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This week was a big one for the 1990 Edmonton Oilers’ draft. Why? With the NHL debuts of Leon Draisaitl, Darnell Nurse and Bogdan Yakimov, every Oilers draft has at least one player who has made the show—save 1990. More draft trivia after the break.



The ongoing discussion still sees Hall ahead on points and points-per-game (.916 ppg for Hall, .727 for Seguin), Seguin ahead on Stanley Cup rings. I’m still onside with Hall as the better player, but there’s certainly room for arguments either way.


Brock Otten does a fabulous job updating hockey fans about prospects in the Ontario League, and his verbal on the young man McDavid is sparkling:

1. Connor McDavid – Forward – Erie Otters

Nearly everything he brings to the table
offensively is off the charts good. Skating. Hockey sense. Puck
handling. Shot. He’s just an incredible talent. Obviously, we’ll look
for him to continue to evolve as a two-way player, and for him to get
stronger along the boards. But with his hockey sense and work ethic,
that will come. The real question will be, what’s in store for him this
year in Erie? If Burakovsky doesn’t return, McDavid is going to have to
make 30 goal scorers out of the likes of Nick Betz and Joel Wigle.
There’s going to be a ton of pressure on him this year, with it being
his draft year. If he’s not getting the offensive support, yet still
performs well, it will be a testament to his talent. Of course, the
Otters could obviously cash in and deal him too. Let’s not forget, John
Tavares was dealt in his draft year.


I doubt (honestly) Edmonton gets near McDavid on draft day, the chances he’ll be heading east are exceptional (16 teams in the east and some very poor clubs). Having said that, any club lucky enough to get this fellow would be very fortunate.

Trivia Question: The Oilers drafted one player from the Erie Otters in a past draft. Without googling or hockeydb’ing, can you name him? Answer at the end.


Back in 2010, the Oilers traded Riley Nash (a 2007 1st round selection) for the pick that would be used on Martin Marincin. That turned out to be a good trade for both teams, as Nash and Marincin appear to have bright futures in the NHL.

The first Nash trade—the one that got him into the organization—was less impressive. Edmonton acquired the No. 21 overall pick from the Coyotes for No. 30 and No. 36—that’s a massive price—and then spent it on a player whose draft profile screamed checker when there was still big time talent available:

nash rambler draft

I think the 2007 draft, led by the Alex Plante and Riley Nash selections, probably contributed to Kevin Prendergast getting bumped upstairs. Nice to see Nash emerging finally, it certainly took awhile.


When he played in his first NHL game in Los Angeles, Bogdan Yakimov (No. 83 overall in 2013) passed a bunch of higher Oilers picks in getting to the show before them:

  • Marco Roy (No. 56 overall, 2013)
  • Mitchell Moroz (No. 32 overall, 2012)
  • Jujhar Khaira (No. 63 overall, 2012)
  • David Musil (No. 31 overall, 2011)
  • Travis Ewanyk (No. 74 overall, 2011)
  • Curtis Hamilton (No. 48 overall, 2011)

A few of those players are on track as prospects, but I’d guess that Yakimov’s quick route to NHL employment reflects a real gem available in the third round. He’s played a game in the NHL and one in the AHL so far this season.


In 1997, the Edmonton Oilers drafted goalie Patrick Dovigi in the second round of the draft. Quoting Dovigi “The Edmonton Oilers drafted me 41st overall, but I never really made it beyond the minors.” Dovigi did go on to a successful business career.


  • ChinookArchYYC

    Don’t worry Edmonton, you won’t be picking last again. When the dust settles there are 3 teams in the west that will have less points (including the Yotes!). The Flames have done nothing through five games except offend the hockey gods. The last game was an eye-popping win against the Hawks. The Flames lost the Corsi battle 96 – 32 (yes it’s true), and Hiller stopped 50 shots. Regression is going to be such a b!7ch.

    There may be a lot of the eastern teams that are worthy of the last picks, but they’ll be swapping points all season long. I predict the last pick goes to the west this year.

    Of course, I thought the Oilers were going to be better last year too, so there’s that.

  • Lowetide

    OFF TOPIC: How many Oilers bought up from AHL for short term , have to clear waivers to be sent back ? Also for current ones on team to start season .

    Talk of next draft already is indicative of our slow start , as there is little else to look forward to for now . Funny thing is , if we got the NBR.1 pick would club dare pass on Tkachev ?

    Because our needs are so dire , perhaps strategy might be to tank and deal first round to fill 2 or more holes that way . Get another at trade deadline , and we might finally shore up the major holes we have not filled over last 2 seasons .

  • secondtierfan

    On Sportsnet, they were saying that Eakins job may be on the line during the 7 game home stand. You think?

    My god, what will it take for this guy to be fired? By the time the home stand is over, the Oilers could be living in the basement with sleeping bags and cold cuts. The basement has turned into their home.

    Stop the bleeding now!!!

    • Lowetide

      Spec has an article up saying the same thing. Seems premature from here, but I can’t be critical of fans looking at this as an eight year mess (as opposed to a year and four games by Eakins).

      • cmandev77

        How many coaches have a terrible first year, then get off to a terrible start the next year, while making highly questionable decisions along the way, and survive until Christmas?

        My guess is not many. If the Oilers hadn’t been turning over coaches like crazy prior to Eakins, my guess is no one would be hesitating to call for Eakins head.

      • Kevwan

        Maybe Eakins isn’t getting a fair shake to be fired after only 86 games as a rookie head coach but his interviews are an immediate red flag for me. I have played multiple sports growing up and realized that the best coaches are the ones who show an equal amount of passion for playing the game right and motivating players to be emotionally attached to the game.

        After hearing his interview speech the other day after the 6-1 loss to LA, his words were “I’m proud of our guys for staying composed on the bench. Last year there would have been doors slamming.”

        This is very concerning as it sounds like Eakins wants a bunch of robots to play the game to perfection but show no emotional edge. Perhaps this is why fans get treated to eight seasons of SUCK and can never get a 60 minute effort from this team!!! This is the cancer mentality that needs to leave town on the first bus out. I for one don’t think Eakins has what it takes to win at the NHL level. He is the guy that gave an earful to Hall for showing some emotion by throwing a water bottle. Wasn’t this guy hired to mentor our young guys, not suck the life out of them?

        Contrast this with Montreal’s practices on TSN news clips after they got waxed 6-1 and they are mad and practiced with emotion and passion! Surprise…they win their next game by gutting out a victory after trailing the entire game!!!

        I’m not in favour of changing yet another coach but why delay the inevitable and ruin these young players any more than you have to. BTW…has anybody ever asked why the likes of prospects like Rajala, Reider, and Horak don’t want to play in Edm?

        I suspect it has something to do with management or coaching as those types of guys have the best chance to get a foot in the NHL door by playing for a bottom feeder with gaping holes in their roster.

        Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Eakins…and heaven forbid you should show a little emotion when it does!

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      ^the problem is that the Oilers year in and year out refuse to teach themselves to play with any kind of intensity, other than Hall. they also aren’t bothering to learn how to play team defense as well as the d-men aren’t learning how to play “D”. i just don’t know how many more coaches we can go through and expect this particular group to ever listen!

  • Lowetide

    Did Marincin get recalled yesterday or NOT?

    Hall is a stud. Seguin is also. Seguin has had the benefit of stability during his career. Hall not so much. Where would Hall be playing with Krijci? Just saying its an argument that is unwinnable and has many What ifs?

    And if there are any Bruin fans reading this am I’ll put it out there that the Bruins are entering a downward cycle and will end up bottom 10 in the league this season. Their chemistry and lack of 3/4th line scoring will lead to a miserable season in Boston.

    How sweet it is watching the rise of the KC Royals. Love it. Gives Leafs fans hope.

    I took SF to win the World Series and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    If Eskimo’s go 13-3 are they a good team? Or are they a team that will be an also ran to the Stampeders who look a lock to win it all. And no Lowetide Superman will not rescue the Roughriders.

  • Armchair_Gm

    I don’t know how anyone can honestly say which player is better, both have unreal speed, Seguin has a better shot but hall is more aggressive. By the end of their careers I don’t think their stats will be all that different. Playoff points maybe, hall hasn’t been in yet and Seguin has never missed .

    • 24% body fat

      I would hope if we get McDavid we would move Ebs or yak to get a dman, IF we are bottom two trade deadline you may pair him with petry and a pick to get him.

      I would say Petry, Ebs, 2016 first, and simpson, musil or gernat for something.

      Please not I am not throwing out scraps.

      2016 first has value

      Ebs has value that is quickly diminishing

      Petry has some value, too bad he wasnt signed or it would be higher

      simpson, musil and gernat will all see time in the nhl, regulars or not, there is some value there.

      Can someone try on nhl 15 and get back to me

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      i expect that Ebs is the one player who, if MacT decides he actually wants to make a “bold” move, would be moved. i have heard media and fans suggest in the past that the Oilers don’t have the right “mix”, so if we continue to lose, it’s a few top end guys who could be the ones going.

  • 24% body fat

    Imagine if Tambellini traded eberle for the seguin pick like he was offered.

    Pretty much sums up Eberles career, over hype and over rated, and over paid because he dominated a few games on a stacked team in which he was an overager, and Tambo was in love with him.

    Bring on McDavid, and if we do the oilers management, ownership and coaching staff should all be heavily fined for the gross incompetence that is becoming an absolute joke, and disgracing the league.

  • Joe Mamma

    It would be interesting to hear what other teams’ fans say about their respective draft history. We have reflected on our own history ad nauseum. I suspect every team has variants of hindsightitis. PS – we should have bought Apple stock in 1980.

  • Joe Mamma

    What the hell is happening here at the Nation? The fans are in meltdown, the team is in a tailspin by game 4, the rest of the media outside of edmonton is thrashing the oilers management and coaching within an inch of their lives, and what do we have here since the Arizona game? One wrap up by baggedmilk, a piece from Gregor trying to convince the fan base that the coaching isn’t a problem, and a draft piece… Did the oilers secretly buy you guys as well when they silenced… Er, I mean, hired… Tyler Dellow? The only writer with any balls on this site is Brownlee. Enough fluff guys, it’s time to stop with the head in the sand act, and start talking about the elephant(s) in the room. There’s got to be three articles worth of material on Eakins’ ongoing baffling defensive deployments alone. If calling a spade a spade is not allowed in this town anymore, then why should we bother reading? We shouldn’t have to go to bloody Yahoo for an honest assessment of this mess.

  • Why is ON so skeptical the Oil cannot trade for Shea Weber? Does Nashville want to, or have the $$$, to pay Weber $29mil in SIGNING BONUSES over the next 3 years, not to mention $38mil in actual salary over next 3 yrs…….Katz can afford it, Nashville ownership cannot. They were strong-armed with an offersheet

    Make the call MacT….Poile is waiting. If it takes trading Eberle, Yak, Schultz + picks, etc….do it.

    To get an elite defenseman will take trading a young player with elite skill + potential + picks + whatever else Poile wants…..

    go ahead ON, trash away, but this is not as much of a pipe dream as you think….

    • Joe Mamma

      Yes. It is. A total pipe dream. This is not NHL ’15.

      IF the predators were shopping weber, there are many teams with better PROVEN NHL assets that would be ahead of the oil in line. Not to mention that Poile would have to be an idiot to trade him to a western team. If they do ever decide to trade him, he most likely goes east.

      • Oh i see, MacT should sit back and relax, kick his feet up and call Sather to borrow a huge stogie to suck on while watching the games…..while he’s at it he can use some rexall brand gaviscon to settle his stomach when he watches the Oilers leaky D and Eakins mismanagement

        give your head a shake, MacT should at least make the call and see what it will take…..if he hasn’t already. The Oilers have enough assets….If Nsh wants to make a trade, a deal can be made….

        • Joe Mamma

          Oh by all means, he can call until he has a callus on his index finger. Doesn’t change the fact we won’t be getting weber. Good lord, are we actually having this conversation? Are people actually giving cheers to this idea? Clearly anyone with half a brain skipped the draft article in October. Too bad I had nothing better to read while taking my morning dump. Could’ve saved me a bunch of stupid.

  • Joe Mamma

    J.MacKinnon has an excellent article in Journal today on the state of the Oilers and a telling letter he published with the article ” You’re losing me ” .

    Fan tired of filling glaring holes with plugs and duct tape . Where once he wore his jersey to work and elsewhere as a source of pride , it has become ” a source of humiliation ” , and i’ll add ridicule .

    Is the emotional and financial investment taken it’s toll on more and more fans . sounds like enough is enough if this season goes astray again . Read the article , it is well worth reading , and it might sink into club major changes are needed now .

  • The scouts have failed....

    Why would Weber want to come here? in Nashville playing hockey is just a job that he’s excellent at. He leaves the rink and the job ends other then the odd team appearance. Probably left alone as he wanders around town.

    Here in Edmonton the job is just starting as he’s out making personal appearances for the team, answering reporters questions for 20 minutes. God help him if he’s in a slump as a trip to the grocery store becomes an ordeal.

    In response to Lowetide and his comment about the draft and producing a player whose come into the league, that’s all great but how many other then the first rounders have been real contributors to the team. Our best might be 02 and even then LA’s enjoyed the services of Greene and Stoll more then we ever did. Brodziak the next year and his best years were in Minnesota.

    I’m more concerned with how many of those first rounders have been busts or shipped off because we gave up on them.