when it comes to seeing the long term development of this organization. Don’t say you all have to like it.Or accept it. But I have seen this before and it takes patience and a lot of learning to get to that next level.

      • Bonvie

        As with anything, people can be very patient and accepting when the end goal is clear. The problem with the Oilers is the end goal remains as murky as ever. The team lacks identity which was highlighted by Gregor’s interview with Tambo. When asked, Tambo didn’t have a ‘cocktail party’ response ready regarding the type of team he was building. I think they learn this in ‘GM 101’ – have a vision and be able to express that vision in 50 words or less. There are many examples of teams stocked with talent that floated out to sea. It takes leadership, visionaries, and the fortitude to stick with a well developed plan to succeed. The Oilers don’t seem to have these elements.

  • Bonvie

    Can I be the first one to suggest that we need to hold someone accountable here. The coaches and GM’s have already had their chance to do it and we are very close to slipping back down to being dead last again this season for basically the fourth year in a row.

    To me this game with Columbus and the quality of the opponent and the effort the Oilers made with almost no injuries is inexcusable. Last year our team went down hill fast after a good start and key injuries could be blamed. This year our biggest loss was a third line center, I mean really if you can’t replace one injury without tanking a season something is horribly wrong.

    I see a good coach in the minors having success with his ECHL call ups after losing most of his key players from last seasons good run. I myself have always liked K.Lowe as a coach and he brought some key guys in Pronger Spacek and Peca for a good run in 2006. He may have made some mistakes but overall some good moves. If he does not do some firing then he should probably go down with the ship.

    Tambelina has done nothing but win the lottery! That is the only area where he has enjoyed success. Souray looks good in Anaheim doesn’t he? I am sure glad they got that cancer out of Edmonton so they could show the young kids a winning attitude and the winning culture has really paid off.

    Krueger struck me as boring and uninspiring and I was sorely disappointed when this defensive coach of team Switzerland is named as the head coach over a passionate type coach like Nelson. However with all the good stuff said by the players I thought I should be patient and see how the season goes. The verdict is almost out we have not improved this year, and if you take injuries from last year into account I feel we may have taken a step back as we now have the 5×5 offense equivalent to a pop-gun, and we have had no key injuries as opposed to last year. More important we are losing a lot of games where it is just lack of effort. Me like most Oiler fans were able to lose during the bad times when the teams were young and played their heart out. I especially think of the days with young Maltby, Marchant, Arnott, Grier, Thornton, Pearson, McAmmond and Weight. Lost a lot of tough games but were entertained and glad we watched the games because they played ther best.

    I liked George Burnett but he was fired after only a part season by the Oilers I think Krueger more than any other coach in Oiler’s history is deserving a fate such as Burnett, to be fired after only a partial season, we are losing games and it has nothing to do with talent levels, but everything to do with strategies, motivation, and compete. These are the intangibles that a coach can work with. There is more than enough talent in that lineup to win games, but you need players to get to the dirt areas and go to the net. I watch the highlights and see all of the goals being scored with screens or rebounds and with players driving the net. How does Toronto score like 6 goals, because they play with a little bit of heart and passion, not because of their skill level.

    Krueger may be the nicest coach these players ever had, but he should be fired before their next game and the guy who hired him and did not address any of the teams weaknesses in the past hmmm pretty much they have been the same for 4 years. We cleaned house with the players with O Sullivan, Polutuny, Moreau, Cogliano etc back then because they lacked heart and grit and here we are with the same type of team 4 painful years later. Yeah Tambelini should definitely go with the coach he hired.

  • 4 on 3 and no Yakupov? Instead run out Hemsky who won’t shoot it if it meant his first born…Crazy.

    Barkov is looking pretty good, earlier this year I said the Oiler will be pick in the 6 to 9 range.

    I honestly think the Oilers are a lock for a lotto pick again

  • vetinari

    All of our recent coaches share one thing in common: an incompetent management team that fails to provide them with appropriate players st key positions. Send Tambi home to “think about what his plan is” for two weeks, and then mercifully fire him.

    • vetinari

      Katz likely does but there is really no downside to this arrangement for him. He’s a businessman and money talks. And for the last few years, the Oilers, a subpar product in comparison to its competitors (based on points and standings position over the last few years), sells out every night. They make Katz money.

      What incentive is there to change the product when it delivers a fantastic rate of return to Katz? If you could produce a Nissan and sell it at the same price as a Rolls Royce, would you change your business model?

      The only time Katz showed a rats arse about what fans thought was when he and Lowe bone-headedly gambled that going to Seattle would galvanize fans behind giving him a new arena when it in fact did the opposite. And eventually he did some damage control and got his arena deal anyways. And without having to actually hold the management team accountable or delivering a competitive on-ice product. Pretty slick, eh?

      • This is only half the story, yes, Katz make money during the season.

        However, it is more beneficial to him if the Oilers make the playoffs, as playoff revenue generates even more income.

        This is one of the reasons Calgary refuses to rebuild, they want the first round, this is why when the Oilers when owned by the EIG they HAD to make the playoffs.

        I think Katz tells Lowe at the end of the season someone has to go.

        My guess is Katz fires Laforge and replaces him with Lowe, in turn Lowe promotes Tambellini and Mac-T steps up into the GM roll.

        Around the merry-go-round.

  • by golly Shane you are right, and only 5 points out of 5th and 6 points out of 3rd. Anything can happen yet, I’m gonna stock up the fridge with beers(xtra strength beers though) and stay tuned.