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There are things you see that force a double take, and that was the case earlier today when I found out the big brains at Extra Skater added a new item on their menu. It’s a ‘tool you can use’ if you’re a fan of the draft and CHL prospects, and frankly, it’s one big damn deal.


As you know, Extra Skater provides advanced stats for NHL seasons and games. It ranges from the simple (shot percentage) to the very involved aspects of the game. As someone who understands some of the metrics and measures, I find the site to be vital for the learning.

Today, ES blessed me with something in my wheelhouse. Estimated time-on-ice and scoring rates for CHL prospects, including drafted players and those eligible for the draft. As an example, here’s the top 10 among CHL players eligible for this year’s draft in one discipline.

ES CHL 2014 EL

This is a monster, it really is a slice of history. You’re looking at a line that suggests an estimated Time-on-ice total for each player, and then a points-per-60 (this is all disciplines, EV, PP, PK) for individual players. Awesome. But there’s more!

The screen I’m showing you is here

It also tells you the estimated time-on-ice total for each discipline, qual comp and qual team. It’s truly insane. I’m in my 50’s, and couldn’t have dreamed this day was possible (I have bitched and moaned about actual time on ice since I was a young man, though).

For me, it’s a day of absolute joy. For you, who are younger, it’s a tool you can use forever in the evaluation of prospects. In my day, I had to believe Chris Hajt was a fine prospect because that’s what the Hockey News told me.

Today? Let’s check it out at extra skater. We are truly living in a wonderful time. Thank you Extra Skater. This is Christmas.

  • paul wodehouse

    …draft Draisaitl

    junior for one more year so the hundred+ point season isn’t an aberration then the A for a season or two…deserving call ups for injuries those two years should give him every chance to come in make it hard for them to do anything but keep him to be the centre man this team needs…a process called “all in good time”…kinda like Hartikainen was SUPPOSED to be…the third line monster LWinger this club needed…but the combination of crappy coaching…abysmal asset management & development drove the kid to seeing dollars signs more to his liking in the KHL…

    oh this just in…apart from loving to say that and actually this just in is from June 8th so I guess this just in isn’t all that just in…David Staples reported the boss at Central Scouting thinks Draisaitl COULD go first overall afterall…jus sayin’


  • nugeformayor

    we lack compete and edge, bennett is the clear choice but i see them picking what i like to call the most squishy player available and calgary will get the true player like they did last year with their pick “monohan” only they wont be picking before us and i bet bennett will be a thorn in edmonton’s side for years to come.