GDB 54.0: Longest Losing Streak of the Season?

Chicago. Dallas. Minnesota. Winnipeg. Vancouver. Phoenix. Six straight losses have the Oilers on the verge of their longest ineffective run of the season; only a win over Nashville can halt the trend.

The Road To The Olympics

The schedule softens a little bit after the Olympic break, which is a good thing for the Oilers because they haven’t done a very good job of handling the rough stretches. Take the current six-game losing streak, comprised of a four-game Western road trip and then a home game against Vancouver. The only ‘easy’ matchup was a home game against the non-playoff Coyotes, which the Oilers lost on Friday.

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Today the Oilers play the Predators. Tomorrow they play in Vancouver, which based on recent history is a game they’re all but certain to lose (the last time a tired Oilers team played Vancouver they lost 4-0 and were out-shot 40-19). Then there’s a Wednesday game against San Jose, then a four-game road swing out East starting with the Boston that ends with back-to-back games in New York.

A failure tonight gives the Oilers a very good shot at 10 consecutive losses.

Lottery Standings!

Rank Team Pace
1 Edmonton Oilers 56
2 Buffalo Sabres 57 (71)
3 Calgary Flames 68
4 Florida Panthers 76
5 New York Islanders 76
6 Winnipeg Jets 82


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Buffalo is on a 57-point pace for the season, but have improved to a 71-point pace under Ted Nolan. Calgary is on track to finish a dozen points ahead of the Oilers. And that is the total number of teams set to finish less than 20 points in front of Edmonton.


Game Day Prediction: The losing has to end at some point; let’s call it 3-1 in favour of Edmonton.

Obvious Game Day Prediction: Even though Devan Dubnyk is not expected to start, Louie DeBrusk will find a way to use the nickname ‘Big Easy’ at least once on the broadcast.

Not-So-Obvious Game Day Prediction: After winning the hardest shot competition yesterday, Luke Gazdic gets an opportunity on the man advantage and scores his first power play goal of the season.

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  • oilerjed

    Id rather target expensive RFAs om teams close to the cap. Maybe there is a trade to be had, maybe an offer sheet.
    Bos – Hamilton
    FLA – Kulikov (no cap room issue, but only 2 d signed 2014/15)
    Mon – Subban
    SJS – Demers

    • A-Mc

      Just some FYI:

      PK Subban is up there with Doughty and Weber. Doughty makes 7m/yr AAV and Weber makes 7.8M/yr AAV.

      Doughty is closer to PK than weber in terms of Age, Size and Pt totals. Weber bests them with TOI, Pts and size.

      The RFA offer sheet compensation range is probably in the 6.7-8.4m/yr range for PK Subban. Which means! If the Oilers offer sheeted Subban for 7.5M/yr for 7 years, and he Signed it and MTL couldn’t match it: the Oilers would need to send 2x 1sts, a 2nd and a 3rd to MTL. So this year it would literally be a 1st overall and next year it would likely be a top 10 1st, the 2nd and 3rd.

      That hurts, BUT! We wouldn’t be giving up Hall/Nuge/Ebs or Yak to get him.

      PS: Capgeek says MTL At-Deadline cap space is only 5M. They have 6 UFA’s to sign in the off season as well. My guess is that there is no way they let Subban go to offersheet, even if they have to pay him 8m/yr

      • pkam

        You can’t offersheet before the free agent season begins which I believe is July 1st. Draft is before July 1st so it will be the 1st round next season and the year after.

        • A-Mc

          Oh ok, good to know! That’s even better for us then.

          This is total Troll bait, fantasy talk.. But imagine if!!!!!

          Oilers Offer sheet PK subban and win. Offer him Weber money 7.8m/yr for 7 years.

          Oilers move this years 1st overall (Because.. it’ll be a 1st overall, we suck) + Eberle + Klefbom for Weber.

          Oilers sign Scrivens (Because i think he’d be just fine if Defense is average or better).

          Our team just got a WHOLE lot better going into next season!

          Yes yes i know it’s total fantasy that wont happen, but after 8 years of SUCK, my day dreams are all that keep me going.

      • oilerjed

        oops sorry for the confusion. Wasnt really thinking offer sheets as the way to go. That curse hasnt quite left us yet. Im angling more towards the idea that we target those with RFA and possible issues resigning them and try and make trades. Boston could use a RW which we happen to have 2 of (counting gags)and happen to have a solid blueline locked up for awhile. and so on.