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Jordan Eberle is a big part of the Oilers’ young cluster of quality players charged with finding a way into the playoffs and beyond. Or is he?


  • Keep hearing the Oilers are listening to offers for winger Jordan
    Eberle. Do me a favour, call GM Craig MacTavish to get a denial.


“Listening to offers” is miles from ‘shopping’ and Garrioch often titillates but there’s no sense an Eberle trade is likely to come true. What we do know is that GM Craig MacTavish stated during the preseason this was going to be a big year for Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

  • MacT: ” (Nuge and Eberle) have a lot of room
    for growth. … We need to see whether they’re going to be good players or
    whether they’re going to be star players.”

I think this is a big season for both Nuge and Eberle, but the organization is extremely likely to hold on to both long term. Both are signed and committed, and both have chemistry with Taylor Hall on a top drawer line. Edmonton has problems, but they don’t need a long term solution for 2C (Leon Draisaitl) or D (Marincin, Klefbom, Nurse) because help is on the way.

This rumor doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, suspect there’s nothing shaking on Eberle.


friedman petry

This is a stronger rumor and Petry is a name we’ve been following for some time. The Flyers really are up against it for defensemen, and they do have some nice center elements. The problem I have with the rumor is twofold:

  • Edmonton is not dealing from a position of strength in contemplating a Petry trade
  • The Flyers C solutions are all long term ones

I think we may see Petry dealt, but am unsure about the return. He is a free agent next summer and that negatively impacts his value in a big way. I believe there’s a good chance Petry is dealt for a return similar to what the Oilers received for Ales Hemsky at last year’s trade deadline: A third-round pick and a fifth-round selection.

Jeff Petry has significant value, but it is greatly reduced because the team trading for him controls the player for 75 (or so) games. 

(Eberle photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved)

  • Grant

    Is it just a lucky few games , or is it that this team, along with new additions, is finally stating to gel as a team?
    This Team rolls four lines and no one has played less than 10 minutes in a game.
    We were all over Nikitin and Fayne but it looks like they are starting to play very good , and the goaltending has been outstanding the last 4 games.
    Its starting to look like this team has an identity and that everyone has a role to play.
    We have got a few lucky calls and bounces but truth be told Edmonton lost a couple of games that they definitely should have won.

  • Emelin and Ellar for Eberle a fair trade ? Petry for Soderburg and/or C.Kelly plus draft choice ? Third one I might be interested in : Eberle and Petry for Pacioretti and Emelin .

    • Grant

      Pacioretti is not going anywhere.
      If Ellers was ever traded here the fans and media would eat him alive everytime he made a mistake for the comments he made.
      Keep that bum out of here.
      Edmonton fans and media have eaten many of their own and Ellers wouldn’t last 10 minutes.

  • cmandev77

    OK so Boston turned down my trade and we still need a center.

    Now I look at Philly and offer them Petry for Schenn and get this….1.5 million of Prongers contract for the next 3 years.

    Philly is having cap space issues and this lets them play Petry, and opens up about $1 million of cap space for them this season.

    Schenn is worth more then Petry because we still have 2 years of his contract and then he is a RFA so we may have to throw in a mid level draft pick as well.

    Trying to think outside the box without giving up to much from our team.

    This would cause us to need another defenceman almost right away but I believe we can get by with yet another 4th-5th defence then go without a true number 2 or 3 center.

  • People keep suggesting that we should sign Petry. Why on earth would he sign? At his age and becoming unrestricted, no chance he signs here this year. As for the trades…at least try to be realistic. You aren’t getting a 2C for a soon to be unrestricted free agent. And we don’t need one. We need a guy who can share some time with Leon until he’s ready to command more ice time.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    When I see all the replies and all the numbers I just feel like going to an acoustically perfect bathroom and singing … (Name the song) until the Oilers have a winning season.

  • Derzie

    I’ve got a velvet Elvis painting, a lotto ticket and some half filled paint cans in the garage. I’d like to trade them for 2 of your better prospects please. Hello…hello….(he hung up!?)

  • Zarny

    It seems logical that after starting 0-4-1 MacT initiated conditional talks on multiple fronts. If the Oilers hadn’t improved after ‘X’ number of games MacT would have his ducks in a row to execute a trade quickly. That process would naturally include determining market value for Eberle, Yakupov, Petry, Marincin, Klefbom, Perron, various draft picks and prospects.

    I suspect with a 3 game win streak MacT has pulled away from the panic button a bit. The next 5-10 games will be key; this season could still slide sideways really quick at 3-4-1.

    Petry seems destined to be moved. His value is likely highest early in the season when a team is at least guaranteed 70 ish games.

    I fail to see how the Eberle rumors “don’t make sense”. 30 G scorers don’t grow on trees but he’s not irreplaceable; especially considering he is a one dimensional player.

    The slow start has once again focused attention on immediate, shorter term needs; but it doesn’t address the bigger picture. The Oilers core is not built for the playoffs. They still lack diversity including size and strength in the top 6 F. They are a very soft team to play against.

    The Oilers don’t have to trade anyone specific but it makes perfect sense that to establish the right mix of players who can win when it counts you move someone like Eberle.