Oilers assign goalie Frans Tuohimaa to Oklahoma City

Tuohmiaa, Frans-2

The Oilers made a somewhat surprising announcement Wednesday afternoon, welcoming Finnish goalie Frans Tuohimaa to North America and assigning him to their AHL affiliate in Oklahoma City. 

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Tuohimaa was the team’s seventh-round draft pick in 2011, and was originally signed to a two-year entry level contract late last season

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What He’s Done

Tuohimaa doesn’t have an overly impressive track record in top leagues in Finland; he was good in junior and at lower levels but hasn’t impressed in that country’s top league. Given his 0.894 save percentage, his unfamiliarity with the North American rink, and Oklahoma’s life-or-death playoffs situation, he likely won’t get to play until he’s either a) demoted to the ECHL or b) the Barons fall out of the playoffs. 

The real question here is whether this cameo burns the first year of Tuohimaa’s entry-level deal. It seems likely that it would, which is probably good news for the Oilers – the numbers above don’t indicate that this guy has a real NHL future. Reducing the amount of time a player like this is on the 50-man roster is probably a good idea, and even if he shows really well in North America next season it probably won’t be too hard for the Oilers to extend him. 

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It’s also probably a good move from a development perspective, because it gives the player a chance to practice with the team and meet the coaches and the organization a chance to work with him day-to-day, even if only for a short time. 


  • Bishai in the Benches

    Bunz is injured right now, right? That might be why they brought him over. No time like the present to see what he can do while Bunz is down and out and LB is up here in relief of Fasth. May as well use a signed asset.

    And speaking of Fasth, perhaps this is subtle news that Fasth may be out longer than we think with that sprained neck?

  • Sevenseven

    Chabot will have him outta pro hockey in no time. Why the hell is a seventh rounder with horrible numbers waisting a roster spot anyways?! Mac T inherited a bigger mess than I thought.

  • Rick Stroppel


    I really love that clown on the front of his jersey. That could be the new “third jersey” for the Oilers. They could make matching dunce caps for Eakins and his assistants.

    • Johnnydapunk

      Good point about burning off a year of his contract, never thought of that actually, he may surprise though as goaltending coaching is quite good in Finland, there is also the advantage that they play on a hybrid sized rink which is between the NHL And international rinks width wise. He may surprise.

      It’s also a bonus that he is kept as far away from Chabot as possible :-p

      Not that it matters too much, but the team with the Joker on the front is called Jokerit (hence the logo) and they are based in Helsinki and one of the biggest teams in Finland, they are also going to be the first Nordic team to play in the KHL next year.

      Jokerit has a pretty impressive track record for players, Tikkanen, Kurri, Selänne, and strangely Tim Thomas have played for them 🙂

      Just thought I would throw in some fun facts about the team.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Why not let him play a couple during this death march. Nothing to lose, see where the kid stands, since nobody knows what they’re doing here in management. If he can keep it within a field goal against the contenders these next two weeks, might confirm they have something.

  • Bishai in the Benches

    Holy…. The commentz section of ON has become a sad, sad place lately. There needs to be some sort of hockey opinion/knowledge questionnaire that you have to pass before being allowed to comment.