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The Edmonton Oilers made the call, and now they have to live with it. Sam Bennett is three hours down the QE2 and ready to make life miserable for Leon Draisaitl and the Oilers. Which one would you have chosen? Does it matter? So many questions, and a few answers too.

  1. Which player will be the better offensive force? They’re very close, it’s difficult to say. Draisaitl’s NHL equivalency (82GP, 15-25-40) is a shade better than Sam Bennetts (82GP, 16-23-39) and I think either could end up being the better man. One thing is certain: they BOTH project to be splendid offensive players.
  2. Which player is more likely to make the NHL first? Leon Draisaitl, for a couple of reasons. First, he’s older and more physically able to play against men in the NHL (Jason Gregor’s recent article has him at 215 pounds—that’s incredible!). Second, the Oilers are less able to fill the job Leon will apply for this fall than Calgary can for Bennett. Edmonton simply doesn’t have the depth at pivot to seriously consider sending the German away.
  3. Which player is more likely to score more goals in their career? Man, they’re even. Each player scored 25 even-strength goals this year, that’s a fine total. Leon did it in more games but Sam did it on a better team, so it’s a difficult question to answer. Again, both really good at the discipline.
  4. Which player will impact the power play more? I suspect the German. Last season, Leon’s totals (64GP, 12-28-40 .625 per game points) were well ahead of Bennett’s (57GP, 10-19-29 .509 per game points). Now, Bennett is younger and that factors in, but we know from Draisaitl’s scouting report he’s great at puck protection and a crazy passer. Those are golden grahams with the man advantage.
  5. Which player will offer the wider range of skills? Bennett. He’s already a demon on the forecheck and creates a lot of his offense off broken plays and jailbreaks. That’s a heavenly skill, we see it with Hall and Nuge a lot.
  6. Which player did you prefer? I had Bennett No. 1 in a tight race.
  7. Why? Range of skills, as mentioned. Red Line Report called him a “gritty two-way No. 1 center and captain” as a projection, that’s a helluva player. 
  8. Who does Red Line compare Bennett to? Doug Gilmour.
  9. Draisaitl sounds less attractive now. Oh no, he’s outstanding. Most of his cannons are pointed offensively, but he’s a sublime passer and an intelligent playmaker.
  10. Who does Red Line compare Draisiatl to? Ryan Getzlaf.
  11. Okay, I’m better now. This is going to be fun. Besides, Burke will trade Bennett for the next Tyler Biggs before anything gets too far out of hand.
  • BlazingSaitls

    Why would we send any of our players to the AHL, we have the best 2nd best AHL coach working with our players now.

    The best being Todd Nelson.

    I am so happy the Oilers retained Nelson.

    I figure Lowe must have been watching the TSN (the Toronto shopping Network) and decided he needed all these surplus Marlies players and coaches. They were on clearance and Katz’s kid thought Eakins hair was “$ ick! ” #GarfieldsOilylitterbox

  • tlaneil

    Not that I am defending any decisions of Kline or MacT but one thing that never seems to come up in the discussions is the fact that these kids need to be placed the right system for them. The Lions personality may be best suited to develop In oil town. Being in Africa and out of touch with the kids I don’t know but IMO this is something that the GM on all teams should be watching. How many kids did not work out on their original team but excelled after being traded.