WWYDW: Solve the Oilers’ defensive logjam

Today we continue a new series – What Would You Do Wednesday? This puts our readers in hypothetical control of the Edmonton Oilers and asks them to solve the organization’s problems. Today, our focus turns to the defence.


For those who missed last week’s edition, the idea is pretty straight-forward, and it combines the two things that people on this site love more than anything else in the world:

  • dissecting the Oilers down to the smallest nut and bolt and

Baggedmilk (I’ve never met him in real life, but I imagine he looks, sounds and dresses like our good friend Gideon) has a stockpile of cool Nations stuff, and he’s giving it away. JUST GIVING IT AWAY LIKE A MADMAN.  

My role in this week’s edition is to provide the scenario that needs solving.

Your role? Provide a compelling solution to the problem.

The Scenario

With the Oilers making their final roster decisions, the defence is suddenly an area of extreme focus. The team’s defence combinations in practice look like this:

  • Oscar Klefbom – Justin Schultz
  • Nikita Nikitin – Mark Fayne
  • Andrew Ference – Jeff Petry
  • Darnell Nurse – Brad Hunt

The Oilers also have Martin Marincin and a host of others down on the farm.

The question is this: What should the Oilers do about their blue line? More specifically, do they need to make a trade for more talent? Do they need to move the personnel they have around? What happens when Darnell Nurse’s nine-game trial ends and the team has to decide between keeping him or returning him to junior?

We turn our eyes to you, esteemed comments section. What would you do if you ran the team?

The prize this week for the registered citizen with the most props: a free Nation t-shirt. 


  • MattyFranchise

    Turn Petry and another prospect for a capable 2-3 C with only 10 to 24 years left on his contract.

    Send Nurse to Jr’s.

    Left side is Marincin. France. Klefbomb. Hunt.
    Right side is Nakitian. Fayne and Schultz.

  • First thing is bring up Marincin. Never should have been sent down.

    Then, send Klefbom to OKC. He needs more seasoning.

    Nurse hours back to junior as soon as Nikitin is healthy.

    Sign Petry to an extension. 4 x 4m hopefully.

    Trade Musil and/or Klefbom as part of a deal for a real NHL centre. If no centre available, trade Musil for a right wing forward prospect of the two way variety.

  • 1.IN ORDER
    Call Up Marincin
    Send down Klefbom
    Test Nurse against the toughs early(LA,TB,NYR,CHI)
    Lock up Petry
    Trade Ference(with magic)
    Send Nurse down if he can’t be a difference maker against LA
    Call Klef back up
    Send down Acton after a lowsy start
    Bring up Pitlick after a hot start
    Continue making calls for the elusive 2C via trade.

  • Spydyr

    Address the elephant in the room and fix the real problem,the reason this team is eight going on nine years outside the playoffs.Mr.Katz has to make changes at the top.

  • Zarny

    Hail Mary move

    Trade Petry and Schultz and our 2015 1st rounder for Shea Weber.

    Doubt it actually works. However it would get rid of Schultzs defensive lapses and Petry packaged for a possibly the best dman in the league.

    Yes we lose our chance at McDavid but champions are built on strong two way play and you need a good dman for that. Only downside is the contract for Weber.

    Wait are we talking real life or NHL 15?

    If real life clean house of some fat executives.