You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Bloggers…


We’re doing a weekly mailbag and it’s your time to get Internet famous.

My job at the Nation is to make sure that you guys are a part of the content that gets produced here. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever read on this website showed up in the comments and I think you should get credit for it. Starting now, we’re looking for your Oilers/NHL related (or not) questions and all the writers are at your disposal. Each week, I’ll be talking 5 questions and sending them off to be answered. When your question is posted, I’ll also link it up to your Twitter/Instagram to help you rise to Internet superstardom. 

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You ever wonder what Robin Brownlee wears while he blogs? Send it in. You want to know what Jason Gregor smells like? Send it. (It’s magic by the way). You want to know who Lowetide would pick in this year’s draft? He’s got you covered. You want to know what the hell a Corsi is? Jonathan Willis will learn you good. Your questions will be answered by as many of the writers as are around, so you’ll get a variety of perspectives. If your question doesn’t show up on a given week, don’t worry about it, we’ll get to you. Frankly, I’ve already gotten more submissions than I expected.

To submit a question (or 10), email it to me at [email protected] or hit me up on Twitter – be sure to include your Twitter handle if you want it up there. As an added bonus, I’ll send Nation Stickers to each person that submits a legitimate question. GO!

  • Serious Gord

    Glenn Anderson never played on the first line his entire nhl career and had mark messier as his centerman.

    1129 games 498 goals 1099 points.

    Theoren fleury played first line almost his entire career and had no one nearly as good as messier at center.

    1084 games 488 goals 1088 points.

    How come Anderson is in the HHOF and fleury isn’t?

    • Jason Gregor

      You admit Anderson wasn’t on first line but produced more than a guy who played first line and was on the first unit PP more than Anderson was.

      Anderson on other teams was a first liner, but with Gretzky and Kurri he and Messier were 2nd line. That is why they won 5 Cups and Fleury’s team won 1. They had more depth.

      Fleury should be in the Hall of Fame, but saying he was better than Anderson because he was a first liner on an inferior team might not be best way to show that. Fleury is deserving of being in the Hall without bashing or comparing him to Anderson. Anderson took a long time to get in becuase some people didn’t like him personally, and Fleury is likely in the same boat.

      • Serious Gord

        Second line means you play weaker competition. And Anderson played first line pp. Fleury played against the best the other team had. And for several years he was the best player on his team and thus a bigger target. Andersen was able to fly under the radar by comparison.

        Fleury was a much better – more complete player.

        As for HHOF – Andersen is in because he’s a Fog. Had he played on a less prominent team he never would have gotten a sniff. I’m not denigrating him as a player – I’m denigrating the HHOF and the people who put him in there and those who supported putting him in there.

        Far too many middling players get in while superstars like lindros are shunned. Disgraceful.

  • AussieOil

    Question about Corsi – I realise it is a good posession metric. But when comparing it to “Chances” for and against, I have to think this is a better measure of how a team is performing. Any thoughts on why this stat isn’t used more be the advanced Stat crew?

  • Serious Gord

    Why is the trash it or props it selection for the articles so close to the page selection numbers? I would wager I click “trash it” by accident at least half the times I try to change pages.
    I guess I turned this opportunity for questions into a feedback, but oh well.

  • Rdubb

    For all the writers on the site:
    Who would you choose @ this years draft, & why? Even if Edm gets the #1 pick…

    Personally, I’d take one of the big skilled C’s over the D, reason being that as I have said before, and as has everyone else, it takes so long for D to develop and it is generally easier to trade for one by using assets and such. A good group of scouts can scour the AHL and find the “next” guy, and trade for him. Not to mention that Edm has a few good guys coming up in the near future. Also, @ this time, we just do not have the veteran leadership on the backend to help out a young up and comer, heck, look how hard it is for our current lot of D men including Petry…
    Next year our d-corps will have Ference, Petry, MM, Schultz & Nurse. Now add in a trade or signing & even Klefbom and we are all full, but we need a Big skilled C who can play on the 1st or 2nd line. I think it’d be much easier for MacT to get D over the C.
    Plus, the scouts can draft a whack of good young D in the later rounds, sign one out of college as we did with Schultz and we’ll be okay on the back-end, especially with now having the Prof and Fasth in net…
    Just my thoughts