I know this is petty, we’re better than that and it’s a small victory. There is absolutely no way it’s going to be enough, the season is an out of control train and beating one bad team counts for zero in real life. 

Don’t care. Whatever else happens, beat Calgary.


The team is 1-5-0 at home, 3-8-2 on the road and 2-7-1 in their last 10. They have so many holes defensively the mind boggles, and the mood of the city is toxic. Into that atmosphere the Oilers have to score early, get the crowd behind them and improve that home record in a big way.

The two teams (Calgary and Edmonton) are both 2-7-1 in the last 10, and the Oilers can close the gap to three points tonight (Calgary will have two games in hand). Their first 10 games (3-6-1) were better than the next nine games (1-7-1 entering tonight) but it’s also true tonight’s game is only their 7th at home all season. That could make a difference if they take advantage of last change, and the Rexall crowd needs to cheer like mad, too.


The goals for is no screaming hell, but that GA total is ghastly. If the Oilers are going to get anything done this season–and we’re not asking for much–then the goals against total must go down. At their current pace, the club is on track to allow 324 goals, the highest total for an Oilers team since 1992-93, their black hole season.


The offense lost both Taylor Hall and David Perron for extended periods during the last 10 games, and Justin Schultz was ineffective/injured. Oilers used 28 position players during the last 10 games.

Holy mackerel, that’s a lot of goals against!


This team needs to focus on the detail work, the defensive chores, the scut work. They need to catch Calgary. After that, they can find another target.

    • Mike Krushelnyski

      Go beyond that, package RNH, Yak, Hall and Ebs to one team for a lot of overpaid veterans and some draft picks. Preferably a team in a similar time zone, with lots of TV coverage and nice jerseys. Thanks in advance.


    • Rob...

      Yakupov was skating like Dustin Penner last night. Until he consistently fore-checks, never mind back-checks, he’s getting the minutes he deserves. It’s a shame we can’t run 12 players on the 4th line though, because Yak is far from the only one who deserves to be there.

      With that said, Yak should have been on the ice for the 5 on 3. Eakins was being an idiot with that setup, and thinks we’re idiots when he comes out after the game and said their setup was ‘close’ to what he wants.

  • Mike Krushelnyski

    I really hope Yakupov goes to the KHL then signs with another team in the NHL.

    The coach says he needs to earn his time. That’s rich. And moreover, a false argument.

    Nobody is saying Yakupov doesn’t need to earn his icetime.

    Yakupov feels he is being singled out, and from what I’ve seen, I don’t blame him.

    After scoring a goal in Chicago, he was benched the rest of the game.

    No time on the 3 on 5 last night.

    Sure. He’s a defensive liability, but who isn’t? Did you see Hemsky’s giveaway? Eakins is applying a different set of standards to him.

  • Hockey Problems 101

    Why is it that all the recent home games look like a non contact practice for the visiting team. Do the Oil wear “white” jerseys for non contact in practice or something ?

  • Hockey Problems 101

    the real problem here is katz, i’m beging to think that he’s a flames fan dressed in oiler clothing. he takes off to vancouver where he can’t be harassed by oilerfans sits in his batcave feeding on the souls of small children while his henchmen ensure the demise of our once glorious and proud frachise. literally this like watching some sick freak murder your child right in front of you and not be able to do anything about it. i think after these last 8 years we’ll all be scared for life.

  • Hockey Problems 101

    But, we have a team built on skill.

    Grit ?…………. No !

    Heart ?………..No!

    Will to Win ?… HELL NO!

    We have been weighed, measured, and at best we offer Mild Competition. My buddies down the QE2 just feel bad for us now. I go to the game expecting a funeral atmosphere. I have noticed that when leaving the games, the fans are looking more and more like zombies. More often than not hearing the ” why do we even bother showing up” comments.

    “Next Week, on The Walking Dead”… …

  • Rob...

    Why did we fire this coach? Why did we fire another coach? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! Its all because Lowe is hiding behind GM’S and coaches HES GOT TO GO!

    • Rob...

      we the fans of oiler nation plead with Katts to rid us of the ex-oiler player management from head office to behind the bench.The time is now! my seat in the arena called rexall will remain empty in protest.

  • 2004Z06

    I am no coach but the problem with the powerplay is the same as it has always been. No net front presence. Everything is on the perimeter. Teams now know how to shut the Oil down by pressuring the puck carrier and getting sticks in the lanes. The numbers last year were not reflective of the PP system, the Oilers bread and butter was that down low pass across the front of the net. Teams have taken that away this year.

    Lehtonen saw every shot last night.

  • Randaman

    @ Lowtide, Seriously? Beat Calgary? I think not. We want change and losing to Calgary might just be the straw that breaks the camels back. I hope they get shut out again. Blow it up!!!

  • 15w40

    I will throw in my 2 cents on the PP. Much of it has been said already. RNH below the goal line running things from there, another soft hands setup/passer type Defensemen on the left point Yak on the right half wall where RNH is now, Smyth in front of the net & either Hall or Eberle at the right point.

    I’m no NHL coach & didn’t play a high level of hockey but it really couldn’t do any worse could it.

    Not putting 64 on that 5 on 3 looks outright punitive. He may not be a great defensive player but he can shoot the puck like no one else on that team or many teams for that matter.

    It might hold a little more water when the coaching staff is sitting him & saying that they are just putting him in positions to succeed when they limit his ice time if they actually use him where he suits better than anybody else on the bench.

    • The special teams have been much better over the last 8 games despite last night’s 0/5 on the PP. Even including last night, the Oilers have been 25% on the PP and 94.1% on the PK in the last 8 games outscoring their opponents 6-2.

      Unfortunately, the same issue of bad 5-on-5 play is a theme we have seen the last few seasons. They have been outscored 27-7 at even strength over the same 8 games.

  • Randaman

    No excuses can be left in the cupboard can they? Something has to be done. Trade Yak or Eberle or Gags or a combination, oh and Petry (wuss). We need some truculance.

  • vetinari

    How about some new T-Shirt Suggestions:

    “HOPE Died 2013”

    “RIP Oilers Playoff Dreams”

    “If it ain’t broke… oh wait… it is broke!!!”

    “Fracking Oilers”

    “The Oilers: Bringing You the Best in AHL Hockey since 2008”

  • Rob...

    Maybe,just maybe, the Lotto Kings are not the elite stars many taught they were . Sure is obvious that the performance and scoring ability against other top players is not evident here.

    How is it that players with lesser press clippings are out performing the Fab Five.

    Cant all be on the coach, when you cant even score 5 on three two differenct times.Give aways , bad passes, turnovers are not the coaches fault… you are getting paid $6 million friggin dollars a year…to play in the NHL, so play like an NHL player not a peewee who is still learning the basics.

    Look if it is the coach… then MacT and Lowe man up and fire the guy,,,, along with your
    resignations… this is a disaster ..

  • Hockey Problems 101

    Its time for change!!

    If the core of the team is Nuge, Hall, Eberle with there long term deals it is time to support them.

    Since we cannot seem to sign quality free agents it is time to strategically build a team around those three and their strengths and weaknesses. Every other player is expendable.

    I realize that Mac T will be getting terrible return on any trades he tries to make because of the situation, but he needs to make the BOLD moves promised giving more value with our draft picks than getting in return.

    Gagner, Hemsky, 2014 1st Pick Top 5, J Schultz or Petry, D Prospect (Gernat, Klefbom)

    Stalberg, Weber, Forward Prospect, Conditional 2nd Round Pick

    Is a thought if Nashville would even consider it. I think they might with all the talented young d they have and lack of offensive touch.

    This season is a wash so lets build for next. I wouldn’t stop there. Every draft pick we have is available for next 3 years (hang onto 2015 1st just in case we lose again and can get Mcdavid)Revamp the whole team keeping our core 3-5 players and go. Look at the turn around Montreal has had after completely demolishing there team.

    Most important K Lowe has to resign. If change is to be seen and players are to believe in management change needs to start at the top and bring in a new culture. Just my thoughts as a die hard fan how is sick to his stomach but will not stop believing in the orange and blue.

  • Randaman

    Is it the coach??? No seriously.. is it? or is this team uncoachable?? 2 rookie head coaches back to back…. im lost I don’t know.. Duby cant play much better than he did last night.. ZERO PP preasure!!!! two guys beside the net on the pp how about put 2 guys in front and fire away.. geezuz.. I don’t know.. Is it coaching??

    Is it me? how can I help?! im here to help.. please…….. watching TSN trash us for 2 hours was…… brutal..

    I feel like the fans are Miley Cyrus as she sings Wrecking Ball hahahahaha geezuz.. wheres my gun.

  • Too many players that play exactly the same way. You need guys like Toews in your top six. Period. If we don’t have a physical defensive specialist on both of the top lines we will never win with this core. I hope Nuge can get better defensively and focus more on that part of his game. Offense be damned. Hall will take care of that.

  • Lets not get too uptight! The owner of the Oilers has proven to be a succesful buisness man. All we can hope for is that he as I would believe is annalizeing the situation and probably about ready to drop the hatchet.For us fans time is of essence. To resell us fans things have to change. He would be looking at the two yo yo,s that are directly responsible for the situation his investment is in.
    Dallas Aekins is comparable to Nail Yakopov.They are both rookies in the NHL and if they are going to suceed, need motivation as do the rest of the team.
    Hopefully we wont get to little to late and save this season

  • I believe the players are lost in a twilite zone the coach has lost them all ready and all his excuses have lost me. they fired krug without giving him a training camp? The players liked him and I bet they are still upset over that betrayal.