GDB 38.0: Perron Sees His Old Team

The Edmonton Oilers return to Rexall tonight to face David Perron’s old squad, the St. Louis Blues, in what will be the first of three meetings between the teams.

The Trade

Craig MacTavish hasn’t had a perfect start to his tenure as general manager, but he’s done some nice things and been willing to make improvements when opportunity has come along. One of those opportunities was Perron, who became available as the Blues needed to cut salary to re-sign players like Alex Pietrangelo.

Thus far, the deal’s been awfully lopsided:

  • David Perron (Edmonton): 33GP, 14G-13A-27PTS.
  • Magnus Paajarvi (St. Louis): 15GP, 2G-0A-2PTS.
  • Second round pick in 2014 (St. Louis): Shaping up to be in the 30-35 range.

Once Paajarvi finds his legs and if that second round pick pans out this should get a little better for St. Louis, but it’s a move that made Edmonton a better team right now, and that’s important. If MacTavish can find three or four more of these the Oilers will be in great shape.

The Opposition

Edmonton hasn’t played the Blues so far this year, but the Blues are a good team and Edmonton has trouble with good teams. Many will focus on them being big and strong and tough but the fact that they’re in playoff position right now is what makes them scary. Take a look at the Oilers’ record this season against teams currently sitting in the top-eight in either conference:

  • Team inside the top eight: 2-17-2
  • Team outside the top eight: 9-6-1

Edmonton’s been pretty good against bad teams, but has been getting hammered by the good ones (an 8-2 win over Colorado notwithstanding).

The Lineup

Some interesting items there. With all of 12 healthy forwards, Dalls Eakins hasn’t got much in the way of choices, so he’s put together a power-vs.-power line, a tough minutes line and done what he can with the rest. With Luke Gazdic on the wing it’s a good bet that Sam Gagner and Nail Yakupov are the “fourth” line and will be spotted against the weakest available opposition; maybe it will help. The other line is super interesting, because Lander has struggled so far and finally gets a skilled guy (and a guy a lot like his AHL sidekick Linus Omark) on his wing. Jesse Joensuu isn’t exactly a prize as the other winger, but he’s comparable to one guy Lander’s been playing with and better than the other.

On defence it’s just nice to see Philip Larsen, the team’s seventh-best defenceman, taking a seat.


Game day prediction: A 1-0 St. Louis Blues victory 

Obvious game day prediction: Dallas Eakins gets many opportunities to work on his facial expressions. They range from incredulous (really, that’s a penalty now?) to disgusted (the power play bobbles the puck at the blueline because of course it does) to resigned (well, they were going to score eventually) to a clear desire that he had stayed in the AHL.

Not-so-obvious gameday prediction: While this will be a one-sided and boring game, it won’t be the most boring game of the season. That’s coming in March when Edmonton next plays the Los Angeles Kings.

Recently by Jonathan Willis

  • 2004Z06

    I think its time for Fan Protests. It’s the only way this management will finally get the message. I just don’t see people not going to games as a sign of protest. I think we need to embarrass the Oiler management.

    1. Paper bags on heads
    2. Oiler jerseys turned inside out
    3. Maybe somebody down in the golds should take a white Oiler jersey and pull a Rodger Neilson or something

    I don’t know, but this fanbase has to do something to get the attention of Oiler management and get the message out that we are tired of being crapped on.

    I am a Kansas City Chief fan and last year I donated a fair amount of money to help fly a plane over the stadium demanding change and that the GM be fired. He was. They came in and cleaned house. New GM, New Coaches, New Co-ordinators everybody. Not a shuffling of the deck chairs like we get here in ol Edmo.

    I think something similar has to happen here, except K Lowe should be the target.

    8 years of Season tickets and I have probably watched a handful of somewhat meaningful games. I am disgusted with this Oiler management. Trash me all you want, I don’t care. I guess I am probably just dreaming if I expect anything to change. Rant OVER, for now.

  • Slapshot

    The oilers management has obviously throwing in the towel to this season. Don’t be stupid and fix this mess. Let’s suck again next year and draft Mcdavid. That’s managements Christmas present to the fans

  • Reg Dunlop

    The gesture of throwing oil jerseys onto the ice seems good but what is being accomplished? Katz would collect them, stay up all night making his brats mend any holes in them and then try to sell them as game worn jerseys.

  • Zamboni Driver

    I have no idea what needs to be done at the senior levels, truly. I don’t know if Lowe does anything anymore. I don’t know about getting rid of MacTavish (tough to trade when you only have 3 or 4 guys anyone would want). Eakins….ANOTHER coach down the crapper?

    What I do know is this…if Rexall Pharmacies continually got prescriptions wrong, had their stores falling apart, staff sleeping at the till, I’m pretty sure Batman would do something about it….

  • Serious Gord

    Next jersey toss should be on Saturday because the Oilers don’t seem to win on hockey night in Canada so we no its gonna be a loss.

    And do it before the players are off the ice.

  • reaperfunkss

    Six Rings use to post on this website under the name Jasmin………Jasmin where are you? You alter ego is looking for you.

    This team has been instructed to play bad for Ekblad……..I have to believe this as there is no logical explanation for just how bad we can play. The whole hockey world knows why we can win ( too small, too many of the same players, not tough enough) except Six Rings and Mac T.

    Call up the AHL roster……that would be more entertaining.