Earlier this month, I joined a fantasy hockey league (Oilers Nation) and drafted the “Oakland Seals” roster that will sink like a stone (my goalies may already be in the AHL). Fantasy hockey is a big damn deal, and the magazines and websites that project stats are myriad. Although I’ve never played fantasy hockey before this season, I’m absolutely certain Scott Cullen’s numbers are the best. Why? He’s reasonable.

cullen fantasy

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The numbers are here courtesy TSN.

I like the Cullen list because it doesn’t make wild projections where it isn’t warranted and (if anything) errs on the side of caution. I spoke to Cullen on the Lowdown today; he told me his system relies on a player’s past performance (including injury) and also factors in changes in projected linemates, injury etc.

As it should be.

Beyond fantasy, it’s interesting to follow these Oilers’ numbers as fans. As the early predictions about the Oilers come in, it’s important to be reasonable and realistic about projections.

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  • No. 10 overall Taylor Hall 74GP, 31-47-78
  • No. 25 Jordan Eberle 80GP, 29-37-66
  • No. 62 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 75GP, 17-38-55
  • No. 81 David Perron 76GP, 25-27-52
  • No. 133 Teddy Purcell 81GP, 15-29-44
  • No. 164 Nail Yakupov 72GP, 21-19-40
  • No. 174 Justin Schultz 77GP, 12-27-39
  • No. 175 Leon Draisaitl 78GP, 14 25 39
  • No. 227 Benoit Pouliot 74GP, 17-18-35

Interesting list. The folks I talk to felt the Nuge number was down, and during our conversation on TSN 1260 Cullen said he understood the idea, but that RNH’s second, injury-plagued season was part of the resume and had to be considered. And he’s right.


Some of you may know I do a reasonable expectations series during the summer, which isn’t exactly a fantasy projection but does cover the same ground as Cullen’s Fantasy projections.

lowetide re 13-14

It’s pretty close. I’m more bullish on Hall and Nuge, Cullen likes Purcell to impact the offense more than I do at this point. Again, we’re not strictly speaking mining the same area, but it’s interesting to see how close we are using different systems.

My complete list is here.


I won’t join any fantasy teams this winter, because I’ve already forgotten the ON password for this year’s league and half my roster will get hurt and I’m not sure how to replace them. You may say “he’s trying to ‘old man’ the league into a false sense of security”, but I will tell you that I attempted to draft Frank Mahovlich during the Oilers Nation Fantasy Draft.

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There’s hope for you, though. Consider Cullen. It’s the best list I’ve ever seen because he takes “fantasy” out of the equation.

If you need another great resource for fantasy news and updates, be sure to check out

    • Britts94

      I got the 1st overall pick last year, and I took Hall #1. This pick got everyone excited about the Oilers to the point where guys were taking Yakupov over P.Kane (not me though). Hall started off at C, and I was mad. But then we was putting up some points and I felt good. Then he got injured…we only were allowed one sub all year, so I put Jagr in for Hall. It wasn’t a HUGE point spread, but big enough for me to regret that decision. Had I stuck with Hall I would have come in 2nd (I came in 3rd). That being said, I had the option to pick Crosby. The lesson: take Crosby, always, if you have the option.

  • pkam

    So what positions are Seguin and Landeskog in Cullen’s list? Are they ahead of Hall and RNH since so many think we pick the wrong players in those two drafts.

  • Spoils

    That’s only about 160-170 goals for with your projections . Rest of team needs 34 goals combined just to do as bad as last year . Are we going to be that bad again ? Your projections I hope are too conservative , Maybe add 10% on goals for each .

  • Spoils

    man do i hope Yak hits those numbers because it will be one step closer to my ultimate dream of witnessing first hand a Yak Stanley Cup clinching OT goal celly.

  • ubermiguel

    I think both lists are under cutting Nuge and Schultz. RNH will be 70+ and Schultz will be close to 50.

    With the upgraded defence (not ideal but upgraded) its only logical to think the even strength totals will improve for the top 6. As far as the PP goes I also think it will improve to top 15 in the league this year. Theres just too much talent there for it not to.

  • ubermiguel

    Last couple years I have taken the average between Cullen’s list and the Vukota projections and won 3 out of 4 of the pools i entered. Playoffs I prefer 5×5 Fenwick close to decide which teams to load up on.

  • ubermiguel

    Steve Simmonds has the worst hockey mind there is around. On Off The Record today he was going off about Kessel and that “theres no proof if he trained hard and was stronger and faster that it would make his production go up”. Im paraphrasing but thats pretty much what he said. Is he for real? Kessels production has been elite the past 5 years. If he had Toews dedication both on the ice with his two way play and training wise Simmonds is saying that theres no evidence hed improve as a player. WOW. Im glad I dont have to read his columns. Gallagher who writes for the Province in BC is just as bad.

    Im a huge believer in the media in a particular city reflecting the fan base. Thats what directly influences the average fans opinions and attitudes towards their team and the league in general. I dont live in Edmonton but from what I read and hear online it seems crystal clesr to me that EDM has much smarter hockey minds than Toronto and espacially Vancouver.

      • ubermiguel

        No doubt man! My nickname for.Gallagher is Mr. Burns. Hes always whining any crying about pretty much anything sports related not just hockey.

        Maybe Serious Gord is actually Tony Gallagher!

        *mind blown*