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Crazy thought. NEVER HAPPEN! And yet…..if a team has possession of a player’s contract and that player’s value is greater to said team than what is being offered in trade? What then? What DO you do?

Ales Hemsky is a different player than he was in 2005-06. The Oilers have their new Jacks and Kings for the feature jobs and a $5M per year contract for 83 is in the rear-view mirror.

So what?

Hemsky isn’t 90 years old, he’s got plenty of track left in him. The man has endured the bad times in Edmonton, why not hang around for the good days? If the Edmonton Oilers and Craig MacTavish are looking for useful NHL players to fit around their dream skilled men, why not Ales?

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This is from Extra Skater, and indicates Hemsky’s 5×5 Corsi for is above average on the Oilers this season. The offense is hovering around .5 points per game and he’s been playing most with Boyd Gordon, Sam Gagner and Ryan Smyth.

He’s scoring well considering where he’s batting in the lineup.



The Oilers are no doubt going to add some more Hendricks and Fraser’s, but that doesn’t mean they’ll carry only size and physicality in the bottom six. Besides, if someone gets hurt among Hall, Yakupov, Eberle and Perron then 83 can slide up the depth chart with aplomb.


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Actually, he isn’t. Hemsky isn’t going to run over people, but he drives to the hard areas with the puck and doesn’t back away from physical contact. It isn’t his game, which is why the Oilers need to add more Grier’s and Moreau’s. Todd Marchant roamed happily between those two for years.



The Oilers can’t afford to get 50 cents on the dollar in trade and they can’t afford to keep sending away actual NHL players for futures. Their cup does not runneth over with qualified NHL veterans.

Signing Ales Hemsky may well be the smart move here.

  • Muji

    Lowetide, I get that you really like Hemsky (I do too) but all this hope on resigning him is dependant on whether or not Hemsky wants to come back.

    “Would resigning Hemsky be the right play” isn’t the right question. The better question is it worth keeping him after the trade deadline and running the risk of him leaving for nothing and the answer to that is a simple no.

    I agree that the Oilers need NHL players and trading players for less than what their worth is not ideal but it’s better than getting nothing.

  • bazmagoo

    Because the article is about asset management in relation to Hemsky, I’d like to float the following possibility

    Resign Ales Hemsky to a 3 year contract at between 2.5 and 3 million per season

    Trade Eberle to Colorado for Ryan O’Reilly

    Trade Gagner to Toronto for Jake Gardiner

    Then our top 6 would be some combination of RNH, Hall, Yak, Perron, Hemsky and O’Reilly.

    Plus it would give us another legitimate defensive prospect and rid us of Gagner.

    Sign Arco and Lander to 2 year 1 way deals at league min and let them fight for any spot on the roster

    Fire away boys!

  • Reg Dunlop

    What if they re-signed Hemsky? They would have a much better shot at drafting McDavid. As one of the cornerstones of the worst half decade in Oiler history, and well paid to boot, Hemsky owes us one more abysmal year in 2015. Then BOOM… Stanley Cup.

  • WHH

    If no other team wants him there is no asset to manage. Although he has scored brilliant goals, he has also floated through many games. Work ethic questionable, last on and first off. Lots of passes attempted, especially on the power play through several defenders only to have it go the other way. And the patented play of blowing down the right side only to go behind the net and out the other side to try that pass or just lose the puck. No, we do not want him teaching our young players. Time to get what we can and move on.

  • Muji

    Love Hemsky. Used to be my favourite player before Hall arrived.
    Was glad when they resigned him the first time. Was surprised and glad that they resigned him last time. Was happy that they didn’t trade him for ten cents on the dollar last summer.

    But I hope, for the sake of Hemsky, that he gets traded to a contender. He deserves it. Pittsburgh would be cool.

  • I’m definitely a fan of Hemsky, but agree that he can be frustrating to watch at times. In spite of that, I would be talking to him about an extension, before everybody else with expiring contracts. We are still going to need an experienced veteran presence, and Hemsky has far greater value than he is given credit. He has been here forever, and the team is meaningful to him. He has been healthy and playing further down the lineup without complaining, Hemmer has said that he likes the city and wants to be on the Oilers roster. Let’s face it, with the reputation this team has, and the rotten publicity from a very disgruntled fan base, Edmonton is not the place most players want to call home. If I am GM, keeping Hemsky here on a reasonable and fair market contract (3/3) is a must . Obviously the current contract Tambo signed him to is outrageous.

  • Rdubb

    Hemsky wants what Horc got, A NEW START on a NEW TEAM, period.
    Not to mention, it kind of seemed like you contradicted yourself in your remarks, the Oilers need size and physical play along with size, but why not sign Hemsky?
    Yes, Hemmer goes to the hard areas and takes a ton of hits, always has and I am guessing always will, but just because you take a ton of hits doesn’t mean one is physical, I think it just means that he is brave, and NUTTS because he isn’t physical…but good on him for playing like that.
    It is my opinion that Hemsky won’t sign for 3rd line money, especially in Edmonton. His NHL years are coming to an end due to his play, and I am guessing he wants to win, not play on a building team. I think by the time this team becomes consistently good (if they even do in the next 4-6 years), Hemsky’s career will be over, so as a Player, why hang around? There are only a few reasons to; a) you love the organization and the guys you play with b) you love the city c) your wife family is from there d) you kids are settled and entrenched in school in said city e) you grew up cheering for said team f) you are from said city…
    from what I understand, none of the above pertain to Hemsky…
    Just my thoughts

  • TKB2677

    LT, there are other hockey players in the world to obsess over other than recent Edmonton Oilers. Time to let it go and move on.

    IF Hemsky were willing to sign for $2,250,000 x 2 years then maybe, but why would Hemsky give up UFA status for that kind of contract? and how does retaining him fix the current losing mix of players?

  • TKB2677

    You say the Oilers can’t afford to get 50 cents on the dollar. I am curious as you what exactly do you think Hemsky is truly worth?

    Here’s the stats on Hemsky 5 seasons including this year.
    09-10 – 22GP 7G 22pts
    10-11 – 47GP 14G 42pts
    11-12 – 69GP 10G 36pts
    12-13 – 38GP 9G 20pts
    13-14 – 52GP 7G 24pts

    Not exactly stats to get all excited about. This season he’s now playing in a 3rd line role with PP time.
    I’m an Oilers fan, I bleed copper and blue like you. I have always thought that Hemsky skill wise when he wants to play is up near the top in the league. The guys CAN be crazy good. But he doesn’t always bring it every night. He’s practice habits or lack there of are pretty well know. Injuries haven’t helped him over the years. He’s on a bad hockey team but one thing I have been disappointed in is when healthy, he isn’t that talented guy on a bad hockey team that rings up points. Example would be Oli Jokinen in the Panther. He was the one super talented guy on their team that put up 80-90 pt seasons. Everyone was like “imagine what he could do on a good team”. Then he gets traded to a better team and suddenly, he isn’t that great. Where’s Hemsky’s big totals? Everyone used to be “he’s got no one to play with”. So they are crappy, draft some very good players. Logic says that Hemsky’s totals should go up because he has guys around him that actually have talent. Yet they don’t.
    He’s making 5 million this season, so his salary could be a problem for some teams.

    He is a UFA so that’s good. He does have talent so that is good. He is a vet so that is good. I have no doubt that he could help a playoff team and would probably be rejuvenated on a playoff team and do very well.

    But honestly, what is he really worth? When you factor in 5 mill salary, plus years and years of injury/under performing seasons. What GM is going to back up the truck to give “full value” to the Oilers?

    The whole resigning thing you mentioned I think is nuts. I agree that you can’t keep moving NHLers for picks or prospects but at the same time if you keep bringing back the same vets from the same losing team year after year. How do you change the losing culture? How do the Oilers get bigger, meaner, more physical, harder to play against from lines 1-4 if they bring back the same guys? Changing out a could of 4th liners isn’t going to do it. You have to open up roster spots to bring in new guys.
    How much of a pay cut is Hemsky truly going to take from the Oilers? He sure didn’t take one from the last contract. 5 Mill a year for a guy coming off a 36 pt season in 69 games?? Even if he does agree to take a cut, is he going down to Boyd Gordon money for the Oilers? That’s a HUGE cut. Is he willing to do that for a losing team, in a diminished role, when we said it last off season he was open to a change. Not a chance!!

    IF the Oilers are EVER going to change their clearly not working forward group, at some point you have to cut the cord from a few of these guys. Even if it means they end up doing well on other teams. On the Oilers, they aren’t working.

  • D-Unit

    IF they can’t get at least a 1st round pick, 2nd Pair Dman, or a solid 3rd Line player(and I mean solid). Then they should be looking to resign him.

    Unlike Hemsky I expect Gagner to remain on the roster due to his horrendous play+ contract which will deter any decent trade offers. We should get comfortable with the idea of another painful season with Gagner at 2C. I’m sure they will hope he can raise his play to make him more appealing to other GM’s. I guess his value can’t get worse?

    • D-Unit

      The problem with that is if Gagner does raise his play the fangirls will stampede back onto his bandwagon and scream that he’s untouchable. Look at the hysterical comments on here after the Oilers win two games in a row: “In MacT we trust!” …”I think we are close to contending!”

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    What should the oilers spend their 39+ mil in cap space on next year?

    We know the team needs a 1c-2c and defense.

    Once they spend 15-20 million on that , there’s still almost 15 left for the 3rd and 4th lines.

    Its a lot of cap space- should be some discussion on who its best spent on.

  • shanetrain

    The Oilers keep finishing in last and the bloggers/fans keep asking for the same players to be resigned.

    You get what you deserve.

    Hemsky could have fetched a No.2 Dman a handfull of years ago. Now? A second round pick?

    But hold on, lets re-sign him.

    Not a fan of the player or his style.