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The Toronto Maple Leafs fired some coaches and extended Randy Carlyle today, and in doing so gave the hockey world something to talk about.

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If the Leafs are looking at trading those two young players, should Edmonton be interested?


  • The positives: Kadri is a physical skill player, 20 goals and 50 points with the Leafs while playing 17:23 a night. He helped on the power play, and would certainly offer a nice range of skills for Edmonton as a 2line C.
  • The negatives: He’s not a great faceoff man (45%) and he’s not a big center (6.00, 188). 
  • The truth: At $2.9 million (and an RFA after the season), Kadri certainly covers the bet. He’s not going to be a shutdown center, he should have better seasons, and the team employing him might undervalue his ability.


  • The positives: He’s a wonderful skater and a very creative defender. Carlyle doesn’t trust him at all, his Vollman Sledgehammer looks like a bubble trying to escape bottom of the graph, but he’s miles ahead in the shot differential. Gardiner has delivered results when given the opportunity.
  • The negatives: He’s been sheltered for most of his Toronto career. Can he take on more of the job? Randy Carlyle doesn’t think so. I don’t think that should stop anyone from hiring him.
  • The truth: I think Jake Gardiner would be an excellent Oiler, but I can’t imagine the team would employ Gardiner and Schultz on the third pairing. It would be far too expensive. If you ask me if Gardiner would be a better option than Schultz for Edmonton, the answer is yes.


Acquiring one or both might be difficult because the Leafs appear to want more toughness, and that’s something Edmonton doesn’t have in spades.

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    I expect Toronto would be interested in Perron, but the Oilers are unlikely to deal him. Hendricks? Perhaps an option—but that’s not enough to satisfy Toronto in a deal for either player.



    The Leafs aren’t looking for Lions, they’re looking for Buffalo’s. Edmonton isn’t a match, unless the 3rd overall pick is in play. Despite the obvious value of Kadri and Gardiner, the lottery pick holds far too much value.

    • Sorensenator

      That’s what we need LT. Two smallish players who have no clue about 200 foot hockey. I have the automobile eqivalent. A 1975 AMC Javelin and a 1980 VW ‘Thing’. Why don’t you suggest bringing in Eddie Shack on a 3 year 1 way deal?

      You may have been wxposed to carbon monoxide.

    • Positive Ray of Sunshine

      I don’t see a single player on the Laffs roster that I would want. We already have Kadri and Gardiner. Clarkson is a poison pill for any management team so I don’t see that happening (now that Tambo is gone anyhow).

      Side note: If Phaneuf ever got traded here that would be tragic. I look forward to him “earning” that contract in TO. It will work out to about $10 per turnover when the dust settles. If we really want someone to take bad penalties and turn the puck over, we could find someone cheaper – resurrect Dave Manson maybe?

    • Lofty

      First period Canada and France tied 1-1 . France looks better than us first period . Canada’s best player so far looks like Kadri surprisingly . B. Schenn tied up the score from Hodgson on a 4 minute power play . Some of our players look lost on the big ice surface .

    • Sorensenator

      What’s with some of the comments with racial undertones regarding Yak and Kadri? There’s no place for it on this board. We’re talking about hockey here. Faith and religion doesn’t matter in that context. You’d think people would learn a little something from the Donald Sterling fiasco in the NBA.

    • Sorensenator

      Still tied 1-1 after 2 periods . Huet robbed Reilly on a sure goal -incredible save . Bieksa and Myers sure do not look good in this game . Going into third 2 men down thanks to Bieksa . We may lose this game the way Canada has played so far . Reimer holding us in so far . Kadri still impressing .