While we all wait for MacT to make bolder and BOLDER and BOLDER deals we thought this might be as good a time as any to have a lil contest with our new sponsor Jerad Cox from Sterling Real Estate. It’s a man cave contest and the prize is an Hall/Eberle/Nuge lithograph sent straight to said man cave.

That’s mad decent.

We were recently sitting down with our first real estate advertiser in the history of the Nation Network and trying to brainstorm ideas on how to make his ad on the Nation relevent to Oilers fans. "Man we should talk about man caves" Jerad said. "In my 15 years in Edmonton Real Estate I have seen some wicked ones over the years. Oilers fans go above and beyond on this sort of thing. Its crazy"

We then laughed heartily, smashed our beer steins together in the most manly way possible and declared the contest a go. On twitter recently we got some awesome examples. To keep this from turning into a popularity contest we will withhold the identities of these early entrants. Then once we have more entries we will vote on a winner, turning it back into a popularity contest.

Man oh man. get a load of this cave. 6 visible leather theatre seats. Autographed oilers pics on the wall. Classy, yet ready for a playoff run due in 2019.

Now this wide screen shot might be a bit tricky to see but it is well worth the squint. Is that an autographed Gretzky jersey in a frame? Yes, yes it is. Is that a Yakupov sliding pic bottom right? It darn well looks like it. HOLY MAN IS THAT R2-D2 IN THE CORNER? THIS CAVE HAS A FUNCTIONING R2 UNIT AT THE READY?! 


This man cave looks to not only lead the league in framed jerseys but also in festive lighting as well. And any guy with a framed 16 on the wall is an OG fan. Mad respect.


An Oilers themed poker table with legs that look like hockey socks is a first for our eyes. We can only imagine that Oilers poker means you lose every hand but take great pride in dealing first each game. Yes Oilers, you have made us resort to jokes like this.

No pressure for next year right?*

This is what appears to be an insanely awesome beer fridge with Oilers tap handle out the front. As Oilers beer fridges go this is one of the sickest we have ever seen in fact. Well played good Sir. And the fact it seems to be next to a working filing cabinet is hilarious too for some reason.


Send us pictures of your man cave. Wait that’s sexist – send us pictures of your man OR woman cave by Monday, July 15. Or hey send us pic of your bat cave too if you happen to have one**

Send em to wanyegretz at gmail dot com and we will have a vote when it’s all said and done. There is an cool lithograph of the big three in it for ya courtesy of Jerad Cox. 

That’s pretty dang sweet if you ask us.

*Just kidding there is mad pressure

**Members of the Wayne Family need only apply

  • DSF

    Edmonton Oilers ā€@EdmontonOilers 27s

    #Oilers acquire David Perron (@DP_57) from the @StLouisBlues in exchange for Magnus Paajarvi and a 2014 second-round draft pick.

    • The Soup Fascist

      Good deal?

      Edit: Personally I think a bit of an overpay, but Perron does have more edge than MPS, though smaller and is a pretty versatile guy that can move around the lineup if need be.

      • DSF

        I think so.

        Perron, if he stays healthy, is a helluva player.

        I’ve always thought Paajarvi would top out as a very good 3rd line winger.

        The pick just balances the value.

        • nuge2drai

          Oiler Domination To Follow

          Paarajvi might be as good as Perron one day, this is a clear upgrade today.

          There’s no advanced stats that will prove this wrong, Perron is just much better and is now a part of the oilers young core.

          Not like we traded him away for an old Defenceman like
          Gonchar or something.

          Perron will put up 20-30 more points than Paarajvi this year, it’s a great trade for Edmonton, he’s such a great player.

          • The Soup Fascist

            Remember when MPS took zero penalties – ever – and never seemed to get involved when things got tough?

            I am not trying to be a d!ck and understand where you are coming from but I think we are getting the much better player today. Perron has crazy skill and some sandpaper.

            Hurrah that we are getting better today. Perron is only 25, not like he is over the hill. If he stays healthy I think he is more effective than MPS ever will.

          • OilersBrass

            Okay they got their top six player (without size like they wanted), but now they’re right back to where they were before… Still needing another left wing. Perron is more experienced and the better scorer, I just hope he stays healthy or Mac T is going to regret it.

            This might come back to bite them in the long run, but the second round pick was overpay for sure.

          • OilersBrass

            Okay my bad, but they’ll still need to add another player for the 3rd line now.

            Edit – Only if Hemsky gets traded, but I cant see them keeping him around just for a third line role.

          • Young Oil

            Totally, a guy that’s scored around 20 goals for two straight seasons previous to one he had an eye injury, ya that guy should get buried on the fourth line for sure.

          • Young Oil

            Maybe years of Edmonton having a terrible 4th line has affected your judgement. Good teams actually have quality players on their 4th line who they do not need to ‘bury’. Jones is a decent player, but a mess in his own end, and had a huge drop off in scoring last year. Eye injuries can really affect an individual’s play for a long time, so it’s far from a sure thing that Jones will get even close to his previous form. I’m more than happy with him on the 4th line, in his preferred RW, but playing on the third line, on his off wing, does not inspire confidence.

          • The Soup Fascist

            Maybe never watching hockey has affected your judgement. Name one, one player who played all year on the fourth line of any team in the NHL with more than 15 goals.

          • Young Oil

            It’s nearly impossible for one player to play the entire year on a single line due to injuries/hot or cold streaks, so that’s a terrible question. I’m not saying Jones is a bad player, but to disregard a serious, lasting injury and blindly assume he will return to his previous form, and stick him on the third line, on his off wing, is not the smartest choice. Based on Jones’ play last year, he is a 4th line player. Maybe he will do better this year, but that can’t be assumed, so a better, healthier player needs to be brought in to give the team a better chance of success.

          • The Soup Fascist

            Agree, still some significant holes. I would have liked the 2nd rounder to package up with Hemsky, Schultz the Elder, etc to complete a better deal down the road.

            Don’t get too hung up on size. Perron adds more grit than any top 6 er the Oilers have now.

          • OilersBrass

            I’m just so depressed MPS is gone šŸ™

            He got rushed into the league to fast.. He has so much potential, and showed flashes of brilliance after the lockout.

            I’ll be good in an hour, looks like i’m adding a Perron jersey to the collection. I’m sure he’ll be able to put up at the least 60 points playing in the top six, he is a good player.

          • The Soup Fascist

            Like I said, I get the sentiment. MPS is big and skates well and seems to play both ends of the rink. Would be nice to keep him, but I think Perron helps this year – if healthy.

            Bigger question – catfight over the storied #57 jersey betweed Lander and Perron?

          • The Soup Fascist

            There are like two guys in the league that like #57 and now they are on the same team.

            I don’t think seniority matters. Posession is 9/10ths of the law ….. even though he has spent more time in the AHL than the NHL.

          • DSF

            Perron missed parts of 2 seasons because of a concussion and has been injury free since, playing all 48 games last season.

            Worth noting, the season he came back from injury, he played 57 games, scoring 21 goals and 42 points.

            Given the differences in systems, (Hitchcock always tries to win 1-0) I can easily see Perron scoring close to 30 goals and 65 points.

        • The Soup Fascist

          I understand the sentiment but consider this, “better to give up on him too early than too late”.

          Bottom line is if MPS becomes this fast strong 2nd liner who scores 25 goals for St. Louis, Oilers get killed in the deal. What are the chances that happens?

          2nd rounder is what I have more concerns with.

  • DSF

    Well, I guess an upgrade on the guy we already had. I still wish we’d get some size in our top 6 on the LW. Unfortunately the more I think about it, the Penner might make sense to play in that spot. And still no contract with Gagner.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    For Magnus and a 2nd rounder, solid trade. I really like Perron as a player, nice to see the kids get some support. Gordon will help the third line, but i wouldn’t mind a Grabovski signing and Gagner trade. Or a Jagr signing.

  • nuge2drai

    I think it a bit of an overpay, a third or 4th rounder should have been good enough with PRV. As much as I love the player and the potential, it was fairly obvious that if any move was going to be made PRV would be involved.

    LT called this one, and Bronte’s post last night was rather timely. I expect a couple more deals will be made in the next 2-3 weeks, so that Hemmer is moved, a C shows up and we get that 1st pairing Dman.

  • LinkfromHyrule

    not sure how I feel about this trade. I would rather someone else get shipped out than paajarvi, but really who else could we send with any value. MPS has a while before he comes into anything better than a 3rd liner (if ever).

    Perron is a good player NOW when he’s healthy. The draft pick may have been a slight overpay, I would rather that have been used on a goaltender next year, but that’s splitting hairs. Will have to see how this turns out. Gagner-Yak-Perron? Doesn’t sound so bad to me

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Plus he’s signed for 3 more years at 3.8 per. Great contract for an awesome player.

    Very happy with this oilers trade, first time I’m saying that in nearly a decade.
    (Besides the Penner trade)

    On that not Klefbom is a beast an looks ready for the NHL, in fact looks so good he could play in the top 4 and excel. I’m not an optimistic person when it comes to the Oil, but this guy is going to be phenomenal.

    I can see why they were offering him a spot in the NHL last year.

  • Eddie Shore

    I’m shocked with all the love MPS gets considering he barely produced any points. Perron is the better offensive player today, which hopefully will make the team better today. I like the trade.

  • French Toast Mafia

    Great deal. perfect second line LW. Has some grit and can score 20 a year.

    Knows how to go to the net and plays with a lot more jam than PRV.

    I’ll agree with DSF on this one, I only saw PRV as a really good 3rd liner at best. Good move from Mac T.

    More to come when he moves Hemsky

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    You know Yakupov will be happy playing the second line this year wjth a 60-70 point player on his wing. Jones is a solid third line LW. Gordan is a solid 4th C, id like them to add a scoring two way third line center to the mix. Perhaps the Z Smith for Hemsky trade will fill that void and we can get a second rounder back to replace the one we lost in the Perron trade.

    Hall- Hopkins- Eberle

    Perron- Gagner – Yakupov

    Jones – Gordon – Hemsky

    Smyth – ______ – Brown(Eager)

    Petry Smid

    Ference J Shultz

    N Shultz Belov(Klefbom)

  • CaptainLander

    Hmm, bring back Penner and go get Morrow for three years. Trade Gagner for even more help on D, then trade Hemsky for third line RW and call it a night.

  • nuge2drai

    I don’t know much about Perron, but watching highlights he reminds me of a grittier, better-shooting Hemsky….seems to move similar to Hemsky, not quite as smooth, but a great shooter (it appears).

    Read a bit on Blues blogs, Perron seems that he was moved to 3rd and 4th line towards end of year…..

  • CaptainLander

    From a player perspective, Perron is an upgrade on Paajarvi in the immediate term. This team must make the playoffs and Perron is better suited for helping the team now than Paajarvi.

    In terms of risks, Oilers assume risk in the form of David Perron’s health. I trust that the Oilers did everything they could to ensure Dave’s current health is as good as it can be. For the Blues, the risk is that Paajarvi never gets over the 2nd line/3rd line bump. I think the rumours of Philly possibly offering Pietrangelo a contract scared them to start moving some salary.

  • CaptainLander

    I was hoping for Stewert but Perron may work out fine……….provided he stays healthy.

    Whenever I hear the term concussion next to a player, all sorts of flags start flapping in my imagination.

  • oliveoilers

    Well, it’s bold, I’ll give him that. We just sent an inexperienced, skilled, fast winger with size to an organization that can teach him how to use them tools. And we got even smaller.


    1. Perron is a proven NHL calibre player
    2. Has played for a coach that DEMANDS you do not back down.
    3. Shows that MacT is not afraid to give a little to get a little – reputation enhanced with other GMs as a guy who they can deal with fairly.


    1. We actually lost size.
    2. Glimmers of MPS maybe getting what he’s supposed to be doing.
    3. Perron can be said to be injury prone.
    4. Slight overpay now, with a 4th being adequate with MPS. Massive overpay if St Louis teach MPS to be a good power forward. And you never know who the second rounder will be….

    I guess the moral of the story is careful what you wish for!

  • oliveoilers

    There’s a difference between being big and playing big. There are a lot of big guys that don’t use their size as effectively as they could or should. Dustin Penner is a prime example of this. Big man who can be very good if he wants to be. He could be even dominant if he decided to engage himself like Milan Lucic.

    The hit leaders of the league are usually not giants. Think Tootoo and Clutterbuck. Part of the explanation may be that they are a little more fleet a foot, allowing them to hit guys before they are ready. Another part of it is that they may have had to prove themselves throughout their hockey career, not being the biggest player so their commitment to “playing big” is engrained.

  • oliveoilers

    There’s a difference between being big and playing big. There are a lot of big guys that don’t use their size as effectively as they could or should. Dustin Penner is a prime example of this. Big man who can be very good if he wants to be. He could be even dominant if he decided to engage himself like Milan Lucic. Lucic is big and plays big.

    The hit leaders of the league are usually not giants. Think Tootoo and Clutterbuck. Part of the explanation may be that they are a little more fleet a foot, allowing them to hit guys before they are ready. Another part of it is that they may have had to prove themselves throughout their hockey career, not being the biggest player so their commitment to “playing big” is engrained.

  • toprightcorner

    So with this contest, I suppose the guys that have lots of money to spend on a man cave can win a prize that they could just as easily afford to go buy themselves. The guy with the worst man cave that is trying should be the one getting a prize like this!!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    If the kid can play, he can play, despite his not being 3″ taller. Lets just see what we have come October.

    The hard to play against Bruins did just get dusted by a less physical team like the Blackhawks in the final.

    Players who can play are what’s needed here. Perron fits that bill.

  • I’m going to break comment tradition here at Oilers Nation and submit a comment RELATED TO THE ARTICLE! Holy cow, how novel!


    Pretty hard to beat first pic for the man cave contest. May as well throw that dude the prize and be done with it.

    Also, classic single-guy move to put Christmas lights in your basement. CLAAAAASSIC!

    OK. Back to endless trade talk over-analysis…