GDB 18.0 Wrap Up: Coyotes @ Oilers

Dubnyk shutting down the Oilers is the most Oilers thing ever. Final Score: 2-1 Coyotes.

I had actually marked this game on my calendar for a while now.  I was really curious about what the Oilers were going to do to honour Sam Gagner‘s return. The next thought I had was whether or not Sportsnet would even show us whatever the video would be. Say what you want about Sam Gagner, but he was a soldier for the Oilers, and he bled blue and orange from the time he was drafted.  Seeing him in another jersey, on Rexall ice, was weird. It always is weird to see former players roll through, but this one was especially weird considering he was part of Rebuild 1.0.

At the end of the day, it was Dubnyk that was the story. Actually, Gagner was almost invisible all game long. I can only recall hearing his name involved in the play on a few occasions. Dubnyk, on the other hand, was rock solid. Tonight, he played like the goalie that we all hoped he was going to do. Several times, the guys on Sportsnet spoke about how Sean Burke helped Devan Dubnyk regain his confidence, and calm down in the net.  Considering how well he played tonight it wasn’t exactly a raved review for our own goalie coach. Interesting.

The wrap.



  • Taylor Hall was back!
  • Jeff Petry keeps getting better. If the Oilers lose him for draft picks, they’re fools.
  • Boyd Gordon is a warrior and deserves a ton of credit. He plays tough minutes. Always.
  • Nuge continues to get better. He seems to get faster and faster with the puck. This kid is a wizard, and I can’t wait to see where his ceiling is.
  • Did I mention Taylor Hall was back? Nice to see him get rewarded in his first game back.



  • Sam Gagner looks awful in a Coyotes jersey.
  • Taylor Hall hasn’t played in a while yet Dallas Eakins kept double shifting him. It just seems odd to me.
  • Was that the same Devan Dubnyk that played in the Oilers organization for years? Depressing. Predictable.
  • I feel like the first goal was a very stoppable puck for Scrivens. He needs to be better. 
  • Pouliot offensive zone penalty. C’mon, man. Comeback killed.
  • The Oilers outshot the Coyotes, but they definitely passed up several opportunities to shoot. 
  • I just don’t know what to say anymore.



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I posted details for the November picture contest. More pictures are coming in, but there aren’t as many pictures as I would have thought. What am I saying? If you enter this thing, your odds of winning something is very good right now.  Granted, people have all of November to enter – maybe I’m just impatient.

What is the picture contest? I’m just looking for you guys to get creative and take pictures of yourselves in NationGear, Oilers Gear, or doing something hilarious that shows you’re an Oilers fan.  At the end of the month, we’ll take the 5 best pictures, and put them up for a vote.  The winners will be showered with Internet glory and prizes.

If you have a picture you’d like to enter, email it to me at Happy hunting, Nation, and Godspeed. 

  • S cottV

    I own 3 pairs of tickets in the 300 level. They are an investment for the most part as I only attend about 5 games per year on my own.

    For those of you talking about not showing up or not selling your tickets, your read of the interest level in the Oilers is way off base. Last year I made 40% ROI on my tickets selling exclusively on StubHub.

    That means people are paying me 40% more than my season ticket cost to go to the games. The demand is still huge for Oilers tickets even after all this. The demand has NOT gone down.

    As a fan this frustrates me because Katz has no REAL reason to make sweeping changes when the product is still in HUGE demand. If the day comes where I start losing money on my tickets, then I will not renew, and only then will Katz really feel anything. Of course that’s assuming that the season tickets waiting list that is currently 2000 strong also ceases to exist lol. Not happening…

  • chickenStew

    Calgary has far more talent than our Oilers at this time . Talent is winning and positive results , of which our players have little of . Talent is not the hype and koolaid of players , it is ultimately results . Talent is fleeting on our club . I suppose it depends on what some call talent and to what extent .

  • chickenStew

    From the top to the bottom pretty much the whole Oilers organization is made up of guys who are positioned a level or two above where they should be.

    The president was a good coach and a OK GM.

    The GM was a good coach.

    The coach was a good AHL coach.

    The goalies were both good backups.

    The top 4D would make a decent bottom 4D.

    The top 6F would make a great middle 6F.

    Basically Taylor Hall, Gorden Ramsay, and the checking line are the only people who aren’t in over their heads. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to get fixed so long as Katz is the owner because he is the one largely responsible for it happening.