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The Oklahoma City Barons are blowing the doors off the American Hockey League’s goalies, having scored 32 goals in eight games. There are five forwards scoring at a point-per-game or better, and three of those players are considered legit NHL prospects. So when Taylor Hall was injured Saturday night, it meant opportunity. No one has been recalled yet, but men like Iiro Pakarinen (in photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved) are pushing for their chance. 


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Tyler Pitlick is off to a terrific start to the AHL season, scoring 1-5-6 in the first six games of the year. He finally made it to the NHL last season and was playing well enough to earn consideration for a recall.

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Pitlick apparently took a pretty good shot and he hasn’t played since. It’s a damn shame for Pitlick, who has been in the AHL since 2011-12 incurring injuries while trying to make an impression. Offense has always been his issue—he impressed Dallas Eakins last fall and during a fall callup—but there’s a window of opportunity and once again injuries impact his progression. Damn shame. Neal Livingston from Tend The Farm tells me Pitlick will be out a week or so.



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Iiro Pakarinen has exploded on the AHL scene with a monster October (7GP, 5-3-8). Scouting reports have him skating very well, scoring, and being a disturber (typical Finn, God love him). He might be an ideal recall option, but he did tweak something toward the end of the Sunday game (although it is not considered serious). His 23 shots in seven games is very impressive.


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Pinizzotto was acquired by the Oilers last season in a deal that sent away Ryan Martindale. The gritty winger had a good training camp before being beaten out for a job by Jesse Joensuu (and Will Acton’s versatility). Pinizzotto is scoring well (6GP, 0-5-5) and perhaps that game against Vancouver Saturday (the Canucks were running) convinces the Oilers to bring in a gritty winger.


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Luke Gazdic! He’s two games into his rehab, scored a goal and is already on the 23-man roster. The Barons don’t play until Saturday and Gazdic could be in Philly by game time. It’s the reasonable bet, and we might hear news by game time (or later in the week).

For Pitlick, Pakarinen and Pinizzotto, there will be other opportunities. I expect Gazdic is the next Baron headed out of Oklahoma City.

  • Dan the Man

    It’s funny reading all of the various journalists articles…………as they project and assess which talent should get a “look see”, on the big club.

    David Staples routinely tries to draw line combinations, and match-ups with a lot of creative and intelligent thinking……….but does Eakins ever do what others consider normal and standard in terms of coaching?

    Never……….. he always does what others know will never work! There are too many issues with this guy and under his coaching this team is sunk. It’s not too late to salvage the season, but it starts with a NORMAL coach.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    Presented my theory on Goalies mostly being hit(ie: puck shot into glove then arm swing) or square position hits goalie. Only shots to open spaces have have a chance of going in.

    So you want golaies who are: allways square to shot; highsave % in box area shots; low rebound rate; high Rebound Save%.

    Dallas goalie coach informed me Detroit; IE Dal had this model.

    Another point was Dmen who protected the box well.

    CORSI = (open hole shot-goals) + (open hole shot-save) + (hit goalie shots) + Blocks + Misses

    Calgary flames prevent a high % of shots inside 30Ft with a high block; forced miss and hit goalie rate. A large % of the shots are from distance. Allowing for greater reaction times on the shots to open holes on goalies. Allowing for greater reaction. Think fastball swing time versus baseball swing time.

    The strong Goalie + good box Dmen is (box protection.)

    Corsi = (open hole shots-goals) + (box protection)

    Calgary’s corsi is bad.

    Cagary’s Box protection is Very, very, very, Good.

    Calgary’s Starter is top 5 GAA 1.84.

  • 916oiler

    Talk to the insiders?

    My wife was an editor for Quebecor(sun).

    2 key points to MSM.

    1. write to a grade 5 audience level!

    2. they were trained in English not Science (game play

    When a roster is shaken up it can take 6-18 months to structure well together.

    Mact Was made VP hockey ops APR 2013

    Current Players on roster at that time(4).
    Petry(2006); Eberle (08); Hall(10); RNH (11)

    As VP involved in Amateur acquisition (3): Yakupov(2012); Schultz(Col UFA); Arcobello (Col ufa)

    Made GM june 2013:

    Acquired Summer 2013 (6): Perron; Ference; Gordon; Jeonsuu; Gazdic; Acton

    Added to roster Jan to Mar 2014(5): Marincin; Hendricks; Scrivens; Fasth; Klefbom

    Added to roster Summer 2014 (6): Nikitin; Draisatl; Purcell; Pouliot; Fayne; Aulie.

    Over 1 season MacT replaced 12 of 19 Starters.

    You think KLOWE has control!

  • Wax Man Riley

    Lowetide wrote:

    Pinizzotto was acquired by the Oilers last season in a deal that sent away Ryan Martindale. The gritty winger had a good training camp before being beaten out for a job by Jesse Joensuu (and Will Acton’s versatility daddy).

    There you go. Fixed it for you

  • It might be very late for Edmonton to make the playoffs.4-5 wins out off 15 after this road trip will not be sufficient.
    However the Sports Entertainment Group of the K Squad may succeed in their possible Rodeo Empire?
    This will give Oiler fans a chance to cheer.
    Rodeo will be a continuation of the Oilers falling off the horses and being bucked out the playoffs in October and early November.