Edmonton Oilers waive Jason LaBarbera


The Edmonton Oilers announced on Monday morning that Jason LaBarbera had been waived. It’s a move that comes as no surprise, given the arrival of Ilya Bryzgalov in Edmonton.

The Goalie Depth Chart

The Oilers suddenly have a pretty crowded goaltending depth chart, and the arrival of Ilya Bryzgalov as well as LaBarbera’s freefall make it difficult to know with any certainty exactly how everything will shake out. My best guess today looks something like this:

  • Devan Dubnyk
  • Ilya Bryzgalov
  • Richard Bachman (injured)
  • Jason LaBarbera
  • Laurent Brossoit
  • Tyler Bunz

Assuming that Bryzgalov can play anywhere near his previous level of performance, Dubnyk is in for a pitched battle for starting minutes in Edmonton. Further assuming good health and no moves, the farm is a mess – two veteran goalies will be pushing for playing time and likely holding down highly-valued prospect Laurent Brossoit.  

What Now, LaBarbera?

There is the faint possibility that LaBarbera is claimed on waivers, which is doubtless what the Oilers would prefer. The case there is that a) his contract is at a low dollar figure for a single year and b) he’s had a pretty decent NHL career. A team with injuries or goalie troubles might be willing to take him as a low-cost fill-in.

It seems unlikely, though, which means that LaBarbera will almost certainly be buried in the minors. He’s been a good goalie for a long-time and it’s reasonable to expect he can provide Oklahoma City with good goaltending; that isn’t a bad thing for a development team. Until Bachman’s healthy, the most logical course of action would likely be to demote Laurent Brossoit to the ECHL where he can get playing time and keep Tyler Bunz (who has been surprisngly good early) around as backup. 

Buried in the AHL, LaBarbera will continue to count for $75,000 against the Oilers’ NHL salary cap until he’s let go this summer. Of course, with both Dubnyk and Bryzgalov pending free agents and the Oilers on the road to nowhere, it’s also possible that (with strong play) he’s the post-trade deadline starter in Edmonton.

  • Greenlingj

    Bring on Bryzgalov, hope you can push Dubnyk and find yourself in the NHL again and hopefully move you at the deadline for an asset 🙂 lets turn this ship around and get back on course.

    • if Bryzgalov returns to form, why not try and re-sign him? He is already getting paid a whack of cash to not play for Philly so maybe he comes cheaper than some overpay in the offseason. I’d rather have Dubnyk and Bryzgalov as a tandem with great defense (assuming that could be done in the offseason) than some $6-8 million goalie that may or may not be great behind the current defense

      • srbuhr

        I don’t think the Oilers will re-sign him either way. If he plays well, I would think Bryz would want to sign with a better team next summer. If he does poorly, then the Oilers obviously won’t want to re-sign him.

      • Johnnydapunk

        I kind of agree to what you are saying, though I don’t think the Bryz will come that cheap if he does find his form, though I do not know what is his mindset coming here. I can only speculate that based on all the interviews I have read and the stuff that happened in Philly, that this isn’t the ideal place he wanted to be, but as he doesn’t seem to want to play in the KHL and a lot of teams are leery of him because of the Philly fiasco, yet if he isn’t torn apart by the media like he was in Philly and he even enjoys the atmosphere that he has experienced before, he could be persuaded to stay.

        I remember when the Oil played Anaheim in the 2006 conference finals and there is a YouTube video of game 3, it was in Edmonton and it is of Paul Lorieau and the fans singing Oh Canada and there is one now familiar smiling face you will see at about the 1:10 mark (after you see Joey belting out the anthem as usual 🙂 )

        Oil v Ducks Game 3 at Rexall

        I bet the Bryz remembers that, and it looked like he was pretty psyched and impressed with the insanity that was inside Rexall (still gives me goosebumps watching that vid)

        Saying all that, he could sign with the Oil at a reasonable price, he may not, just too early to tell. The one other small advantage the Oilers do have is that his agent is Rich Winter who has been dealing with the Oil forever, so I guess it could work for or against them 🙂

        Sorry about the insanely long novel, I get off on a tangent and go on forever quite often. I like trying to explain my point fully, albeit in a long ass winded way.

      • camdog

        If Bryzgalov plays well, he’s going to want to get paid well. There will be no discounts for Bryzgalov.

        Suffice to say if the Oilers don’t trade for a goalie, that means they need to sign 2 UFA goalies next season. Can’t see DD sticking around if Mact goes after a whale.

        It would be intersting to see how DD plays on a veteran team. One only has to look at Emery’s results from last season to see that many goalies have superior numbers playing with Norris trophy d-man and horrible numbers when the D are really bad.

  • srbuhr

    While we’re talking to Anaheim about Jonas Hiller, the Oilers should sack the Ducks’ scouts and player development personnel. The Ducks’ goalie development over the years has been an embarrassment of riches.

  • Spydyr

    It seems the “braintrust” is treating goal like defence.The are stocking up on #5 defencmen and back up and minor league goalies.

    Guess we will have to wait till next summer for a goalie upgrade and perhaps a top pairing defencman.

  • Pikester

    Even though Bryzgalov is not the long term answer in net, I like the signing right now. It was a HUGE mistake for MacT to sign Labarbera in the summer, not just because of his less than stellar numbers but because he’s Devans buddy. I get that MacT wanted to take the pressure off Dubbie to let him know he’s the unchallenged no.#1 but man, did that ever blow up in his face!

    Dubnyk seems like the kind of guy who needs to be constantly challenged. Maybe now we’ll get some competetive goaltending night after night.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    With Hemsky,Dubnyk and Shultz coming off the books at seasons end, perhaps the Oilers could use that second compliance buyout on Sam Gagner.

    With this season already crumpled up in the garbage basket, time to start to try sell whatever isn’t bolted to the floor.

    Damn it’s hot in this desert….

    • Old School G

      I think that if Lou can bring in a “replacement” in Schenieder to split time with Brodeur, one of the best goalies of all time and a career Devil, the Oilers should take note and realize that hockey is a business not a friendship. Gagner should not be safe at any time if he can be part of any move to make us a more complete and competitive team.

      I think that we have a way better chance at going hard for PK Subban than Shea Weber. I believe that Weber is Nashville’s version of Lidstrom, we all want him but he’s not going anywhere ever. Judging by past contract negotiations with PK I don’t get this same feel from MTL.

    • Johnnydapunk

      The Oil did alright with Roloson who seemed washed up when 6Rings traded for him and he was shockingly decent.

      This works as the risk is fairly minimal, if it goes horribly wrong, they aren’t in the hook long term, it leaves them options for goalies next year as pretty well everyone except Bunz, Brossoit, and Tuohimaa are under contract next year, and I don’t have too many expectations for Bunz or Brossoit, and Tuohimaa will come to North America to play and hopefully become the new Kipper as he has been a bit of a surprise in a good way regarding his play.

      Best case scenario is the Bryz finds his form and the Oil win a bunch of 1-0 games and Dubnyk plays half decent as it finally realises he is playing for an NHL contract, and in the end the Oil either somehow squeeze into the playoffs and right the wrongs of 2006

      Worst case scenario, The Bryz gets lit up like Racicot did back in the days, and Dubnyk plays well enough for the Oil to sign him to another 7 million deal and we go through this painful carousel of bad goaltending all over again 🙂

      I’m happy that MacT tried to fix a problem he didn’t expect to be so big without giving up a silly silly amount.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        [Quote] The Oil did alright with Roloson (because they had Chris Pronger) who seemed washed up when 6Rings traded for him and he was shockingly decent.

        I fixed that there for you Johnny. It wasn’t as much Roli as it was the combination of the two together.

        • Johnnydapunk

          Well that would I guess explain Roloson having a 28-24 record with a goals against south of 3 and and a save percentage of .915 in the 2008-09 season.
          Not sure how much Pronger helped that season…

          I’m not saying he was Patrick Roy or a Fuhr by any means, but for a guy pushing 40 and getting numbers like that for an Oil team who weren’t world beaters, I think he was a pretty good find.

          Apparently he wasn’t signed because he wanted a longer contract, shame he didn’t as he ended up playing for another 3 seasons and putting up fairly respectable numbers.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            There’s two sides to every blade. If Roli stays, Oilers remain in never never land (15 to 20th overall) the yr the Oiler took Taylor Hall.

            I see what your point is though. Rolison wanted 2 yrs, and Lowe stood firm on one. Management has botched up on many occasions these last 8 yrs. They’ve screwed themselves thinking they’re smarter than most, when they ended up being their own worst enemy.

          • Johnnydapunk

            It can become quite complicated and I think a lot of things as much as they are management cock ups, are also just down to being lucky or unlucky.

            To take the scenario further, they tried to improve their goaltending by signing Khabibulin as Roli’s replacement with the hopes he would be somewhat of an improvement, he ended up injuring himself and the oil were stuck with comedy bad goaltending which made them last and allowed them to pick first and get Taylor Hall.
            Saying it that way, makes the management look like geniuses 🙂

            The one thing that management has done well in their own ineptitude was gather loads of high draft pick players who would make any team better individually but together they don’t work, that’s a lot of trade ammo the Oil have currently.

            Maybe I’m just worn out from being too upset about management and just try to look at the bright side of things and realise that you need to appreciate the bad to be able to appreciate the good.

            Could be worse, we could be Leafs fans where Halley’s Comet comes around more often than a Stanley cup parade for them 🙂

    • Romulus' Apotheosis

      Just found out the answer, maybe things are changing.

      “According to head coach Dallas Eakins, as long as regular starter Devan Dubnyk is playing well — a rarity this season; hence, the Bryzgalov signing — the Oilers won’t switch goalies.

      “A lot will have to do if Dubs can keep rolling like he is,” said Eakins, per the Canadian Press. “Dubs is going lights out, Dubs gets the net.”

  • Johnnydapunk

    When the Oilers are inevitably next in front of city council again demanding handouts for arena overages, or claiming they lost money this year, I wonder if anyone will question them on the three or four million dollars in NHL contracts being paid to minor league players.

    Think of the millions of dollars wasted just this season paying out the fired GM and coach. Look at the ever growing hockey operations staff.

    It’s mind blowing how poor the management is of this franchise, and many others.

  • camdog

    Hopefully somebody picks up Labarbera, both for his sake and the Oilers. Chicago is desperate for a back up goalie that can stop a beach ball, the Brullin Wall’s numbers are horrendous and he’s injured again.

    Does anybody know if they have a competant 3rd stringer in the system?

      • camdog

        Too bad, Raanta looks like he could be a keeper.

        I am really hoping a team picks up Labarbera. The log jam this creates in Oklahoma and in respect to the 50 man roster is not good for the Oilers.

    • srbuhr

      Chicago has a highly touted prospect named Anti Raanta which they signed in the offseason, and actually the oilers were interested in him too, they were hoping he could play 60 games in the AHL , but he is now there backup with Khabby going down, They had a good rotation last year with Emery but Khabby was dissapointing before this injury.
      They are going to use Raanta on there upcoming road trip, and see how he does, Because Labarbera cant stop a beach ball, i dont think Chicago would be interested.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Damn you Shea Weber…it’s all his fault the goaltending appears so inadequate.

    * If only he were an Oiler, they’d have someone capable of making a decent zone clearing first pass. Someone to get the puck up to the few capable Oiler forwards. A sheriff and someone to settle things down would make a world of difference on this blueline. A legitimate No.1, he’s the key to helping make the rest of his blueliners more confident than they have been to date.

    Now that Seth Jones has been as advertised, everybody knows that ownership group in Nashville must be looking to shed the remaining nearly 75 million remaining on that deal. It’s only a matter of time before he’s wearing new silks. Could be a match there for what the Oilers have, and what the Preds need. It’s either that, or wait 3 more yrs for these Ekblad/ Nurse or Klefbom types to develop.

    *Cut and pasted from 2 years ago, who knew…..

  • Johnnydapunk

    Are you kidding, even HNC guys were mentioning Oilers have bounch of # 5 D man in current roster. As far is Gilbert why was he bought out for reason…
    Seriously Don’t take what HNC people say seriously Those guys know less about hockey then my 80 year old granny Those guys work for HNC because no one else would hire them Eliot Freedman is the only guy there that knows anything

  • I like how some think the Oilers are going to turn this around with just goaltending or a number 1 defensmen.

    Even if Brysgalov plays out of his head, which seems unlikely given his history, the Oilers top six, bottom six are horrible put together.

    There’s just so much wrong with this team that moves now are just a short term patch.

  • Vaclav

    I suspect the Oilers are going to take a run at Jonas Hiller next summer but Frederik Andersen may be the real prize out of Anaheim’s system. With Viktor Fasth signed through 2015 and John Gibson the heir apparent MacTavish should do what he can to acquire Andersen.

    With Lindholm and Vatanen both graduating to the big club the Ducks might want to replenish their d-corps prospect pool with someone like Marincin.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Lets hope MacT does more than he did to attempt to acquire Bishop last year…. Oilers always overvalue their fluff… should have offered Hemsky for Bishop, would have killed two birds with one stone.

        • Quicksilver ballet

          MacT was here, and very much involved last season. Tambellini was just here to take the bullets for the behind the scenes management group. ALL decisions were made via their daily pow wow support group therapy sessions they’d hold.

          To think one guy is responsible for this debacle, is mistaken.

    • DSF

      Anaheim just acquired Jesse Blacker from the Leafs in return for Holland.

      They also have last year’s first round pick Shea Theodore in the system.

      They’re pretty much loaded with young D.

      • Vaclav

        Marincin is a better prospect than Blacker and Theodore is still in the WHL. The Ducks have two very good defenceman on their roster in Vatanen and Lindholm but will be looking to fill the voids left by Souray, Beauchemin and Allen after next season.

        Good teams keep the cupboards stocked and adding a solid prospect like Marincin should be something they’d consider.

        • DSF

          There is absolutely no evidence that “Marincin is a better prospect than Blacker”.


          Both are mid second round draft picks and both have played well in the AHL.

          As for the long term, when Beauchemin, Souray and Allen leave Anaheim will likely use their cap space to sign a couple of veterans to replace them while their young studs move up the batting order.

          Good teams do indeed keep the cupboards stocked but they generally do that through the draft not by trading stating goaltenders for them.

          • Vaclav

            Yeah, no evidence whatsoever:

            Blacker 2012/13 – 4G, 7A -4
            Marincin 2012/13 – 7G, 23A +20

            Marincin is a year younger, 2 inches taller, and skates as well as Blacker. Both have some chaos in their game.

          • DSF

            Using boxcars from the AHL to project an NHL defenseman is foolish.

            Justin Schultz tore up the AHL last season and can’t play NHL defense AT ALL and on any decent team would be back in the AHL.

          • PlayDirty

            Ok, boxcars are foolish…you’re going to have to remember that next time you use them when promoting another team’s superior farm team depth, ok?

            So what is the measure? You expect us to believe that you spend a lot of time watching AHL games involving Minnesota, Anaheim, Florida and Vancouver’s minor league teams?

            Good grie…ah, never mind.

          • PlayDirty

            Duly noted and to be referenced when you pull some even more abstract stat out of your butt in attempt to put your 5th different spin on a losing argument.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            This simply isn’t the case. Teams trade for prospects all the time. Often with goaltenders.

            ANA is probably going to leverage their glut at G for something. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover prospects involved, they rarely aren’t.

            As for them looking for D


            The TOR trade looks like it was in the works for a while and the trigger got pulled with the Kadri/Bolland/Bozak situation.

            Blacker may well sate their interest, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to suggest they’d be open to more.

          • DSF

            Good grief.

            The article you referenced was from October 3.

            Since then Hampus Lindholm (a rookie of the year candidate) and Sami Vatanen have stepped up big time.

            With Souray only a couple of weeks away from returning, the Ducks will have a surplus of NHL defensemen.

            Bear in mind they also signed Mark Fistric as a 7-8 defenseman.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            It’s entirely unclear what you find objectionable here, at “good grief” levels no less.

            Why is posting an article relevant to a discussion, noting it’s age and how it may have signalled the Holland/Blacker trade was in the works for some time remotely objectionable?

            I mean that seriously. What is the objection here?

          • camdog

            Regardless of whether Blackner or Maricin are the better prospect, they are still both good prospects.

            Hockey futures says that Anaheim has a shortage of depth at LW and on D. Although Blackner is good addition to their depth they could still use additional D depth in their system.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        If we use the Bishop trade as a template, than potentially Arcobello + pick for Andersen would be feasible. Only question is, do the ducks need Arcobello? I would say no, unfortunately.

        I’m unsure of any other 3rd/backup goalies that are pushing for a starting role like Andersen. Perhaps Eddie Lack but we likely won’t trade with Vancouver. We may have to wait until the next hot thing out of Europe.

        While goaltending surely needs upgrading, so does the top 6 and top 4. I would try to upgrade the D and the 2C position before worrying about goaltending THIS season. It’s screwed already.

        Gagner should be traded, I wanted him gone last year while he was putting up points. Sell high.

        Shawn Matthias should be acquired as another Centre option in the bottom 6.

        Erhoff and Kulikov should be inquired on.

        I think at the end of the day, we likely grab Ekblad and wait for him, Nurse, and Klefbom. Not saying that’s the best course of action but it’s the easiest and most likely.

        • DSF

          Gagner is an albatross around the Oilers necks. He is a tweener as a 2C and will never contribute to the Oilers becoming a contender. He just isn’t well enough rounded to play in that position and the longer he stays the longer the fans will have to wait to see any form of success.

        • DSF

          The problem with trading with the Ducks is that they really don’t need anything the Oilers have.

          Arcobello would be a non-starter with the Ducks depth at C:

          Getzlaf, Koivu, Palmieri, Perrault, Bonino and Rackell.

          The Ducks were only willing to move Holland because Rackell passed him on the depth chart.

          Their RW depth is very, very solid:

          Perry, Selanne, Silfverberg, Smyth-Pelley, Etem.

          And their LW depth, while not the best in the league is already better than the Oilers.

          I agree that upgrading further in goal this season is likely a waste of time and also agree that a #2C and #1D should be the priorities although I don’t see any way to get there from here.

          Ehrhoff, as you say, is a prime target but he has a NTC and I seriously doubt he would waive it to come to Edmonton.

          You might be able to get Kulikov out of Florida but I think it would have to be an overpay to get Tallon to move him.

        • DSF

          I doubt that would get it done.

          Anaheim has these “under 25” guys who would all be ahead of Klefbom on the depth chart.

          Cam Fowler 21 (22GP 2G 9A 11P) *Looks like the dime has dropped

          Hampus Lindholm 19 (20GP 2G 4A 6P +8)

          Sami Vatenen 22 (17GP 1G 4A 5P +3)

          Luca Sbisa (tweener)

          With Jesse Blacker and Shea Theodore in the pipeline, they hardly need another young D prospect.

          I would imagine the only thing that would interest the Ducks long term would be another scoring winger to fill in when Selanne retires.

          With Hemsky putting up another stinker of a season and at $5M, I doubt there would be any interest from the Ducks other than one of the Fab 4.

  • camdog

    We could not see that coming!!!!! Too bad they shold waived pettry as well.
    once there was Poti, then Gilbert, now Pettry, they all play soft and generous with giveaways.

  • Randaman

    Just a thought but considering Dubie is in a contract year and Bryz is playing for a contract somewhere else next year, this could work in our favor. We all know contract years bring out the best in lots of players.

  • Greenlingj

    I can’t get over this community.

    Yes we need defense and badly.

    We have a bunch of 5-6 guys and we had two 3-4 guys but sent one down the road…

    but in development we have a legit number 1.

    Nurse is sitting at 21 gp 7 g 16 a 22 pts +4

    Klefbom, Marincin, Musil, J Schultz.

    And the potential to use our pick to get Ekblad or upgrade our center position with a guy like Sam Reinhart.

    Laurent Broissoit could be a legit elite goalie in the making…

    These things take time and Mac T is right in saying trading for immediate reward now will be detrimental in the future.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Did Bryzgalov’s contract come with a lifetime supply of Bear Spray. Then again I doubt he never goes outside in the elements, so what does it possibly matter…

    As long as Rob Ford is in the spotlight Bryz should be able to hang out under the radar. I wonder if Oilers are going to do an HBO type 24 hour type reality show with Bryz for their next Oil Change episode. Rating would be outta this world, literally.

  • Johnnydapunk

    “Gilbert and Petry would be first pairing on the Oilers. They would be a good second pairing on a contender.”

    First sentence is probably true b/c Oilers D is a pile of dung.
    Second sentence is laughable. Might want to spend some time actually watching hockey that doesn’t involve the Oilers.
    Gilbert doesn’t even make the roster of a contender.
    Petry is 3rd pair at best.

    • yellow pone

      Gilbert is playing first pairing minutes in Florida and is holding his own. Petry plays the opposition’s best and is holding his head above water.

      The idea that Petry and Gilbert are marginal NHL players is laughable. Maybe you should take your own advice, because it’s apparent that you don’t know much about what you’re talking about.

        • yellow pone

          What’s your point? Vincent Lecavlier was bought out by Tampa Bay, and he’s on pace for a 55 point season.

          Petry’s on ice save percentage is .885 and it’s not like he bleeds chances against. In fact, his even strength scoring chance differential is positive. I’d say his minus reflects the poor goaltending more than it reflects any poor play by Petry.

          • DSF

            Lecavalier was bought out because his contract was too long and because his cap hit was too high not because he couldn’t contribute.

            Gilbert was bought out because he wasn’t very good and because Minnesota had better, cheaper options.

            Ask yourself why the Wild signed Keith Ballard for $1M and let Gilbert go.

            Petry’s 5V5 CF% currently sits at 45%.

            That’s not good.

        • DSF

          Good call, David S. I was going to simply give you props, but this deserved a full on shout-out.

          Just cause it’s the internet doesn’t mean everyone has to be either sarcastic or smug.

          If that was a young or new fan, I think ON should try to be the type of place that actually answers those question instead of trying to feel awesome by making fun of them anonymously.

          That or at least do it right and make them cyber-cry…

    • DSF

      Yes they do, there are three types of contracts: One way, and Two way.

      One way: The goalie has an NHL contract, and gets paid his contractual amount per week, regardless of whether he plays or not.

      Two Way: Usually for rookies, or young ones, or career back-ups. This one means that if they get called up to the NHL, they will get paid an NHL salary while on call up.When they get sent back down to the minors, they will get paid the minor salary.

      Minors: THe goalie gets paid the minors salary, regardless of whethre he gets called up or not

      Giong by memory, feel free to add to this fellows question, and to the folks that talked this question down, and catogorically called the writer an idiot for not knowing..I want you to think back to a time in your life when you asked a simple question, and someone ripped you a new as$ho@le. Felt good did it not?

  • Serious Gord


    Is it 75000 or 750000 against the cap?

    Also as I understand it labarbera was the third best goalie in camp but MacT insisted on making him the number two because Bachman would not have to clear waivers.

    I thought Bryz should have been brought up at the start if the season. Doing it now is far too late and does little to help the team beyond this season.

    • DSF

      I would imagine that MacT has his fingers crossed that Bryz gives the Oilers good enough goaltending that, in his next State of the Rebuild v3.1, he can point to an improving team.

      Kind of like a rocking chair…it gives you something to do but doesn’t really get you anywhere.

    • Johnnydapunk

      It’s $75 000 that goes against the cap if/when he is sent down.

      And yeah Bachman had a very good camp but exactly as you had written, Bachman didn’t have to clear waivers due to the waiver exemption rules which allow most players under the age of 25 to be sent down and back up to the Minor leagues assuming they didn’t play a certain number of games, anywhere from 60-80 for a goalie to 60-160 for a skater.

      Similar situation happened with Calgary with MacDonald and Berra.

        • Johnnydapunk

          One of the 50 contract spots? Yeah from my half assed count, the Oil are at 49 though they have 51 players signed, 2 of those players Nurse and Khaira do not count towards the 50 contract limit as players who are 18-19 and are assigned to their respective CHL junior club do not count towards the contract limit, which may also have been a reason why Nurse didn’t stay up here, despite his excellent camp.

          If you are referring to one of the 23 active player spots? Then no, once he is officially sent to the minors, he is off the active roster.

          There will most likely be some seemingly nonsensical roster moves here and there as the Oil, like every other team has to sometimes juggle their lineups based not on skill but on their contract and their eligibility to be sent to the minors or some other weird technical reason. The Arcobello move to be sent down for one day is a good example of that 🙂

          Also bear in mind that Bachman is not on the roster currently as an exemption can be made for injured players and they are not counted towards the active roster limit. I’m guessing that some “injuries” are to clear a spot for a player on the roster, Dubnyks ankle “injury” comes to mind.